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How add default group to customer programmatically?


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Hello i am trying to assign group and make it the default group for the customer logged.

This is what i tried

 $this->context->customer->id_default_group = 7;

The group assign is doing good but the default is not changing.


Any help? Thanks

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Solved using querys..

$query = "UPDATE `"._DB_PREFIX_."customer` SET id_default_group = 7 WHERE id_customer=". $this->context->customer->id;


Prob. there is a better way to do it but i just needed a temporal solution for a week.

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4 hours ago, EvaF said:

maybe you should not forget

$query ="INSERT IGNORE INTO `"._DB_PREFIX_."customer_group` (`id_customer`, `id_group`) values(id_customer=". $this->context->customer->id . ",7)";



Thanks for your suggestion!

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