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Problems with button placing an order

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Hello everyone,  please I need your help, I made a translation in the classic theme as I didn't find it in my theme translation and then suddenly I started having problems with directions in my registration form to place an order. I register the customer shipping address and when I press continue, do not follow the step to select the shipping method. My website is turokclothing.com. Attached image showing the console error. Thank you so much in advance.  



Best regards,


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I tried your website but within the checkout I got stuck at "Desafortunadamente, no disponemos de ningún transportista disponible para su dirección de envío"

After a javascript error nothing works. The question is what causes the error.

When you move your mouse over a filename in the javascript console you can see the full path of a file. But my impression is that you have some kind of "recipes" module that causes problems. Maybe you should switch it off.

I hope you know how to read errors in the javascript console: always start at the top as the following will quite likely be follow-up errors that are caused by the first one. In this case you can start best with the first error: "this._recipeManager is null". Look at the code at line 91 and try to understand what happens. Very likely the error there was caused by what the previous file - LoginRecipes.jsm - transferred. So next you look there. Etc.

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Thanks for trying, I can't even get that message it simply doesn't allow me to go to step 3. Would you mind please telling me how can I find the path of that file inside the file manager as I put the mouse over the file and get some kind of weird path that I can't find in my file manager.


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