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  1. Hi, I have a problem that I cannot understand. According to Google, the field "brand" is missing, but I see that it is there. How can I fix this? The description field is empty. There is also a missing "review" field even though I have the module Revws - Product Reviews - DataKick I wonder if these problems can be caused by the fact that Prestarocket template has some non-standard structure? Thanks in advance for the hints!
  2. LINK MODULE Purpose of the module The primary aim of the module is to optimize your website by using the creation of rich cards from Google in its recommended format (LD-JSON) and from Twitter, thus fulfilling the recommended actions to improve the positioning and visualization of your website, organization, products, navigation and mobile usability of your online store. The image below shows the difference between not using rich cards on your website, using rich snippets (currently outdated) and the rich cards generated by our module. As you see, there is a big difference, making your website more attractive to search engines and customers. Setting up the module, General Initially the module comes activated with the most common and recommended options for most stores, but you can go to customize and activate extra options that will help you have a more tailored to your needs experience. We will review each of the options available in the module configuration screen. Product Rich Cards: These are the product rich cards. They are generated into the product view and include all the required information for Google to generate the preview. We recommend that you have this option enabled. Category Product Rich Cards: Generates product rich cards when you are within a category, having multiple product cards on a single page. We recommend that you have this option enabled. Ratings on Product: If you have one of the compatible modules (productcomments, gsnippetreviews, owlproductcomments, lgcomments) you can enable this option to generate tags that inform Google of the score/evaluation your products have scored, showing stars in the search engines as shown in the image below. Yotpo App Key: If you use the "Yotpo" service instead of an opinion module, you must enter your API key here. Do not confuse with the password of your user. Thanks to the key we will be able to retrieve the opinions of your customers of the platform "Yotpo" and generate the sections "aggregateRating", although momentarily it is not compatible with the section "review". Product BreadCrumbs: Generates the enriched card "BreadCrumbList" granting the absolute path in your store to the product or products that are being displayed at that moment. Helps search engines to have better knowledge of the structure of their website. We recommend having this option enabled. Store Rich Card: The rich cards will be generated if you have a configured list of stores, otherwise there will be no data with which to generate this list. “Store" type cards will be generated exclusively in the store listing section, not elsewhere. Store Type: Here you can select a category that best suits your business model. The default option is "LocalBusiness" and you should leave it as such if there is no category that comes close to your store type. WebSite y WebPage Rich Card: This option will insert in the contact and main pages all the information related to your business, making it easier for search engines to display information such as your logo, opening hours, GPS location, etc. It’s highly recommended to have this option enabled. Use short description: Some stores make exclusive use of the short description for their items. If this is the case, you must activate this option so the cards are fed from the "short description" field instead of the extended description. It is highly recommended that for your SEO you have both descriptions filled in. Force InStock: If your shop does not make use of product stock control and therefore the units are always at 0, you must activate the option. This will force the "InStock" value of the product card always to true. Price Range: Mandatory option. Search engines use it to classify your website regarding the average cost of your products. Adjust it to the average value fitting your products. HrefLang Tags: If your website offers several languages, you should activate this option. Every time a search engine enters, for example, to the English version of your site, you will also report the links corresponding to the other languages, improving the search engines indexing and increasing your international SEO. It’s highly recommended to have enabled this option whenever you do international business. Twitter Cards: If you regularly share your products through the Twitter social network, this is your option. Thanks to the rich Twitter cards, you will be able to inform about which elements should be shown when sharing, achieving a better presentation of the data to your followers. You should enable this option only if you are planning to use this social network or if you think that your users will share your products through it. A valid username must be set in the "Twitter username" section. Category Twitter Card: Like the previous option, this feature will allow you to generate the suitable information card when you share a link to a category of your website. If you activated the previous option, you should also activate this one. Twitter username: Your Twitter username. It Will be used into social media section and in Twitter cards too. Setting up the module, Website Validation It is usual for many pages such as indexers, search engines or suchlike to require you, before using their services, to verify that the domain for which you are requesting indexation or services belongs to you. With this option, you will save having to embed validation codes in your templates, upload files to your page or having to create tedious entries in your DNS