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Found 9 results

  1. I've inserted several weight ranges for the online store. This is working ok but I need to add a price range for free Shipping! I would like the cart to offer free shipping if the cart is £5 or less... I've set-up a carrier for free delivery and set it to 'According to Price'. Next I set-up a price range £0-5 but the cart is not displaying the free shipping!? Shipping - Billing tab is set to 'According to weight range'... Am I missing something??
  2. More than a month ago I upgraded my installation of PS from version to After that I needed to edit prices for one of my carriers and discovered that new Carriers interface introduced new problem. Before upgrade I configured 32 weight ranges for the carrier. Now PrestaShop displays all ranges in one row without horizontal scrolling bar, so ranges 17-32 go beyond screen. There's no way I can edit or remove those ranges. Also 'Add new range' button is beyond screen edge, so adding is not possible too. See screenshot: (If you wonder why there are no prices displayed, that's because it's another new bug, on front end prices work fine, but they are not shown in BO). Zooming out is not an option, this way I can see only 10 more until text gets unreadable. Is there a way I can add horizontal scrolling bar? Any other solutions to this problem?
  3. I had two customers say they could not check out because of a "no carrier for address" error. All other orders were fine. I realized both customers wanted the same item, so obviously the issue was specific to that item. Scratched my head a few times and thought I would adjust the item weight, and that was the issue. If a product weight matches the carrier weight range exactly it will cause an error. In my case the item weighed .8125 or 13 ounces. My USPS First Class weight range maximum is also .8125, Presatshop didn't like it. Lowering the product weight slightly below 13 ounces fixed it and the item still ships on the cheaper First Class Mail rate. I just lowered it slightly. So if its just one product thats giving you issues and everything else ships fine, make sure the weight is not exactly at the weight range limit of the carrier. I didn't notice the issue untill those two customers chose that exact product alone, most of the time people order multiple items and it took a while for the single orders to reveal the weight problem.
  4. BASE INFO: PS Version = OS = Centos. Install method = Past installation using WHW1 cpanel prestashop instant install. If you want more info on the hosting provider, or the server resources, versions of PHP, perl, or other technical info, then please ask. To head off comments suggesting upgrade. Not interested in upgrading to 1.6. PROBLEM: After adding my own carriers and installing UPS and USPS, and then uninstalling UPS and USPS modules and deleting all the Price Ranges and Weight Ranges prior to uninstall, and even going into DB and removing what I could find for listing no longer existing carrier, and removing my carriers, then Prestashop still references older IDs once UPS or other carrier module are installed. I have attached an image of the Carrier list, and the Price Ranges page. As you can see the Price Ranges list shows IDs from 89 to 99. The Carrier list shows IDs from 103 to 113. It seems regardless me uninstalling the modules, somehow the last IDs used is retained somewhere and re-install of the UPS or other carrier module starts the carriers from the next high number, instead of recycling the old ID numbers, but this is not reflected properly on the Price and Weight range lists. Obviously, I have not been able to locate all the entries in the database for removal. I can live with PS not recycling the past carrier ID numbers IF PS used the same IDs in the Price Ranges and Weight Ranges. Meaning if the carrier IDs shown on the Price and Weight Ranges pages matched the IDs shown in the Carrier's list, then that would be fine, I think. QUESTIONS: How can I have the Shipping Price and Weight Ranges IDs listed match those listed in the Carrier list? How can I have PS start from scratch on the carrier ID numbers when a carrier module gets installed? What other database tables do I need to clear or look at, other than the following, "ps_carrier, ps_carrier_group, ps_carrier_lang, ps_carrier_shop, ps_carrier_tax_rules_group, ps_carrier_zone"? What database tables are used by the Prestashop back office Price Ranges page to determine the Carrier IDs when a carrier module like UPS carrier or USPS Carrier are installed? IMAGES ATTACHED Carrier list page. Price Ranges page. Weight Ranges page. ps_carrier listed via phpMyAdmin after all entries were first deleted and then a new carrier added and then UPS carrier module re-installed. UPDATE: I am getting the impression that the IDs shown on the Price Range and Weight Range pages are not Carrier IDs and so it is okay for them not to match. Please either confirm or correct me on this impression. However, I think something may still not be incorrect. I will attach the database table of ps_range_price. For example, the Price (ps_range_price) table entry for ID of 88 is mapped to Carrier ID of 84, which as you will see no longer exists in the carrier list page, and it also does not exist on the ps_carrier table either, as I had it deleted before. Any and all comments are welcome and appreciated.
