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WebServices for create products with attributes


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I'm trying to create product with multiple attributes with the Prestashop 1.7 API.

Everything is OK to create a simple product, but do you know if there is a documentation or an advised method to create a product with by example a mix of 2 colors and 2 sizes ?

I use this library :

I've check in the official doc here without success, there is no details : https://devdocs.prestashop.com/1.7/development/webservice/tutorials/prestashop-webservice-lib/

I think there is maybe three solutions :

  • post all variations in one time 
  • make a special part in the code for add each variation (4 in my case, 2 colors and 2 sizes)
  • make a home-code for add informations with Php/SQL  

I think about something like this but without success

$product->associations->combinaisons->addChild('combinaison')->addChild('id, $newId');

$product->associations->combinaisons->addChild('combinaison')->addChild('ean13', $newEan13);

Please, maybe someone have an idea or have ever do this ?

Attached, my actual script. 



add_img.php create_product.php path_auth.php

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