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I am trying to change something in template for module ps_featuredproducts. I tried to put some text/html into the template /modules/ps_featuredproducts/views/templates/hook/ps_featuredproducts.tpl, but nothing has changed. 

I even deleted /var/cache/dev/smarty/compile/, where the respective teplate cache file was located. It was "re-cached" without my change. So I dont know from where it is taken, because in the template the change of my still is. 

The same I tried with another official Prestashop module ps_newproducts with the same problem.


I have 
- version of ps_featuredproducts is 2.0.0
- version of Prestashop is
- the module is visible on the homepage (it looks like it is not in hook but as a widget)

in backoffice settings:
- Debug mode is on
- Smarty cache disabled
- Smarty cache Force compilation 


Thank you very much in advance


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guys I still DID NOT figure it out. 

I want to make small changes in /modules/ps_featuredproducts/views/templates/hook/ps_featuredproducts.tpl and after reloading the page nothing changes. (I dont have cache enabled, I am in Debug mode, I deleted all in /var/cache/dev, I have Prestashop

What is hapening? Please help

BTW: I can not see any changes made to any ps_* module... strange...


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