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Can't login to the admin after server change


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Hopefully this is the right forum. 

I moved the prestashop to a new server, it works find but I can't login to the admin, It keeps looping back to the login screen without a username / password error... when I do enter wrong details I get a password error , but when Insert the details that I think are correct, it just loops back to the login page. 

So far I tried: 

1) deleting all from public_html/cache
2) different browser
3) deleted cookies
4) edited classes/Cookie.php isLoggedBack to

    public function isLoggedBack()
        /* Employee is valid only if it can be load and if cookie password is the same as database one */
        return ($this->id_employee
            && Validate::isUnsignedId($this->id_employee)
            && Employee::checkPassword((int)$this->id_employee, $this->passwd)


Still can't login. 

Please help :(



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