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Can We have A specialized Category For Google Cloud Platform On This Forum?




I am wondering if moderator of this forum can created a specialized Category for Google cloud platform on this forum. Officially, Google said they do not provide for support for Prestashop on Google cloud platform. They also send traffic to this forum's default page. This keep people wondering when they come here to look for answers. If we have a specialize category for Google Cloud Platform:

1. Everyone using Google Cloud Platform will be able to know where to channel their problems specifically and reduce their wondering time.

2. Experts in the house will be able to dedicate more effort to help more people in this area.

3. This will give an idea of how prestashop is doing with Google cloud platform.

4. Prestashop can now give a direct link to Google for update.

I will volunteer to contribute to this channel if  this proposal is accepted.

if you think this idea could help someone, Just  add  " Admin Consider it ".

Best regards.

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