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This is the first site I've used Prestashop to build with and really like it! I usually use Bolt CMS to build sites or Angular which are awesome but offer no ecommerce ability out-of-the-box. I have used the Classic Theme (Starter) to build a new theme for a client and have only one issue so far, the product page. For some reason it's missing the functionality of the "Classic" theme in terms of having the Modal for Product Images working, also the style of the page doesn't seem to carry over even though I've used the CSS from the Classic on it. I am wondering if anyone can see what Assets I may be missing or what my  issue is:


I am happy to post any code, template files or structure that you may need to help, just let me know what you need.

Cheers and thanks much!



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Actually finally figured this issue out, problem was two template files :)

product-images-modal.tpl was missing and there were changes needed to the product-cover-thumbnails.tpl

Not sure anyone will read this but it really really helped to add a comment to the top of each .tpl file with the template name so that when I used Chrome Dev Tools to inspect the code I could see which templates were controlling different sections of the page, like this:

<!-- templates/_partials/breadcrumbs.tpl -->


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