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Post got removed? - Feedback on new shop.


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Why did my feedback request great removed? (Admins - Could you please tell me why instead of just removing it.)


I'll post it again in hope of some feedback that can help our conversion rate go up.

We're currently at 0,5% Conversion with 80-140 visitors a day.


Looking forward for your feedback Prestashop community! :)


Best regards!

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I confirm, that your post was removed, cause you are linking to an adult site without age control. If you read carefully the forum rules, you will see that outside linking is not really welcome. Overmore linking to adult content without any age control is case-sensitive and this you should take into consideration. Spammers usually use this way of marketing for to increase their ranking by linking to big sites (this we call referer spamming). And just this type of "marketing" is not welcome for no site. I've removed the link to your site, by keeping the name which will be a compromised solution for both (you and Prestashop).

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