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Module Translation not working


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I have the cash on delivery module but I am unable to find the translation.

Here is what I did:

   in the Admin - International - Translation - Installed module translation -  I get "There is no Translation file"

   in /modules/ps_customersignin/translations .. there is no files

   in /app/Resources/translations/en-US    I see the translation file ModulesCarriercomparisonShop.en-US.xlf

   Any suggestions?



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Is this native Prestashop module ? If not than revert directly to the developer of the module you are using. Prestashop has no automatic translation module on board. When you install new modules than they should come with some languages already translated. If there is no translation for your language in question, than you need to translate by yourself. If language is missing, than the module does not support the language you are using. In this case you can try to clone the english file and add manually the missing variables, but it depends of the module you are using. Best is to ask your question directly to module developer, if it is not the one on board. Unfortunately you did not specified here which Prestashop version or module you exactly installed.

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If you want to translate a mold or any other element of PrestaShop you must go through the native translation function of your PrestaShop installation.

You want to translate a native module to PrestaShop, normally your language should already be implemented, but if you have not loaded the language file from your backoffice in the Translations menu, then, in the same menu you can translate directly all the files of this module.


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