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[SOLVED] Add to cart button does nothing in Prestashop


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Hi everyone,

As title says, sometimes adding to cart does nothing - not even a pop up window with confirmation of it opens up. I sometimes manage to test-buy something with newly created users, but after that order buying from that user doesn't work anymore. Can't buy anything with unregistered users either.

Tried everything basic - cleaning cache, cookies, etc.

Also tried incrementing AUTO_INCREMENT value in ps_cart (answer written here https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/392573-solved-empty-cart-problem-1609). Doesn't change anything.

Shop url is http://www.avesa.lt/ ( if you test it, try buying something from section 'Perkamiausi' under 'Populiariausi Pasiūlymai' ).

Theme is called 'Wiser Pets Store Template'


I'm at my wit's end here guys, will appreciate any help. 



The debug mode on the site is always turned on, because whenever I turn it off, Back Office crashes and becomes unavailable. Could the main problem be related to that?

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On 10/12/2019 at 10:59 AM, Rhobur said:

to me it worked both the layer cart and adding to cart, https://i.imgur.com/m9IMH8r.png

Other than that I see lots of image not found errors and considering you have problems with debug off there is most likely you have some server issues, check your server logs.

Yeah, I've fixed it some time ago. It was related to disabling debug mode. I've fixed it by the answer here, and the cart problem fixed itself with that.

The images seem to be all out of place and a lot of them gone due to overwriting them when importing products with xlsx file I guess. I tried backing up the product images folder before importing xlsx, then after importing uploaded it, but it just messed up

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