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[SOLVED] Inserting custom HTML code

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I'm trying to add some simple custom code inside HTMLBox & Custom Block Text modules but Prestashop parses my code in a kind of way so I can't put anything big, for e.g.:


I'm trying to put this custom code:

<div class="dflex">
	<a href="https://foo" class="cblock"></a>


But each time I try to apply this code, no matter what module I'm updating, it converts my code into this:

<div class="dflex"></div>

I've tried putting simple brackets: same

Disabled HTMLPurifier: same


Where should I check out to solve this?

Thanks for your help.

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Well, yes, this might work for the anchor links, but any other tags like <span>, <aside> etc. will still be cut by Prestashop.
I need somehow to tell Prestashop to let my custom code as it is without formating / parsing it.

Any ideas?

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Have tried?

<p class="dflex">
    <a href="https://foo" class="cblock">CONTENT</a>

Notice <p> and CONTENT. TinyMCE deletes empty tags and you should also think about the order of the tags and the tags themselves.

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