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Unit price not converted to current currency

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I am using and I discovered a bug with unit price not being converted to the current currency.

Each product on my site has two options: 1 piece or 12 pieces (box). The unit price for a piece in a box is calculated as box price minus value.


1 piece costs 10 euros. Unit price is 10 euros.
Box of 12 pieces costs 110 euros. Unit price is 9.167 euros. I enter it in the admin as impact on unit price as 110 euros - 100,833 euros to get the right price.

So far so good.

When the customer change the currency, he/she gets the right price for a 1 piece product and for 1 piece unit price. But the unit price for box is incorrect. Instead of converting the value 100,833 euros and deducting it from box price to get unit price, it deducts 100,833 of any other currency from the box price.

I think the issue might lay in ProductController.php, there is nothing about currency conversion for unit price, but I miss the knowledge to go any further.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you!





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