server. Simply fill in the field corresponding to the engine or service for which you want to perform a validation with the value assigned to it for said validation. Currently we allow the validation of the most common services in the network, but if you know another or need it and our module does not include it, you can contact us and we happily will add it in the next version. Keep in mind that the validation of your domain will bring certain added advantages, such as being able to request from Google, Bing, Yandex, etc. which elements you should index, achieving that way a better positioning of your website and saving those search engines time, granting you a better ranking. Setting up the module, Social Media For the generation of the "Organization" tag it is recommended that you specify the different social networks that your business may have. Here it will be enough to add the web address to your different social network profiles. Also, remember that the social media can be really powerful and useful nowadays. Setting up the module, advanced SEO If you have advanced knowledge in SEO you will be able to use the following options to optimize the resources of your page. If not, we recommend that you skip the section. Canonical on Index: Allows you to insert the "canonical" tag on the main page of your store. DNS Prefetch: Allows you to create a list, separated by line breaks, of host names to make DNS Prefetch. Suppose you want to pre-cache a connection to Facebook and Instagram, for that, you would insert both hosts, separated by line breaks, such as facebook.com and Instagram.com. DNS Preconnect: As with DNS Prefecth, you will need to list the names of hosts you want to pre-connect to when you load your home page. It is important that you conduct performance tests before and after configuring DNS options. If you have not noticed any improvement with the pre-connections we recommend that you disable the option. Setting up the module, Theme Snippet Remover The vast majority of themes available on the market and a large part of the existing modules do not meet the 2019 standard for snippets or rich cards This fact ends up resulting in hundreds of errors in your validation console and removing your site from the possibility of being selected to display rich cards Thanks to this new option of our module you will be able to locate which template files are the ones that currently contain snippets, eliminate those references completely without touching the structure and be able to continue only with the structure generated by our module. The first thing you need to do is click on the "Search for Snippets" button. This will launch our heuristic search engine for rich data in your theme and module folder. Once the search is completed you will be shown a summary of paths and files found. Even if our module makes backups, it will not hurt you to make one yourself in case something doesn't work as expected, better safe than sorry. If you have previously made a copy/cleanup, you will see the list after a few seconds. Once the affected files have been listed, you can click on the green button "Make a backup and Remove Snippets". A process will start to copy the original files, which will be saved in their original path under the double extension ".psback.tpl" and to clean the current metadata sections. Be careful not to change tabs or screens during the process, as this may interrupt the task. If you were already having warnings on your Google console, this should be the first step to take, as errors probably come from your current theme. Note that, if you update your theme or modules and the erroneously structured files are copied again, you will have to clean the files once more. Module link: https://addons.prestashop.com/es/seo-posicionamiento-buscadores/29197-google-rich-snippets-cards-ld-json-twitter.html
  3. Hello. Help me with this: I have productcomments module V4.0.1 and Prestashop 1.7.6. How can I specify the all criterions and grades in each comment from each customer? The module does not show criterions by default but only the overall rating.
  4. Prestashop Product Comment Filter Module allows for filtering of bad words used during commenting. When the comments get displayed, the module will replace the bad words with asterisk. Benefit for Merchant Filter bad words in product page Make your store become a professional store, There are no profanity words, bads words Increase purchase rate in product page Benefit for customer Customers do not have to view profanity words, bads words Work for Prestashop 1.6.0.x+, 1.6.1.x+, 1.7+ Main Features Enter multiple bad words will be replaced in Backoffice Filter both Comment Content & Comment Title Included many formatted replaced words, First letter retained: [e.g. 'dog' becomes 'd**'], All letters removed [e.g. 'dog' becomes '***'], First/last letter retained [e.g. 'dog' becomes 'd*g'] Allow choose replaced charater, example: [*] Asterisk, [$] Dollar, [?] Question, [!] Exclamation, [-] Hyphen, [#] Hash, [~] Tilde Compatible to multiple languages Compatible to multiple stores, multiple currencies OTHER FEATURES Easy to install, easy to upgrade, just copy to use Friendly and flexible configuration HTML/CSS validation Clean code Cache system… Screenshot Download: Free Download Link: Free Download If you have any questions, we are ready to free work for help you Change log - Compatible to Prestashop 1.7.7+
  5. Hi. I have some problems just after upgrading my website from version 1.7.5 to In backoffice whenever I click product reviews and store reviews, 500 error occurs. " Oops! An Error Occurred The server returned a "500 Internal Server Error". Something is broken. Please let us know what you were doing when this error occurred. We will fix it as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. " So I activated debug mode and the result is... I am waiting for someone that can make me understood kindly via finding out solution of above issue. Regards.
