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Found 25 results

  1. When I try to change/Update or add new Unit Price to existing products through CSV product import it won't update or change at all! I really need this is there any way to make it work until the bug is fixed?
  2. Hello everybody, I want to upgrade my store to Prestashop I migrated my old products from 1.6.X. Then I worked on many modules and the design. Now I wanted to go live. But on the last test I found out, that the unit price is not showing correctly. Some products were showing the unit price and others not. Then I found out, that under the price tab in the unit price field some products are set to zero. Which of course means no unit price. So of course you can't see any unit price. So first I thought maybe a problem occured while importing our products from our old shop. So I tried to add the unit price manually. At first it looked good. But suddenly the same thing happened again. Some of the products I updated manually again had no unit price. And when I checked I saw that again the unit price was set to zero. So I tried to find out when this happens or how. It seems when I change a combination it sometimes happens. But it always happened when I disable and then enable a product from the product list. Then always the unit price field is set back to zero. When I checked on a fresh shop I had the same problem again. Then I upgraded to but still the same issue. Could someone please check if someone also have the same problem? To find out if it is a general problem with prestashop 1.7.7.X? And then to report the bug? Thank you so much
  3. Hello everyone! I don't find out any answer to my problem. I want to show the price in UNIT PRICE (KG or LB) but : 1- I can only put the price in Tax Excluded in the BO (but it's Okay) 2 - Then, when we go to the front office, we can see the price with about 6 decimals!!! I found solutions for the "final price" (the amount that you really pay the product). But my problem is not this price. I found solutions in general administration too but it's not for the UNIT PRICE and I still have the price per weight with 6 decimals. Any ideas? See attached files to understand better my problem.
  4. Members 1 8 posts Report post Posted just now Hello everyone! I don't find out any answer to my problem. I want to show the price in UNIT PRICE (KG or LB) but : 1- I can only put the price in Tax Excluded in the BO (but it's Okay) 2 - Then, when we go to the front office, we can see the price with about 6 decimals!!! I found solutions for the "final price" (the amount that you really pay the product). But my problem is not this price. I found solutions in general administration too but it's not for the UNIT PRICE and I still have the price per weight with 6 decimals. Any ideas? See attached files to understand better my problem. Thanks for your solutions PS: Sorry for my english.
  5. Hi I was wondering. Prestashop has so many settings, that what I'm after could already be a possibility. Please tell me something - a hick up is better than silence Some of our products are packs of units. Is it possible for setting the product up to either: product A is a pack of 6 for 24€ - show unit_price on [product list] - as the competition sale is 1 for 5€ (our price will seem more expensive though it's cheaper!) Product A (still pack of 6) is set to 4€ - but you need to buy 6 - can Qty count by +6? (minimum start 6->12->18->24->.....) Product B have Specific Prices (Qty 25, 50, 100) - Can Product List show a From Price? Thanks so much for your input
  6. Good day, I have a question. I am setting up a web-shop with that sells items per box. Every box has for example 12 items. But possibly also 10 items. Now I would like to be able to have the catalog page / shop page to display : Product X(10pcs) $120, ($12 p piece) Now my question is. Is this possible? And how should I do this? Many thanks in advance
  7. Hello, I am using and I discovered a bug with unit price not being converted to the current currency. Each product on my site has two options: 1 piece or 12 pieces (box). The unit price for a piece in a box is calculated as box price minus value. Example: 1 piece costs 10 euros. Unit price is 10 euros. Box of 12 pieces costs 110 euros. Unit price is 9.167 euros. I enter it in the admin as impact on unit price as 110 euros - 100,833 euros to get the right price. So far so good. When the customer change the currency, he/she gets the right price for a 1 piece product and for 1 piece unit price. But the unit price for box is incorrect. Instead of converting the value 100,833 euros and deducting it from box price to get unit price, it deducts 100,833 of any other currency from the box price. I think the issue might lay in ProductController.php, there is nothing about currency conversion for unit price, but I miss the knowledge to go any further. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!
