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Price per group / customer.


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It's just curious that such great e-commerce solution is lacking such BASIC function!
You're doing development, adding some advanced features to attract more users (importing from osCommerce for example) but stil when it comes to basics there is just mess.

Don't believe that nobody of development team is business educated. Assuming that all products within one category gives us same profit is a bit of ignorance in my opinion. Therefore there MUST be an option to set price per group within one product.

I know - I can buy such module from "third-party" but it comes to the question - is this shop a complex open-source solution or just empty shell for moneymaking on modules? With really high prices on such modules (which is not obviously your fault) PrestaShop is no longer attractive. I don,t want to spend money on basics. I definitely will pay for advanced features but not such one.

This lead us to my last conclusion. Spoke on many forums in Poland about preferred solutions and PrestaShop is mentioned quite often but used very rare. Main issues indicated: lack of some basics functions and small community oriented for earing money over your development mistakes. Don't follow that path. Listen for you users request and keep developing basic functions as well :)

By the way. I've just started my journey with PS 1.4 and I love it :) It's very intuitive in my opinion and the only issue with picking this one as my final solution over osCommerce is mentioned above.

Best regards for all your team :)

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