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presta 14 - www.mysite.com/cart?qty=1&id_product=6&token=62d5e9762e095073ed19e417184d5725&add;


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for presta 14

in sitemap i found this link www.mysite-shop.com/cart?qty=1&id_product=6&token=62d5e9762e095073ed19e417184d5725&add;... why ? in robot.txt cart.php is disallow...
have to 404 error
URL: http://www.mysite-shop.com/0
Error: HTTP-Error 404 Not Found
Linked from: http://www.mysite-shop.com/4-laptops

URL: http://www.mysite-shop.com/accessories-ipod/0
Error: HTTP-Error 404 Not Found
Linked from: http://www.mysite-shop.com/accessories-ipod/9-ecouteurs-a-isolation-sonore-shure-se210-blanc.html

i try 4 sitemap generators ... all sitemaps are same... what is happening ? bug ? i lost any setting ? i make any mistakes ?


default theme .... just defaul product ... first instalation ... no update ....just installate and try to make sitemap ...
i have to next pages





in robots.txt all are disallow... what is happening ?

edited again

i have 45 lines duplicate ... what is wrong ?

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