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Feedback on gold products store - custom child theme


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Hello everyone,

I would greatly appreciate any feedback on my new Prestashop website:

Decorative gold

This is my first Prestashop store that I have customized to this level. I created a custom child theme and have implemented a few features:

- add a custom header/menu/footer

- simplify the layout as much as possible

- tweak the colors throughout Prestashop

- put a fair amount of focus into SEO for the launch. I plan to continue to enhance pages as I go such as better descriptions

- implemented a script to to add the product title/order button to the top of the browser - saving the need to purchase a module


I'm still working on some final tweaks before I enable caching/optimize the speed a bit.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and please be as brutal and honest as you like. I welcome honest feedback and will not be offended.

PS: I would also like to thank the community for the assistance with edits/bug fixes.


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3 hours ago, Daresh said:

Focus also on the prestashop's search relevancy. When I want to find the cheapest "rose gold earings" on your shop this is what I find:


This is not feedback, you are confirming a prestashop search limitation and recommending I buy your module because of it.

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4 hours ago, tuk66 said:

I like this theme except one thing - the #c4a24b color - which should be probably similar to gold. I don't know why. Simply I would like to see something else. My 2 cents.

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

I think you may be onto something. May I ask would you prefer to see a darker or lighter gold?

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