  8. I start using Prestashop 1.7.2 and I have problems to display the unit prices. Anyone knows a solution for this? Thank you. Example https://i.imgur.com/qhKPhQL.png
  9. No es posible redondear el precio unitario en la venta minorista, quisiera poderlo cambiar pero en los ajustes de redondeo de prestashop 1.7.6 tengo puesto los 2 decimales. Me gustaría hacerlo por Smarty, ya que prefiero no tener que depender de no poder actualizar la página.
  10. Hello Forum, i have to show the base price or unit price. Luckily Prestashop can handle this but its only showing in the article detail view But it's actually required by law also in the category view. (everywhere the price is showing) Can I make some adjustments in the template?
  11. Hey everybody! i just recorded a tutorial after giving the solution to this in a topic (can't find it anymore, geez). It's both video and written here it is: http://nemops.com/unit-price-in-prestashop-product-list/ I hope somebody can find it useful! Fabio
  12. Hello, the order after March 27th is so wired. The default currency of my eStore is USD. Though multiple currency options are offered, when the customer check-out at PayPal, it will display USD only. These days, when customers check-out at JPY, INR, IDR, the unit price of orders would be wrong. But when customer check-out in EUR, USD, the price will be correct. The original price of N76E003 is $0.25, but it displays $16.68; the original price of NuMaker Uno is $10, but it displays $667.25. Look down to the total price, it turns to the correct one, the sum up of $0.25x21 + $10 = $15.25. Besides, the shipping fee rule is $6.99 for the order < $150, free shipping of the order $150 and up. In this order, the total price is $15.25, it should be charged the shipping fee. But the system seems to regard this order as free shipping, so I guess the shipping fee system see this order as the wrong total price ($16.68x21+$667.25=$1017.53) Could anyone tell me that what is the problem? Thank you in advance!
  13. how to display unit price and product price into checkout page like a new row as shown on image? in my case carton price is prduct price I think it's order opc file ...but what code? thanks a lot
  14. Hi, is it possible to embed dynamic code such as price or unit price within the description field? I need to create a table with different price and take the data from the products variants. Thanks a lot
  15. I start using Prestashop 1.7.2 and I have problems to display the unit prices. Anyone knows a solution for this? Thank you. Example https://i.imgur.com/qhKPhQL.png
  16. Hello, I am using PrestaShop 1.6.1. I am searching how to make the price filter in the blocklayered work by "unit price" instead of "retail price". I've searched everywhere online with no success. Here is my site: https://floorsunlimi...ooring-products As you can see I am using Retail Price and Unit Price I'm selling flooring where the Unit price = "SQFT Price" and the Retail Price = "Box Price" Each product has a specific number of SQFT per box (unit_price_ratio) I'd like my main pricing to show the Unit Price (SQFT Price) like it does on most of the site. So having BlockLayered Showing the Retail Price (Box Price) in the Min/Max doesn't help at all. Please someone guide me how to accomplish this. Eric
  17. Hello I seems to be impossible to import unit price ratio. I create a csv file with 3 columns: ID, unit price, unity. Then in backoffice i map them to following fields: ID, unity price ratio, unity Afterwards I run the import process. Unity value is imported propely, but unit price field is empty? Is it me or its a common problem? My presta is
  18. So I just realized after importing 40,000 products over the last 6 months that I have been putting our "supplier" price (the price we buy for) in the unit price field. (stupid, I know). I would like to move all of those prices to the CORRECT field of wholesale price. I would rather not have to export and re-import everything. Could someone provide me with a SQL command to automate this for me?
  19. Hi there, I wanted to set the unit price per 100g for example some chocolate. So I have added a Product with the unit price 2 € for 100 g, then I added 3 combinations 100g with no influence on base product 250g with price increase of 2 € and a unit price reduction of 0.40 (100g now 1.60€ (theoretically)) 500g with price increase of 5 € and a unit price reduction of 0.60 (100g now 1.40€ (theoretically)) But the frontend shows for the combinations 100g = 2€ / 100g 250g = 4€ / 100g 500g = 7€ / 100g thats not correct. So how can I set it up to get correct price per base? 100g = 2€ / 100g 250g = 1.60€ / 100g 500g = 1.40€ / 100g Many Thanks in advance
  20. Hi to all, How can i show the unit price for the product using combinations .. for ex : if we change any attribute for the product and the related unit price has to be shown for the product.
