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Conditional statement on module custom hook in

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From a module I have extra fields in categories in, such as a custom title. The module gives me then the widget code to add in the tpl:

{widget name='customfieldsmodule' hook='cat_custom_h1'}

What conditional statement can I put to check if the field is empty or not?

I've tried this but it doesn't work:

{assign var='displayCatCustomH1' value={widget name='customfieldsmodule' hook='cat_custom_h1'} }

{if $displayCatCustomH1}{if $displayCatCustomH1}{/if}

Has anyone any idea?


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Does it happen to others that Prestashop seem to add some comments in the front-end rendering code of the widget?

<!-- begin module:mymodule/views/templates/hook/customHook.tpl —>
<!-- begin /home/vdfvfhdr/public_html/mysite/modules/mymodule/views/templates/hook/customHook.tpl —>
<div>Content of my custom field</div>
<!-- end /home/vdfvfhdr/public_html/mysite/modules/mymodule/views/templates/hook/customHook.tpl —>
<!-- end module:mymodule/views/templates/hook/customHook.tpl —>

Is there a way to get rid of this? I think that's why my condition is not working.

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