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  1. Hello PrestaShop version: 8.0.4 I am using STATE field for United Kingdom country. I have set this in the country information (Contains states? Yes). In the admin, this field is visible when editing addresses but it's not visible when editing the address in the front end by the customer. When changing country to USA the State field shows up but it doesn't show for the United Kingdom. Any idea how to resolve this? Jacek
  2. Hello, I need to set different shipping costs for Corsica which is currently included in France, how can I do this?
  3. Salutare, Știe cineva cum pot adăuga coloana cu Județele în tabelul cu adresele clienților? Mulțumesc.
  4. I Need Help Really bad! any assistance with this will be incredibly appreciated. Here's my problem. I need to charge people who order from my website, "that have invoices with addresses that are located in the state of California," a sales tax of 8.25%. Everyone else that orders from my website, "that has invoices with addresses that are outside the state of California," charged NO tax. Sounds simple right? Well it isn't apparently for me. Here is what I have got, and what I have done. I use prestashop on a shared server with SSL, and with everything verifide PCI complient by bank of america. I only have 1 tax setup and that is for california at 8.25%. I have only 1 tax rule setup for that tax setup with the following settings applied to that tax rule. they are as follows... The Tax Setup Name = US-CA Rate (8.250%) Enable is set to Yes The Tax Rule Country = United States State = California Zip/postal code range = 0 Behavior = This tax only Tax = Sales-taxes US-CA 8.25% ​Description = blank Then I made sure that the settings at the bottom of the tax setup was configured as follows... Enable tax = Yes Display tax in the shopping cart = Yes Based on = Invoice address Use Ecotax = No Then I went to Customers/Groups and set all 3 groups under the edit buttons to the following settings... VISITOR Price display method = tax included (I have also tried setting this to excluded but it failed to show taxes either way in the checkout) Show prices = Yes GUEST Price display method = tax included (I have also tried setting this to excluded but it failed to show taxes either way in the checkout) ​Show prices = Yes CUSTOMER Price display method = tax included (I have also tried setting this to excluded but it failed to show taxes either way in the checkout) ​Show prices = Yes After all this my site will not display any taxes in the cart or product pages which I'm wanting it to do. I'm not as concerned about the product pages but I want to see the tax on its own line in the cart checkout. The base price of any item I add to cart just shows the base price of the item, then under that it shows Total products (tax incl.) with the same price as the product's base price. Then it adds the proper shipping, and totals everything up below that with no taxes applied in price or on any separate lines. It never applies taxes throughout the entire checkout. I even make sure when testing that I'm logged into the site as a customer with a California invoice and ship to address but still no taxes show as they should. When I log in as a customer that has an invoice, and ship to address, that is outside the state of California it works properly, and doesn't add any taxes as it should. I always refresh the shop page with F5 after every change, or edit, as well as in the back office under Advanced Parameters/Performance then click the clear cache button, still nothing changes. Thanks so much in advance for any help anyone can give as to why this is happening. Another thing I just upgraded from, before the upgrade everything was working fine. I google but could verify if this was a bug related to the upgraded version. Seems to not be the issue, but I can't confirm one way of the other. Also, I guess I should mention that all other states under Localization/Taxes except for California are all disabled. Also all tax rules under Localization/Tax Rules are also disabled except for California. Also non of my 4400 + products have any tax rules associated with any of them in the products price tab.
