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Rafa TTT

Create free shipping from € 80 but only for a specific category

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I explain myself, I want that from 80€ in the cart of some products of a specific category A be free shipping but in such a way that if I add products of any other category they do not add up to the total amount and do not make me the discount

I have created a cart rule for that category and that minimum amount but, for example, if I put a product of € 50 of category A in a cart and then put another of € 31 in the cart of category B or X or the one be ... I get free shipping and I don't want that !! I want free shipping only if I get € 80 or more of products of category A, any help?

I've been looking at the CartRule.php and Cart.php but I can't find where to put my hand

My prestashop is 1.6

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2 hours ago, NemoPS said:

Intente adaptar este


Puede usar identificadores de productos en lugar de categorías si eso es lo que necesita:)

Thanks for your answer. I have taken that link as a base but I have 2 problems:

  • The first is that the code is only executed when you click on the "Apply coupon" button in the cart and I need a continue execution
  • The second, I have created a coupon for a category A, with free shipping from € 80, with your code I do not put the free shipping include putting a product with 3 units in a cart of € 240 and also if I put a product from a category B gives me the error "One or more products in your cart are not compatible with this discount" that I don0t show, I do not care that there are products in the cart of other categories

What modifications would have to be made in your code to work as I want?


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For the second issue, you must use a cart rule ID, so that the others are not blocked.
For the first it should be enough not to generate a code for the voucher, and it will be automatically applied

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