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Page does not load after a change

Jiri Bobek

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So I have been trying to add a custom field to the customer registration form.


I think I need to update AuthController.php and authentication.tpl. The changes seem pretty straight forward.


However, when I change the files, the page does not load. I just get an empty page instead of the registration form.


My first idea was that somehow checksum of the files is verified to prevent tampering. I added a random whitespace into the files, which should change the check sum, and the page loads ok. When I make any more substantial change, it does not load. So it is not caused by checksum.

My second idea is that maybe language files need to be regenerated, so that strings such as "{l s='First name'}" can be properly replaced. Could this be the problem? And how can I regenerate the files?

Any other ideas?


Thank you


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Turned on PHP errors. Now when I use original version of AuthController.php, it works fine.


If I add a single comment line into the file, I get the following error:


Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ')' in /home/www/controllers/front/AuthController.php on line 768


Line 768 is almost at the end of the file. Any ideas?

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