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Willie Le Maitre

Product option limited

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Good day all. I am new here, hope I am not duplicating....

I have installed the newest version of Prestashop available to me ( I am reasonably comfortable with working in the back-end admin console.

I have added a few products so far, and started setting up the COMBINATIONS available to my client. My client can select the primary product option, and that should make available 3 selectables, based on the first primary selection. (Main clolor, 2nd Color, and dropdown or radio-button selectable add-ons)

Website: 3D Hobbies Online

My problem:

The primary option works 100%. The main color selection 100%, 2nd colour option 100%.....

I cannot seem to add a totally independant "ADD ACCESORIES" dropdown or radio-button selection after that?

Any ideas please?

Example: This works: Color Picker Example

  • Client selects a model he wants to purchase
  • He then selects the Primary Option (Print Only / Print & Build / RFT (Add Batt and RX) / Go Fly (All incl)
  • He then selects the main color of the model (color pickers)
  • He then selects the Add-In Color (Color Pickers)

All 100%. 

I would love to then add a last selectable table there, totally independant of previous selections:

  • Add extra fual tank
  • Add Big Wheel Kit
  • None

 I get this to work on its own: is it possible to add this ( Dropdown Example ) below this (Color Picker Example ) for one product please?

Thank you kindly, in advance!


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add screenshot of combinations setup (see edit history)

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