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Use cronjob with PS Module Front Controller

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I need to use some of the functionality my front controller currently does.

Beginning of my controller is:


class CustomerDataTradeDiscountsModuleFrontController extends ModuleFrontController {
    public $display_column_left = false;
    public $display_column_right = false;

is there any way I could use it's functionality with cronjob?

I was trying to add code after class ending, with


$tradeDiscounts = new CustomerDataTradeDiscountsModuleFrontController();

however it says "the module name is invalid".

I could just copy the functions and strip it out of it's object functionality, however is there a proper way the front controller could be instanced?

I would greatly appreciate any help.

Kind regards

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This is a module controller. Module controller belongs to a module, a need it to work. If you want to instance a module controller class from a cron job file your need to include at least the main module file (where the module controller class belongs) in order that Prestashop can find the related module class.


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You are absolutely correct. I've managed to solve it yesterday exactly the way you mentioned.

I moved the methods to the class (which should have them anyway, controller should just use them) and I instanced the main module class.


 $tradeDiscount = new customerdata();

and everything works like a charm.

Thank you so much.

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