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  1. Hi there, I only have one tax rule, but all 380 of my products that were imported are not set to it. I'd like to batch set them. I had read to update id_tax_rules_group in the products table, but doing so did not update my products. Right now if I open and save them, they are updated, but that's going to take a while. Any ideas? Best regards, James
  2. I have an issue that when I go into the prices section of my products it will revert it and all other products to 'no tax' I have had to use a Tax rules assigner module to fix this after each time I change a product pricing. However I am adding more and more product that have different tax rules that this is becoming very problematic.
  3. Bonjour, Je rencontre un problème avec la gestion des taxes sur un shop fraichement installé en Il est impossible de créer une règle de taxe, j'ai le message d'erreur suivant : <b>id_tax_rules_group</b> requis Le problème ici en vidéo : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AjQ5wlvyb-TF6yi26bZb3jWUic5awXLA/view ou de mettre à jour l'existante (TVA 20%) Du coup mes produits affichent le même tarif HT ou TTC. Merci pour votre aide !
  4. Hi Guys, I have a question - something I am not able to figure out. I've added all taxes in prestashop BO and marked that tax is based on delivery address I also added all the tax rules. What I can't understand, what is the purpose of the tax rule under each product. Practically, we need the tax applied to be based on the delivery address so if the customer is from the US, they get the US tax rule. And if the delivery is in the UK, they get the UK tax rule. Currently if I set the tax rule in the product (UK20% VAT) - it seems that it is just fixed to this tax rule, and it is not taking to the account the customers from the US. Likewise, if i set the US tax rule under the product, if the customer in the cart put the US address, they get the correct tax, but if they put the UK address. they get 0% tax which isn't correct (they should be 20%). How do I get for this to work properly on all products based on the customer's delivery address so the cart can update the taxs correctly? Can someone please advise. Really appreciate it.
  5. Hello, I need the taxable amount and the taxes on products to change after a voucher has been added by the customer. I am trying to write a module to do this, I want to know which hook I can use for calling my function after the new cart rule has been applied. I'm using ps Help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  6. First time working in PrestaShop... building a new site. Why is the tax not included? Seems like a simple problem, but I have spent many hours fiddling with options to no avail. Basically, the site never calculates/includes the United States/State tax. I even tried signing in as a customer in state, and went through the shopping cart process... nothing. Here is where I am thusfar; 1) In Localization -> Taxes: Each State's tax rate is setup. In reality only CA is needed. 2) In Localization--> Tax Rules: Created a new rule called "Sales Tax" [Enabled] 3) In Localization--> Tax Rules --> "Sales Tax": added/saved a Tax Rule for the state of CA with the following options: - This Tax Only - Zip Codes 00000-99999 (also tried '0') 4) In Catalog --> Products --> Prices: Individual Products...added the Sales Tax tax rule [saved] It is not applying the rule. Any ideas? What am I missing? Thanks!
  7. Hello everyone, I have one prestashop store in which i sell cake and pastry. Now in india i have to applied tax base on address of store and not address of customer. I added one carrier for home delivery and many others for store pickup. Now what i want is tax should be added based on pincode of carrier and not pincode of customer. Is this possible in prestashop? Or if i need a module for this? If i need a module for this please pm me with costing. Thanks.
  8. Hi, In the same country, I have two (2) tax zones. One with 24% VAT and another one with 17%. The user can select the zone depending of the city where he lives. When he selects a city with 24% VAT it works just fine, but when he selects a city with 17% VAT this is not showing at the total cost and he finalize his order without VAT at all. What I did : 1. I have created two TAX one with 24% and another with 17% (both enabled). 2. In TAX rules I have selected the cities that belongs to each TAXes from the step 1. In the case of 17%, I also specified the zip/postal code range to some of them, but not to everyone that have the default zero (0) value. In the case of 24% I selected all the cities that belong to the rule keeping the default zero (0) for zip/postal code range. Is that bug or am I doing something wrong ?
  9. I am having a problem with PS When I first put my products into my shop I have them with the tax rule to include tax. Anytime I have to go back and edit that product later, even when not going into the prices section it changes to 'no tax' without permission. All of my products should include tax and this has proved to be a problem as a few products have slipped through being sold without tax.