  5. Hello , guys how to set a new order state after pay with this method i try some method but nothing order stay in payed public function hookPaymentReturn($params) { if ($this->active == false) return; $order = $params['objOrder']; $status = 3; if ($order->getCurrentOrderState()->id != Configuration::get('PS_OS_ERROR')) $this->smarty->assign('status', 'ok'); $this->smarty->assign(array( 'id_order' => $order->id, 'reference' => $order->reference, 'params' => $params, 'id_order_state' => 15, 'total' => Tools::displayPrice($params['total_to_pay'], $params['currencyObj'], false), )); return $this->display(__FILE__, 'views/templates/hook/confirmation.tpl'); }
  6. Hi everyone, I have this problem sometimes with order without state (problem appears always when there is voucher...) : Here is the SQL bug : Order cannot be validated: Duplicate entry ‘3241-3216’ for key ‘PRIMARY’<br /> <br /><pre> INSERT INTO ps_cart_rule_combination (id_cart_rule_1, id_cart_rule_2) (SELECT 3241, IF FROM ps_cart_rule_combination WHERE id_cart_rule_1 = 3228 OR id_cart_rule_2 = 3228) Version of prestashop : Thank you for your help
  7. Hello, I have a shop where i want to allow orders to be placed even when stock is below 0, i have the following settings in PREFERENCES -> PRODUCTS -> PRODUCTS STOCK Allow ordering of out-of-stock products : Yes If i set Enable stock managemen to: Yes, When i placed an order for a product that has -4 stock, after i click place order, i get: Invalid new order state on https://site.ro/module/cashondelivery/validation Anyone can help with this issue?
  8. Witam, nie znalazłem na forum odpowiedzi więc piszę nowy wątek. Mam zrobiony moduł, który synchronizuje zamówienia i statusy między prestą 1.7 a programem. Brakuje mi jedynie aby Presta wysłała do klienta informację o zmianie statusu zamówienia, jak to zrobić z modułu? Jedyne co znalazłem w google to, że trzeba użyć klasy /classes/Mail.php, czy prócz nazwy szablonu maila i adresu email klienta coś jeszcze trzeba podawać? np. id zamówienia? Jeśli ktoś ma jakąś wiedzę na ten temat, proszę o podzielenie się
  9. Hi, The problem I am having is in the user registration stage. When a new user registers and is prompted with the page to fill in their address details the "country" and "state" dropdowns are missing. They have been there before as some test users I have set up were able to choose their country and state. When I look back at these users the dropdown boxes are visible for them if you try to edit their address but any user registering from now cannot see them, preventing them from registering altogether as they cannot complete the form (error message requiring them to select country appears "id_country is required", but there is nowhere to select one). My customer is only planning on selling to the UK and Ireland so these are the only 2 countries enabled in the BO. The countries have the address format setup correctly as follows... firstname lastname address1 address2 city, State:name postcode Country:name phone phone_mobile The carriers are setup correctly also so I have no idea why these dropdowns vanished into thin air?? I was supposed to go live with this site last weekend and this is a major setback preventing the site from registering users. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  10. I resolve the problem in the Country setting I have activated on "YES" this option "Restrict country selections in front office to those covered by active carriers" Hello I have a problem with my store in the Address, for new customer and registered customers. When I go to change or add the address is missing some fields, and I don't know why. The missing Fields is: "State", "Zip Code", And Country is show the field but the list is empty and I can choose the Country. I remember I made some change on the locations, this store will be for sale only to the 48 Contiguous states for USA, and for those states I setup 4 shipping zones to diversify the shipping price, so I Disable all other country and some other states we don't ship, but I don't know how this affect to show or hide those fields and how to resolve this. I was looking the authentication.tpl for see some hiding restrictions but I can't found nothing, if some one can help me with this. As you see in the image the first one is missing those fields and the second one show everything, the second is for other website is ready running but that is not shipping option they just order and pickup the items.
  11. Hi all, Since I do not use zip codes, I would like to know how I can have the state (Florida, California, etc.) of the customers addresses show in the customers->addresses overview page instead of the zip code, so I can filter on state. Anyone has an idea? Thanks! Decorocco
  12. bagaimana cara mengatasi masalah customer yang tidak bisa meanmbah alamat. padahal saya sudah mengisi data negara di bagian lokalisasi. mohon bantuannya.. terimakasih..