  5. I am so incredibly frustrated. I have searched everywhere through google the last several days and I have searched these forums to locate a solution. I also have posted to the forge, just in case, but have not received a solution through there as well. The problem: I have removed prestashop's default carriers and have created my own carriers. Three are free and six carriers are not. I have made so that shipping is priced by weight for the non-free carriers. I have inserted proper countries, weight ranges, enabled shipping and handling, enabled apply shipping cost, disabled free shipping (both lb and $ set to 0) in the 'shipping' menu page, etcetera. I have completed everything. Weight information have also been applied to each product in the catalog. Carriers have been selected from the product page section. Still, when I go to the cart page (with products in cart) on the front office there are still no carriers displayed and I receive this error: There are no carriers available that deliver to this address. This is incorrect because carriers are for north america/united states and the shipping address is for the united states. I need some assistance as quickly as possible due to a deadline. Help will be greatly appreciated!! Using Prestashop 1.5.5
  6. Where I'm At My custom theme is more-or-less built. I'm charging for shipping using weight ranges and a single carrier. I input all the weight ranges for that carrier. I input the fees for every zone and weight range. I updated the zones' names and added a few to reflect the carrier's pricing (it's not by continent). I'm now updating the zones for individual countries. I've only updated two countries so far, one a long time ago (it works properly) and about an hour ago (it's not working properly). I set the US to Zone 5 Special, which has an ID of 9. On the front end, after I it displays a shipping price equivalent to that of Zone 2 which has an ID of 2 and was the original zone it was assigned to. Things I've Tried/Checked In the dir app/cache, I deleted everything except index.php (smarty/ and class_index.php). I checked the database to make sure it's correctly set, it appears to be so. In the ps_country table, The US has an id_zone of 9, which matches the id_zone for Zone 5 Special in the ps_zone table. I searched Google. So… Now what? I'm not sure what else to check/try. Is there a database cache somewhere that I'm not aware of? Am I missing something in the process of setting up countries, zones, and weight ranges? Any help is appreciated.
  7. Hello!! The title quite explains what I want to do, but here are the details: I have created two carriers, one for delivery in country zone A, and one for delivery in country zone B. Each estimates shipping cost based on product weight. I would like though to make an offer for the customers in zone A and give free shipping for orders that exceed 40 Euros. Is this posible in presta shop?
  8. Hi All, I am using Prestashop I have created a weight range but it does not get applied when I add an item to the cart. I have set up a carrier with it's Zones, weight range and Country and made it my default. I have tried to keep everything very simple in as much as I have made every item weigh 1lb. There are two areas that I can see where the weight of an item can be added. The first is under the 'info' tab of the item and then if you have a combination set up you can add it there also. It appears that if you place a weight in both these areas of an item, Prestashop ( combines them. This is an easy one to remedy as I just remove the weight setting from one area. If I leave 'Additional Shipping cost' for an item blank no shipping cost is applied, if I do it does. This is the problem. I want the shipping cost to picked up from my carriers weight range. It is only ever picked up from the 'Additional Shipping cost'. In both cases none of the shipping costs are ever picked up from the weight range I have set up. My weight ranges are: Included___Excluded___Shipping Cost___No. Of Items__Weight __1lb_______1.1lb_______£1.99___________1________1lb __2lb_______2.1lb_______£3.50___________2________2lb __3lb_______3.1lb_______£5.00___________3________3lb __4lb_______4.1lb_______£6.50___________4________4lb __5lb_______5.1lb_______£8.00___________5________5lb All the way up to 10lb. As the weight or the number of items being purchased increases the shipping cost should decrease. I have set 'Free Shipping' to start from either 5lb's or £35, both these work fine. This at least proves the items weight is being picked up. I have found many posts where applying a 'weight range' for shipping has caused problems and I have used many of the recommendations to see if they will fix the issue I'm having to no avail. This is my first set up and installation of Prestashop so I am on a bit of a learning curve. I'm hoping this is me being really stupid rather than a bug! Any advice on where I should look or setting I may have over looked would be much appreciated.
