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Display more than 2 images New Product module


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By default the New Products module shows only 2 images, no matter how many new products I want to show.

I followed this thread and it works, but sometimes for some reasons the images are not showed but there is a question mark instead...

It looks like the images are not even created in the first place.
I want to always show the most recent 6 products, no matter when I entered them.

Any suggestion?

By the way, the code to grab the images for each new product can be modified like so:

{if $new_products|@count > 0}


           {if $new_products|@count > 1}

           {foreach from=$new_products item=product name=new}



<br><br><p>{l s='All new wines' mod='blocknewproducts'}</p>
<br><br>   {else}<br><br><p>{l s='No new wines at this time' mod='blocknewproducts'}</p>
<br><br>   {/if

It works but it does not display more than 2 images.

Thank you

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