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How to change, delete, and/or add information to the customer registration form

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Once again I am astounded at how difficult at what should be simply modifications to parts of a web store are to make.

I am trying to specify which fields that should be required for customer reg in 1.6.1. It seems to me that there should just be a page in the backend where these fields can be specified. But does not seem to be the case. Anything that looks close to what I am talking about requires a good deal of PHP programming (none of these answers found here), like so many other simple tasks in this "so simple to use" software.

The most pressing problem I have is there is a required field for "state". There are no states in Denmark and this field still is being shown. Even more confusing for customers there is a drop down menu that lists "denmark" as the only state. If you make that selection, upon hitting the submit button customers are told there is an error. Many think that this error means that they cannot create an account and therefore leave our site. Strangely enough if the field is left alone, even though considered a required field, everything is fine. 

Not holding my breath for help but any help is welcomed.

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