  9. Sebelumnya, saya menggunakan prestanesia yang dishare di mari: http://www.kaskus.us/member.php?u=3609854 Karena kabar bahwa perlakuan antara prestashop baru 1.4.x dan prestashop lama 1.3.x adalah berbeda, MAKA saya memutuskan TIDAK mengupgrade prestanesia, sesuai anjuran yang ada, supaya proses pembelanjaan customer jg berjalan lancar. Setelah upload dan import SQL selesai, saya memulai untuk mengedit2 databasenya dari phpMyAdmin. Pada ps_carrier, ps_carrier_zone, ps_carrier_lang, telah saya TAMBAHKAN opsi pengiriman selain JNE, yaitu ANTAR LANGSUNG. Saya telah membuat entri databasenya, kemudian zone saya pilih hanya 2 KOTA SAJA yang terlayani oleh Antar Langsung. Dan sampai titik ini lancar. Artinya, saya mendapati pada testing jika berbelanja dengan alamat 2 kota yang saya tentukan, maka terdapat pilihan Antar Langsung dan JNE. Lanjut kepada permasalahan, pilihan shipping utk 2 kota yang saya maksud sudah menjadi 2 pilihan, yaitu JNE / Pos Indonesia (saya rename) dan Antar Langsung. PERMASALAHANNYA adalah, saya sudah berusaha mengeset di mana untuk Antar Langsung perhitungan kelipatan kenaikan barang adalah PER 3 KILOGRAM, bukan per 1 kilogram seperti yg diterapkan pada modul pengiriman JNE / Pos Indonesia. Cara mana yang saya terapkan? Ini sumber yg saya terapkan: http://efreething.com/2011/09/cara-menambah-kurir-indonesia-di-prestashop/ Pada defaultnya kan ada pada ID Weight Range (ps_range_weight_indonesia) adalah id_key t, di mana id_key t tersebut perhitungan kelipatannya (multiply by) adalah per 1 kilogram. Nah saya sudah membuat baru tentunya saya membuatnya melalui phpMyAdmin, karena "saya merasa kecewa" jika pengeditan dilakukan melalui panel admin Prestashop, saya membuat key baru yaitu id_key=u, di mana u adalah multiply by 3, alias menghitung biaya pengiriman berdasarkan kelipatan 3 kilogram. Kemudian saya telah buatkan juga pada ps_range_weight yaitu penggunaan id_key=u untuk id_carrier=2 (ID carrier 2 adalah Antar Langsung). Seharusnya sudah selesai kan ya? Saya lihat di panel admin pada bagian ID Weight Range, sudah terdapat perhitungan multiply by 3 kg dengan key u, kemudian saya lihat pada Weight Ranges juga sudah terdapat Antar Langsung dengan key u (ID Weight Range multiply by 3 kg), sejauh ini sudah terkonek semua bukan? Tapi kenapa kok perhitungan untuk Antar Langsung, tetap saja menganut id_key=t, seperti halnya untuk JNE/Pos Indonesia, yakni perhitungan per 1 kilogram? Padahal sudah saya buatkan bahwa id_carrier=2 (Antar Langsung) menganut aturan id_key=u (pada ps_range_weight) di mana perhitungannya per 3 kilogram?? Saya telah membuat kesalahan apa? Mohon bantuannya... Maksud kekecewaan terhadap panel admin prestashop adalah bahwa pada beberapa tabel dilakukan auto-increment yang menurut saya mengganggu, misal pada tabel ps_carrier, jika saya membuat carrier baru melalui panel admin kemudian menghapusnya, maka tidak benar2 dihapus melainkan masih ada datanya, kemudian jika membuat lagi maka id_carrier bertambah terus, yg menurut saya tidak mengenakkan. Update price utk zone (ps_delivery), juga saya lakukan manual dengan perintah SQL: UPDATE `myusername_myprestashopdb`.`pst_delivery` SET `price` = '20000'; Alias mengeset tarif pengiriman semua zone menjadi Rp 20.000 (hanya utk awal saja, tarif sebenarnya di edit kemudian). Maaf, prefix database prestanesia sesuai yg diketahui adalah pst_, bukan ps_. Saya hanya merasa kok panel admin tidak mengenakkan dalam beberapa kasus pengeditan database. Maaf itu pendapat saya, karena saya newbie dalam hal ini. MOHON BANTUAN TEMAN-TEMAN, semoga moderator jg turun tangan. Versi Prestashop:, yang digunakan adalah Prestanesia (paket lengkap Prestashop dengan modul2nya. Sekali lagi pertanyaannya adalah, mengapa saya dapati bahwa carrier Antar Langsung tidak menganut aturan perhitungan per 3 kilogram melainkan tetap perhitungan per 1 kilogram (id_key=t, di mana mpl_by=1), padahal sudah saya buatkan id_key=u dg "multiply by 3" (mpl_by=3) pada ps_range_weight_indonesia, dan telah saya sambungkan id_key=u tersebut dengan id_carrier=2 (Antar Langsung) pada tabel ps_range_weight. Sudah saya cek pada panel admin di Shipping > Weight ranges dan Shipping > ID Weight range, setting2 tersebut sudah ada dan menurut saya sudah benar. Kira-kira apa yang kurang? Mohon maaf jika membingungkan pemaparan saya.
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