  13. Hey everyone! Many people have been complaining of the missing state in the Shop's address in invoices. Here is a quick way to add it http://nemops.com/add-the-state-to-your-shops-address-in-prestashop-invoices/#.WS6dFmh96Uk Quick and easy to follow, hope you find it useful! Fabio
  14. Hi! The order state in front-end (client profile) is different from back-end (admin panel). I find out that in order_history table, the id_order_state is showing 20 (waiting for payment) it is supposed to show 2 when payment is accepted. How do I fix this?? Thanks for viewing this topic, maybe you will know the answer. I started creating an e-shop few weeks ago. Everything was nearly done, the website was ready to go full speed. Then, out of nowhere, I came with an idea to trunace my test orders in MySQL and here is where it all started... Suddenly, the website started glitching and stuff, I had read that I wasn't supposed to trunace order_state and _order_state_lang files therefore I created a new website, installed all the same modules and exported all the tables that were trunaced and imported them back into MySQL, however it did not fixed the problem. I was asking a lot of people that have an e-shop maybe they know what the problem is, however none of them could answer. Therefore, I am writing right here. I tried to examine the mySQL tables, however it looks like everything is fine and therefore I am thinking about starting all-over again.. (I can't export 1000+ products due they are merged with modules). I have also attached some pictures showing the problem.. Thank you everyone for your responses / ideas. Another interesting thing that I found out is that, I can't update manually to Payment accepted here. Because it says "The new order status is invalid.". But if I update to any other state and then to 'Payment accepted' - everything is fine. Therefore, I assume that system detects the order as 'Payment accepted', however there is somewhere, maybe a duplication or bad ID that shows wrong order state. I really do not know where to look for.
  15. I accidentally deleted all the states in the shipping database. What's the best way for me to restore that database to its original data (I don't want to reinstall prestashop because I don't want to have to redo my catalog) Thank you
  16. with Guest checkout, on the One-Page-Checkout, when you select a state and then click on the "Please use another address for invoice" checkbox, the state resets to "-". All other Delivery Address information stays but the state resets. How can I fix this? thanks.
  17. Hi everyone! I have a problem with the final step of the checkout; I get an error 500. I debug the error changing from false to true the PS_MODE_DEV in config/defines.inc.php and I get this type of error. (see attached the screenshot) I'm going mad, please help me! Thanks P.S. I'm using Prestashop 1.6
  18. Estou com um erro que retorna o estádo como inválido, por que não carrega os estados do país e não consigo editar que nada acontece. É o seguinte, ao cadastrar um Endereço, O Estado, sempre carrega o nome do país, como única opção Eu não consigo submeter por que dá erro que tenho que preencher um estado válido, Se eu Inspeciono o elemento e coloco o id de um estado válido, passa e cadastra tudo certo. Já tentei editar os arquivos addres.tpl, addresses.tpl, e order-opc-new-account.tpl e também o order-opc-new-account-advanced.tpl colocando manualmente os options dentro do select preenchendo cada estado do brasil e o id correto, mas não carrega no site nunca, parece que toda edição que faço é invalida. Como são muitos, eu coloquei do lado do asterisco de campo obrigatorio, uma letra para cada um select de estado que tinha lá, e não aparece letra nenhuma, como se eu estivesse no arquivo errado. To usando a ultima versão do prestashop 1.6 e o tema do Appollo AP FREE deste endereço: http://apollotheme.com/products/category/free-prestashop-themes/ Segue endereço da minha loja com o erro: http://b2b.cellsystem.com.br/endereco Atualmente , está funcionando sem o campo de estado por que fui no banco de dados e coloquei que o brasil não tem estados ............. mas isso tá errado, preciso dos estados, não precisa puxar do banco, pode ser um select definido no html..... ADDRESS MODIFICADO SEM EFEITO.zip ADDRESS ORIGINAL.zip authentication.tpl.zip
  19. Hey guys, i searched for some weeks for something like this now and its a shame presta does not have the option built in imho. What i need is a solution that automatically fills in the right state of the country from either the city or Zip. I think i noticed that this works pretty well when i import eBay orders that get shipped to USA, but that is the only country that works. Germany or other european countries don't. The problem is the eBay imported orders, because ebay does not ask for, nor send the state with the address, but my carrier always needs it. So my only option at the moment is to manually search on google for every state before i can ship an order. If you could offer a working solution or a workaround (i export orders to Excel so it could be done there as well) Please Answer here or PM Thanks! Felix
