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Customer source tracking by link


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Hello All!

I've wrote on polish forum a question while ago, but noone could help me with the case :(

I'm IT-tech guy and I usually do some hardware maintenance works instead of administering a websites. But - as we all know - an IT guy must know everything. So, a friend of mine, asked me to create a unique URL for her online shop, so her other friend can paste it into her webpage. Finally - she wants to track all orders placed by Customers, who has entered the site using the link (so they can split a profit).

What I imagine is that there's a unique href (e.g. http://www.myfirendsshop.pl/?source=some-uuid-or-sth)  and if the Customer is placing an order (and creating an account) - there's some kind of a flag attach to the newly created account and to the order (e.g. from_link=true). So my friend can later see on the dashboard an info like:
- Orders from link: 10

- Orders by returning Customers from link: 6

Is there any plugin that can do it? Would be nice if it would be free, but commercial solutions are welcome as well :)

Thank you in advance and best regards

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