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Simon Christiansen

Mainmenu issue - Submenu datadepth 4 doesnt stick out 1.7 Classic theme

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Hi there.

Im having an issue with data depth 4 submenu items doesnt stick out from data depth 3 items, ive searched both trough forums for a solution, and trough the CSS to add some padding to datadepth 4 items, but with no luck. Is there a simple way to achieve this in backend, or can anyone tell me how to achieve it with additional coding? As its displayed now there is no way to see whether datadepths 4 items are children of 3 or not.

My shop is at shop.ndosupply.dk and im running with the classic theme. Check attached screenshot.

And thanks alot in advance :)


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Try with this code

.top-menu a[data-depth="4"] {
    padding: 3px 1.5rem 3px 3rem;

add that to themes/classic/assets/css/custom.css and clear PrestaShop cache if needed.


Also, not sure how that version is working for you but that was not stable at all, like alpha version.

So suggest to think of upgrade, maybe try latest version on some test domain/server.

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Hi Razaro.

Thanks alot, that did the trick, appreciate your answer mate!

Regarding the version, the only issue ive noticed so far is that the cart doesnt update when i delete products from it, only when i delete was is supposed to be the last product on it, it refreshes. 




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