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Where is in ps_address province ?

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Hi there,


i need to know where to find Country Province in prestashop database via phpmyadmin.

I've found some usefull results in the table ps_address as shown below:

id_address int(10) UNSIGNEDNoNoneAUTO_INCREMENT Change  Drop
id_country int(10) UNSIGNEDNoNone Change  Drop
id_state int(10) UNSIGNEDYesNULL Change  Drop
id_customer int(10) UNSIGNEDNo0 Change  Drop
id_manufacturer int(10) UNSIGNEDNo0 Change  Drop
id_supplier int(10) UNSIGNEDNo0 Change  Drop
id_warehouse int(10) UNSIGNEDNo0 Change  Drop
alias varchar(32) utf8_general_ciNoNone Change  Drop
company varchar(255) utf8_general_ciYesNULL Change  Drop
lastname varchar(255) utf8_general_ciNoNone Change  Drop
firstname varchar(255) utf8_general_ciNoNone Change  Drop
address1 varchar(128) utf8_general_ciNoNone Change  Drop
address2 varchar(128) utf8_general_ciYesNULL Change  Drop
postcode varchar(12) utf8_general_ciYesNULL Change  Drop
city varchar(64) utf8_general_ci No	None

but i haven't see province

Anyone knows where to find this ???

Maybe it is in another table ?

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Hey tristan,

province ( italian name ) is id_state in DB.

It's  State in english....that is a sub-region of a country....



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