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Product disappeared after order placed but not always.

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Hi Everyone,

I have a problem that when someone place an order I can see the ordered product/s but for some orders and I can't guess the rule, products disappear.
It's not always, not instantly and not all products.
For example two orders placed one after another with 1h time difference. Everything was okay but the next day I see that both have the product listed but without the image and with an error message at the top of order summary that this product is missig.
You can get the same message if you have one product with different variants and one of them is out of stock...then in the summary you should see the same error message.

And again, order from two days ago and yesterday it was okay but today when I checked the order summary I can see the same error message and listed product but the product doesn't exist in the admin panel.

Can you help and tell what should I check first, how and where in the database I can track any behavior or anything?


PS - Classic theme a bit modified + megamenu module + ajax search module.

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On 11/27/2019 at 7:32 PM, Wydryszek said:

I can see the same error message

What error you see?

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This product is not available: HERE THE PRODUCT NAME - or it can sound a bit different because it's a translation from PL language.
Problem is that this product is deleted, direct link to the product picture also doesn't work.
So there's something that deleted a whole product. This problem didn't show again for last 3 days. and about 14 orders but I wonder when it will happen again. Like previously I was hoping that it was a signle problem but after two days it happened again.

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