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Cannot create order programmatically


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Hello, I am trying to create an order using Prestashop webservices. I managed to create a customer, an address for the customer and a cart. The way i see it the next step is to create an order, unfortunately when i create the order using the /api/orders?schema blank i get an error 500 as return. The weird thing is that it creates an order but it does not assign a current state, it leaves it 0, so to make it valid i have to get to the back office every time and select the current state from there. I also noticed that the delivery option is not generated and i guess that is not a field that i have to complete manually. I checked the php_error log and it says:  Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get() on null in ... classes/Tools.php:801. I tried inserting the delivery option manually to the database before creating the order but I'm still getting that error. When i try to create an order using the Prestashop front end instead of my custom one everything works fine, so I'm 100% sure that there's something I'm doing wrong and it's not a problem in Tools.php file.

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1 hour ago, rhythm said:

delivery_option is on some kind of weird format, it's combined from address and carrier ID. But I guess you saw that in the database. The order state is being set by the payment module if I am correct

Thanks for the attention. Can you help me proceed with my problem? I am sure that the customer and the address are created successfully because if I try to make an order from the prestashop front end it is created successfully.

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