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Integration with external application (add products to cart, return url to that cart)


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Hi everyone,

I'm working on a certain application (external application in html5 and js) to create gift boxes, simple, add products to the chosen place by the customer (like inventory in games). I add new module to shop, and I add front controller there to get products from shop (product id, title, description, price and image url) in json. When the client finishes customization, I wont to add selected products to  cart, and redirect customer to shop cart, so the order process takes place in shop, not in my application.

For now, I just add iframe with url to add product to cart, but this is very slow (one iframe per product) and this soulution wont work if I convert my application into mobile version.

I tried to work with the Prestashop API to achieve this, even if I was able to add products to the cart, I was not able to redirect the user to the cart.

any suggestions will be appreciated

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