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Where can I say the truth about prestashop



Hello guys!

I have been banned, twice.. "spacewalkingninja" and "space_walking_ninja" are both banned.

But I know why! This is because prestashop developers don't like me telling YOU the truth!

1. The team responsible for prestashop is lazy

2. The team behind Presta does not fix the bugs we request to be fixed

3. Prestashop should have more features 

4. The team only wants to make money with the plugins

Just so you know, what I'm saying is a FACT. 


So, please, can you tell me where should I post these opinions, as they do not violate any rule of this forum

Seems to me that you are censuring the truth, which is neither democratic, nor french, nor american ha-ha freedom of speech, right? 

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Hey!  It was summer so many people on vacations, kids out of school etc.  Everyone is returning and spinning up.  I'm sure your will see positive change.

As for team only wanting to make money for modules, well how else does the company pay for the employees who have to support themselves and their families.

There is nowhere here to communicate your manifesto, this is a community based forum where people ask questions and community helps.  With your '1' post here I don't think you are going to create a revolution of change lol.

eCommerce is not for the weak, all good things take hard work, we should appreciate others work and realize they have to eat...if you are a .org, we do pro bono work 

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