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Editing core.js for product combinations refresh

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PS 1.7.5 
In the product.tpl there is the <form> to add to the cart the product with its combinations. Inside this form I'm using accordion to show and hide each step of customization (color, size, and other customizations). The problem is that all the inputs don't stay selected, there is a mini-refresh and it turns empty. I click for eg. color and immediatly after the click it's unselected, same for the others. 
I have to edit the core.js to have this result:
for the input inside the form > no refresh, the inputs stay selected, but the product image, must change with the combination selected in the form.
core line 233:

("body").on("change touchspin.on.startspin",".product-variants *[name]",function(e){i.default.emit("updateProduct",{eventType:"updatedProductCombination",event:e,resp:{},reason:{productUrl:i.default.urls.pages.product||""}})}),(0,r.default)("body").on("click",".product-refresh",function(e,t){e.preventDefault();var n="updatedProductCombination";void 0!==t&&t.eventType&&(n=t.eventType),i.default.emit("updateProduct",{eventType:n,event:e,resp:{},reason:{productUrl:i.default.urls.pages.product||""}})}),i.default.on("updateProduct",function(e){var t=e.eventType,n=e.event;(function(){var e=r.default.Deferred(),t=(0,r.default)(".product-actions"),n=(0,r.default)("#quantity_wanted");if(null!==i.default&&null!==i.default.urls&&null!==i.default.urls.pages&&""!==i.default.urls.pages.product&&null!==i.default.urls.pages.product)return e.resolve(i.default.urls.pages.product),e.promise();var o={};return(0,r.default)(t.find("form:first").serializeArray()).each(function(e,t){o[t.name]=t.value}),r.default.ajax({url:t.find("form:first").attr("action"),method:"POST",data:Object.assign({ajax:1,action:"productrefresh",quantity_wanted:n.val()},o),dataType:"json",success:function(t){var n=t.productUrl;i.default.page.canonical=n,e.resolve(n)},error:function(t,n,r){e.reject({jqXHR:t,textStatus:n,errorThrown:r})}}),e.promise()})().done(function(e){return l(n,t,e)}).fail(function(){0===(0,r.default)("section#main > .ajax-error").length&&d((0,r.default)("#product-availability"),"An error occurred while processing your request")})}),i.default.on("updatedProduct",function(e){if(e.product_url&&e.id_product_attribute&&!(0,r.default)

If I deleted this line, the input stay selected but the product image has no refresh and so no update.
Or is there a solution to make inputs stay selected even the form-fresh? Have I to change this line of core.js or are there others solutions?
data-product-attribute > action: "norefresh" or something like this...

Thank for who will help me!

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