  10. Can I set different tax rules depending on the product category? My client is selling various types of products, most have 21% taxes, but books have 4% in my country so I would need a way to tell prestashop to apply different taxes to different categories. I haven't been able to find a solution to this, seems that prestashop is not prepared for this, which seems weird, I doubt mine is the only e-commerce out there that sells products with different tax rules. Thanks in advance
  11. Hey guys, I just realized that all my shops don't apply 23% vat to orders placed by the UK customers. I can see that United Kingdom is not listed in the IE Standard Rate (23%) tax rule. Is this intentional? Has anyone experienced this issue? Is there any way to add UK to the list? When I check the ie.xml localization file UK is listed there. <taxRule iso_code_country="uk" id_tax="1" /> Is there any reason why only 26 countries are listed? Am I missing something? Thanks
  12. Bonjour à tous. J'essaie de mettre en place la possibilité de vendre hors taxe vers un pays spécifique. Pour cela, j'ai créé une règle TVA spécifique à ce pays. Lorsque le client s'identifie, avec une adresse dans ce pays, le prix s'affiche hors taxe sur la page produit, et dans son recap de paiement. Mon problème est par rapport à la mention HT et TTC Sur la page produit et sur le recap, la mention TTC reste, alors qu'il faudrait que ça bascule sur HT. Je suis en J'ai testé avec le thème d'origine, et ça fonctionne de la même façon. La faute apparemment à $priceDisplay qui reste à 0 Comment rectifier ce problème ? merci
  13. In The Netherlands we have a tax excempt. You can add "tax excempt: VAT deferred to <name of the country of the customer>" and VAT rate is 0,00%. This only apllies for foreign customers with a viable VAT number. How to create this rule in without messing around in the code? - the tax excempt message should be on the invoice - the VAT number should be checked when customer creates an account internationally !!!!! - Dutch B2B customer do not get this excempt - Without a viable VAT number every customer must be able to buy with 21% VAT http://techkoop.nl/en/6-stocklots Thanks, Peter
  14. Hi community, I have some problems applying tax rules based on postal code. In Greece VAT standard rate is 23%. There are some areas that have reduced rate to 16% and this is based on postal code of the invoice address. So I leaved the built in standard rate (GR Standard Rate (23%)) as is and add some extra rules to reflect the reduced rate. The reduced rate should be applied for the following postal codes: 81100 - ​84800 34007 37002 - 37003 37005 64004 68002 Problem is that even if a customer use an address that should have reduced VAT rate prestashop still applies only the standard rate. Is there a solution to this problem?
  15. Is it possible to update tax rules for all/most product via database? I have tried to change "id_tax_rules_group" in "product" table but the change is not reflected in backoffice. Prestashop version
  16. Hello, I don't know if this is too easy or too difficult! I have my products in my online shop and I would like to set only the price with no taxes, then PS computes the final price and shows the price depending on the country from which the user purchases. Let's say: from Switzerland price is +8%, but from Italy is +22%! So I have different prices from different countries. In product price I can set only one tax rule. How can I set multiple taxes. Probably, I have misunderstood the concept, but I would like to know how taxes work in detail. Thank you in advance...
  17. I am working on a site for a Canadian client and having a nightmare with the taxes. When adding a product I can only choose a single tax rate and Canadian customers from other provinces are charged no tax. In Canada there are different tax rates based on provinces but they are always charged. So I need to be able to apply different rates within a single country. I can create rules for other countries and they apply fine but I can't get the multiple Canadian rates to be charged.
  18. Major Bug: PS Countries, Tax Rules dissapeared after enabling under BO Localization. Disabling works... but when you enable them they dissapear from the list. Issue SOLVED: 1.6 PS has a 'reset' button in order to clear the search at hand. For some reason it was defaulting to the search for 'disabled' countries, and tax rules. It caused confusion, but after hitting the reset button the search was cleared... not sure why the behavior defaults in this way.
  19. Issue SOLVED: 1.6 PS has a 'reset' button in order to clear the search at hand. For some reason it was defaulting to the search for 'disabled' countries, and tax rules. It caused confusion, but after hitting the reset button the search was cleared... not sure why the behavior defaults in this way. Hello, When enabling countries or Tax Rules... the records dissapear and I can no longer enable/disable them. This is on a fresh install of PS For instance... I bulk enabled all the countries under countries... now they countries DO SHOW UP as desired in the cart... but now on the back-end it says 'No records found' when there used to be ~200+ countries there. I am afraid I cannot disable the countries now =/. Same happed for tax rules... I enabled one state's tax (California)... now the tax rule works, but I cannot find it under records anymore... I am sure it will happen to the other tax rules as well... Looks like this only happens when enabing and not disabling... Something is causing the record to dissapear completely! Hope we can find a solution... but I guess the store is stable enough to launch.
