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missing field 'price' in google search

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I'm getting some errors in google search console.

Here is a code snippet from `product-list.tpl`:

{if (!$PS_CATALOG_MODE && ((isset($product.show_price) && $product.show_price) || (isset($product.available_for_order) && $product.available_for_order)))}
<div itemprop="offers" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Offer" class="content_price">
    {if isset($product.show_price) && $product.show_price && !isset($restricted_country_mode)}
        <span itemprop="price" class="price product-price{if isset($product.specific_prices) && $product.specific_prices && isset($product.specific_prices.reduction) && $product.specific_prices.reduction > 0} product-price-new{/if}">
            {if !$priceDisplay}{convertPrice price=$product.price}{else}{convertPrice price=$product.price_tax_exc}{/if}
        <meta itemprop="priceCurrency" content="{$currency->iso_code}" />
        {if isset($product.specific_prices) && $product.specific_prices && isset($product.specific_prices.reduction) && $product.specific_prices.reduction > 0}
            {hook h="displayProductPriceBlock" product=$product type="old_price"}
            <span class="old-price product-price">
                {displayWtPrice p=$product.price_without_reduction}
            {hook h="displayProductPriceBlock" id_product=$product.id_product type="old_price"}
            {if $product.specific_prices.reduction_type == 'percentage'}
                <span class="price-percent-reduction">-{$product.specific_prices.reduction * 100}%</span>
        {hook h="displayProductPriceBlock" product=$product type="price"}
        {hook h="displayProductPriceBlock" product=$product type="unit_price"}

How to fix this error?

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You should find something like

<span itemprop="price" content="{$product.price_amount}">{$product.price}</span>

in the catalog/_partials/product-prices.tpl file.

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