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Best way to setup VAT for UK business?


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Hello there,

I need to setup VAT on my PrestaShop website.

I notice there is a EU VAT For Virtual Products tax rule setup but this is not suitable for me.

My VAT situation is that I need to charge VAT only to EU countries at their VAT rate. For my own location (UK) no VAT should be charged.

I also need to remove the VAT from the order if a valid VAT number is provided.


Would it just be a matter of creating new tax rules or?


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I have played around with this and can set TAX which works. The only issue I'm having is that I cannot set a tax to be exclusive. It's currently including the tax as part of the price (inclusive) but I need to set the tax to be added to the price of the product (exclusive).

Does anyone have any ideas experience with this?

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