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Development Workflow with git and Docker


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Hello Dear Prestashop Community,

this is my first Post, and it's about.. what would be the best practice.

I'm wondering about the right workflow for a 1.7 installation using git, docker and a deployment worklfow.
Do you guys use an own git repository for it?

If you did so, then:
- every added module, every updated would have to be done locally first
- changed files added to the git repository
- deploy

Does that make sense? Or is it an overhead and you don't do it this way?

I would like to use git for changes to the (own) theme, or custom modules etc. Or don't you use git for that? 
If yes, how? Short: How do you do that?

Cheers, Pat

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If you are a developer, it would be best to join the project channels in order to discuss such things.

You can check the developer documentation:



You can discuss with other developers on Slack or Github Discussions.

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