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slider modul in PS 1.7.6 multistore not working

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Helo prestashop codder

Sorry for my bad english.

This is my first posting guys. Usually when i get error I tried searching for hours until I can solve base on what I've found in forum or blog. But this time, I dont know what to do. I have two multistore, and its work fine. Then i design the same photo product for changing image in slider module for both my store. But I found so hard to enabling two same design in two multistore. In one store, slider is actve, but other store inactive. Then i reset the module, reconfig, unhook the module, reset again...and again and again. But the result is the same. One store active and the other inactive.

So after frustrating, I select all store option in module section, then i uninstall slider module. But the result is  ...http error 500!  the page is not working..... then ...i go here.... crawling for help...  help? 



Hi again,

I edit my topic. After i activated debug mode through config.defines.php in true. I can go back again to my backoffice. And find this in my error log :


"route" => "admin_module_manage"

"route_parameters" => [▼

"category" => null

"keyword" => null "

_controller" => "PrestaShopBundle\Controller\Admin\Improve\ModuleController::manageAction"

"_legacy_controller" => "AdminModulesManage"

"_legacy_link" => [▼

"AdminModulesManage" "AdminModulesSf"

How i fix this? what syntax that i have to change from "null" ? 


Thank tou, any help I would very appreciated


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error log found (see edit history)

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