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Problem: CDN responds with 301 on all files cached


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I’m running a PrestaShop 1.6.1.x instance on a new server which I’ve mitigated to. 

Among the performance options I have selected through the relevant Performance menu, I’ve activated cache and all options concerning CCC. 

Furthermore, I have a CDN server, with the relevant url entered ( and of course the relevant CNAME record in place in DNS). 

The problem is that, when I activate the CDN, all static files are tried to be retrieved from the CDN, but they return with a 301. As a result, they’re being loaded from the origin server. 

with the initial server which I have transferred the instance it worked correctly. 

Could you please identify some key configuration points that I could look into? 

I’m using an Apache server, with nginx as reverse proxy. 

Thanks, CR

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