  20. This is a topic with lots of feedback since PrestaShop 1.4 but no real solutions. We've had several lost sales this week with returning clients checking out...When the customer logs in to checkout, the state/province is missing in their address. 1. This causes taxes to be incorrect as we have to account for taxes by state/province and 2. PayPal throws an error: PayPal response:TIMESTAMP -> 2016-01-07T18:43:26ZL_ERRORCODE0 -> 10723L_SHORTMESSAGE0 -> Shipping Address State EmptyL_LONGMESSAGE0 -> The field Shipping Address State is requiredL_SEVERITYCODE0 -> Error This is not a PayPal module issue, it is an issue with Prestashop / java / browser, etc... In 3 years we've had this issue multiple times and I've only been able to replicate it once when I logged in as a customer on the checkout page...province was missing but the error was not caught in the address because I was a returning customer with an existing address. I was able to proceed to payment and of course, received the error from PayPal that I was missing the state/province...I checked on the administrator side of the address for myself as a customer and it was there. Went back to the webstore page that I left open...back arrowed a page, logged out then logged back in and the province was there. Can anyone shed any light on this issue? It seems to be an issue that pokes it's ugly head up on the forums through several versions and several years. Kelly
  21. Chào mấy bro. Cho mình hỏi, làm cách nào bỏ được mấy mục đăng ký rùi thanh toán không. Của minh là mục: Country, và State, tltle, ngày sinh - Mình đã vào Backend tắt ở phần Asia , Country, và State rùi mà vẫn không được. - Bro nào có cách hướng dẫn dùm em nhé. Gửi hình kèm theo. Post hình ko dc, e de link google driver vậy Quote
  22. haroldsapparel.com prestashop 1.6 Theme948 I cannot process any orders because customers are unable to fill out the registration form with what it says is required. State is required, but there are no states on the dropdown menu, despite the fact they are listed and assaociated with the US in the backoffice. It also gives an error saying The Zip/Postal code you've entered is invalid. but there is nowhere to enter a zip code on the form. Any help with this is greatly appreciated.
  23. Nous avons récemment eu une commande dont le paiement a échoué et le code d'erreur PayPal mentionnait qu'il manquait l'état dans l'adresse: 18ZL_ERRORCODE0 -> 10729L_SHORTMESSAGE0 -> Shipping Address State EmptyL_LONGMESSAGE0 -> The field Shipping Address State is requiredL_SEVERITYCODE0 -> Error Premièrement, nous avons testé la création de compte sans y renseigner l'état, et la validation n'a pas passé, parfait! Deuxièmement, nous avons testé la création de compte avec adresse complète pour ensuite tenter de la modifier pour y enlever l'état, et la validation n'a pas passé non plus, parfait! Finalement, nous avons réalisé qu'il y a aussi un formulaire de création de compte sur la One Page Checkout que nous utilisons, nous avons donc testé la création de compte via ce formulaire, et la validation passe même si on ne renseigne pas le champ de l'état. Ceci est sur une version, nous avons donc testé le même processus sur une installation neuve de la version avec produits démo et nous avons obtenu le même résultat. Est-ce que quelqu'un avec une boutique utilisant OPC pourrait confirmer le bug svp? Merci!
  24. Hello i am trying to implement a custom hack on shipping options, can someone inlight me how i can load delivery address state from order-carrier.tpl (thats the second step from the 5step checkout process) ? Regards, C edit: Solved by: $address_collection[$id_address]->id_state
  25. Версия Prestashop, выявлены проблемы и при только что установленном магазине, где я ничего испортить ещё не успел бы. Проблема со штатами (регионами) Не удаётся добавить штат не из избранных стран (Аргентина, Индонезия, Италия, Канада, Мексика, США, Япония). Только через sql запрос (http://byprofox.ru/lessons/polnyj-spisok-regionov-rossii-dlya-prestashop-1-6/) это получилось. Ладно, это не такая большая проблема. Вот в адресах клиентов для России по умолчанию стоит добавление штата(региона), выбираем регион, жмем сохранить и ничего, всё сохраняет, кроме штата (региона). Делаю тоже самое для Аргентины, и штат волшебным образом сохраняется. Это новые американские санкции? или моя криворукость? 2. Проблема с blocklayered (модулем фильтров) Плавающая ошибка какая то, то проявляется, то нет. После выбора очередного фильтра, ошибка javascript и вечная загрузка. TypeError: result is null, на строчке if (result.meta_description != '')
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