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Theme question, i think Page load progress bar?

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We are looking for a new theme.
And i really like the ZRO 03 Supermarket store.

It looks really nice but one big problem: the page loading is so slow! (Especially FireFox!)
On the top you can see the green page load progress bar.
When this one is not fully loaded (and it takes a while on my desktop) i can't use the website.
I can't click on a product or a category. When i was a customer, i was gone.

Well, in our small village in the Netherlands we do not have very fast internet, but all other themes not a single problem with loading.
But i love the style of the theme, especially the boxed style.

And this one is the best top rated. Why?

Can someone explain?


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8 hours ago, tuk66 said:

It is a really nice theme. I'm trying it in Firefox and everything works smoothly. No lags. The homepage has some 1.6 MB and loads in about 5 seconds. Nothing unusual.

Thank you for testing this theme out.

I love the theme a lot, but i can't use it during the green loading bar.
But the theme developer has turned that loading bar off for a short while, and without the green loading bar we can use the shop instantly.
Don't what the problem is with the loading bar, but we will buy the theme and keep the loading bar turn off.

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