  21. I wrote this topic. but it was maybe the case only for me... because I changed before the cart.php (to use yen currency and CHF in paypal module). the detail is in this topic. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/347915-solved-how-to-switch-the-code-of-ps-round-in-cartphp-depends-on-the-customers-currency/?do=findComment&comment=1752489 The problem is not solved actually but it is not the common problem (and complicated), so I close this topic... --------------------------------------- Hello! I'm testing the shop of prestashop, and use 2 currency (CHF and Yen). Primary currency is CHF. When I choose the currency as Yen, and go to the shopping cart summary page, In the product list, the unit price are displayed as discount price (with red text of [0%] ) always even if there are not discount item. Like this... ¥1000 [0%] ¥1000 When I choose the primary currency(CHF), with no problem, it is displayed like 8.7 CHF The code is <span class="price{if isset($product.is_discounted) && $product.is_discounted} special-price{/if}">{convertPrice price=$product.price}</span> {if isset($product.is_discounted) && $product.is_discounted} <span class="price-percent-reduction small"> {assign var='priceReductonPercent' value=(($product.price_without_specific_price - $product.price_wt)/$product.price_without_specific_price) * 100 * -1} {$priceReductonPercent|round|string_format:"%d"}% </span> <span class="old-price">{convertPrice price=$product.price_without_specific_price}</span> {/if} Is somoone know the good solution? Please help!
  22. Hello! I'm having a problem with that specific product field from a long time. It calculates without any logic. Then I came to an idea - modify files to leave unit price without change in product combination so customer sees exactly that price that has been written by admin. Without any calculations made by presta. Just plain and simple. And all that using combinations - when you change attribute both prices are changing. Do you think it's possible? Where should I start looking? Anyway I will post if I find any solution.
  23. Liebe Community, ich möchte im Backend den Stückpreis gleich als Bruttopreis eingeben. Jedoch kann man im Backend nur den Nettopreis eingeben. Dazu habe ich mir auch die Datei price.tpl angeschaut. Leider sind meine Progammierkenntnisse nicht ausreichend, um hier Änderungen vorzunehmen. Vielen Dank im Voraus.
  24. Hi, I'm showing the unit price on both my product pages and my product list. I have new added a new discount for one catagory, but for some reason the unit price on the product list is still shown without the discount. On the product page itself, the correct unit price (with discount) is shown. Here's the code I use for the unit price: product.tpl: {if !empty($product->unity) && $product->unit_price_ratio > 0.000000} {math equation="pprice / punit_price" pprice=$productPrice punit_price=$product->unit_price_ratio assign=unit_price} <p class="unit-price"><span id="unit_price_display">{convertPrice price=$unit_price}</span> <!--{l s='per'}--> {$product->unity|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}</p> {/if} And on my product-list.tpl: {if $product.unit_price_ratio} <span class="availability">{math equation="b/a" a=$product.unit_price_ratio b=$product.price_without_reduction assign=realunit} {convertPrice price=$realunit} {$product.unity}</span> {/if} I've tried replacing the product-list.tpl code with the one from product.tpl, but that result in nothing shown at all. Any idea how I get the product-list to include possible discounts? I'm using Prestashop
  25. I may have a product unit price issue I found while testing or I may have a miss understanding of how the unit pricing works. Can someone enlighten as to if what is happening is incorrect or if my understanding is incorrect and if I am incorrect, how is the unit price concept supposed to work? In the test. The settings: Pre-tax wholesale price: 0.15 Pre-tax retail price: 0.25 Tax rule: Au 10% GST Retail price with tax: 0.28 Unit price without tax: 0.08 per 5 or $0.04 per 5 with tax Final retail price: $ 0.28 (tax incl.) / $ 0.25 (tax excl.) Front office: $0.28 tax incl. $0.04 per 5 Test 1: Order 1 item cart price = 0.28 (seems correct to me) Test 2: Order 5 items to qualify for the unit discount. Cart price = 1.40 (works out at 0.28 per item same as buying items at full individual price.) Where am I going wrong here in this test? I would have thought the answer for the 5 unit order would have been (Unit price without tax + GST x 5 [OR] 0.08 + 10% x 5 = 44) I have also tried this with larger orders with the same results. Thanks
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