  20. Hi There, I am going crazy, since 2 days trying to edit my tax rules............... First of all, I only need one rule for all, on all sales for all countries to add 7%. in Products-Prices-Product Price: Tax Rule there are only US rules in, I DONT HAVE US RULES.... Tax Rules I deleted all rules and created a new Tax Rule, Sales with 7% to all countries. I tried many things more, all not accepted, alays the US rules are available, WHAT am I making wrong - PLEASE ANY ADVICES or TIPS ;P THANKS to all BTW: PS 1.6 IS GREAT !!!!!
  21. Hi Everyone!! Love this forum! Thanks so much for keeping it alive and well! Having a difficult time setting up taxes, here's what I'd like to achieve: - CAD only (one currency, everyone checks out in CAD) - Charge taxes to Canadians - No taxes for US Customers - Base tax rate on shipping/delivery address only! No taxes until an address is provided. Right now it's charging everyone GST and assuming all users are from Canada. Then it adds provincial taxes based on address. Pretty sure I can figure it out if someone could explain, in words, what I'd need to do (rather than a step-by-step detail, but it's my first time with prestashop so who knows!) Thanks so much and have a terrific day!! Nicole
  22. It would be so nice if these forums could be used to get help on issues instead of just bearing witness to struggles. After asking for help on various similar threads, I finally figure this out and am posting it to help out anyone else trying to make this modification. I'll start by saying that I changed the core code and if someone can point out to me how this should be done using an override, it would probably be better. I'm using version with a custom theme based on the default that came with the install The file to change is in your admin directory, then themes/default/template/controllers/products/prices.tpl On line 165, find this: <option value="{$tax_rules_group.id_tax_rules_group}" {if $product->getIdTaxRulesGroup() == $tax_rules_group.id_tax_rules_group}selected="selected"{/if} > and change it to this: <option value="{$tax_rules_group.id_tax_rules_group}" {if $tax_rules_group.id_tax_rules_group == #}selected="selected"{/if} > with the # sign being the id of the tax rule that you would like to be the default.
  23. I'm using Prestashop I've got my products in and all but I am having trouble configure taxes accurately. Depending on where a person orders a product, anywhere in the world, I want to apply the tax from where he/she is located precisely. Now by default I already have state taxes for USA. I want to ship to different countries too. From what I understand, if I want to ship in Canada, I need to configure the taxes manually for each province. So basically apply that principle for each country but that involves getting the right tax and updating it when it changes. The amount of work that this demands doesn't make sense. So I'm guessing there should be a simpler way and I just don't know of it. How do you do your taxes? Thanks a bunch -Moni
  24. Updated.... Forget about it.... i configuration was missing in the taxes rules.... resolved now. Hello everybody, I have enabled the multistore option on Prestashop 1.5, everything seems to be working well but i have a problem with the Tax rules and tax ammount not showing up on cart on the second store. 1st store UK prices and taxes showing ok 2nd store ES prices showing ok but tax not working and showing up in cart as 0.00 I have setup the Spanish tax under Localization, taxes, taxes rules, added the new tax to the product under price and nothing. I am a bit lost here...
  25. Buenas a todos! Tengo instalado el PS hecha desde una instalación limpia sin actualizar. Resulta que cuando agrego reglas de impuestos, no puedo pasar de página para ver las reglas de impuestos añadidas. Ni si quiera me deja la opción de ver más de 50 por página. De hecho cuando intento cambiar de página o elegir más de 50, no hace absolutamente nada. He estado leyendo sobre este mismo error en versiones anteriores y que ya se había solucionado modificando el archivo list_header.tpl Resulta que he comprobado ese archivo y en esta nueva versión ya figura el archivo modificado con el FIX para este problema, sin embargo el error sigue apareciendo, por lo que no sé si han hecho bien la modificación... Ruego que si alguien sabe del tema que responda...He enviado el reporte al equipo de PS para que lo miren pero suelen tardar bastante en dar contestación, por lo que si alguien puede ayudar que lo exponga aquí. Saludos y gracias!!
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