  6. Google Search Console wyrzuca mi błąd dla praktycznie wszystkich produktów. Jak i gdzie to uzupełnić. Może Rich Snippet załatwi sprawę?
  7. Advanced Customer FEEDBACK Collect Vital Information The most complete Feedback module that allows you to engage your visitors and captures their Feedback along with contact details. Turn your store into a lead generation powerhouse, build stronger customer relationships and increase conversions. Receiving customer feedback enables a company to correct any issues or concerns customers may have with the company's products and its services. When customers provide feedback, a company is able to save money, time and improve relationships with customers. Advantages: Proven Statistics Get valuable comments from your customers and useful statistics directly into your Dashboard. Increase conversions Some customers don't buy because they are not sure of something, if you let them ask you their questions, you can heavily increase your conversion rate. User-friendly interface Our module is simple to install, easy to update, intuitive, efficient, pleasant - easy to navigate GUI and easy to remove. Full Responsive With a mobile focus, you can rest assured that every pixel will respond as it should no matter if your visitors are on desktop, tablet or phone. Build stronger customer relationships Some customers will not tell you they are unhappy with your product or service; they will just stop doing business with you. A situation such as this can be avoided when feedback is requested. Customisable appearance With a fully customisable design, Customer Feedback will fit the design of your site. Multi-Language support This module is compatible with multi-language PrestaShop. Our module allows you to change the text for each language you want to have it in your website. Multi-Store support This module is compatible with multi-store PrestaShop. You can install the module in all your stores in a multi-store and use different configurations for each of them or configure once for all stores. Easy one-click installation The installation is according to PrestaShop default behavior. This easy process is also detailed in our documentation. By letting your customers give you suggestions, you can get new product ideas, receive precious feedback and improve your store. Entrepreneurs sometimes struggle to understand why their customers don't convert. A simple and effective way to solve this problem is to listen to them and allow them to tell you why they do not buy. It is sometimes because of little details, missing product dimensions, no free shipping, etc. With Customer Feedback module, you can overcome these issues. We carefully integrated in this module the most important features of Feedback as follows: Easily change the text, color and icon of the Feedback Button Set for how long time in minutes the Feedback Button disappear after a feedback is submitted (anti-spam system) Option to add a bubble with text next to button to attract more customers Supports multi-language Customize your Feedback form by adding your shop logo, a title and a background color Let your customer have the possibility to rate a specific part of your Shop Fully customize your Feedback Form by changing the icon set, by adding subject fields and by enabling the email and recommendation fields Feedback tab that allows you to see all information about customer Feedbacks Incredibly simple settings for fast setup without modifying code Statistics tab that allows you to see statistics about customer Feedbacks Detailed step-by-step documentation Multi-shop supports Module already translated in English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, French, Russian, Dutch, Korean, Bulgarian, Finlandian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish and Romanian Responsive design (format valid for all kinds of mobile devices) When customers see a feedback button, they know that there are actual humans behind the online store and that they can always reach to you if they encounter problems. The installation is according to PrestaShop default behavior. Very easy to install and setup. Also we provide free support to install and configure. For PrestaShop version 1.5.x Log-in into your Back-office Click "Modules" from top menu Click on "Add a new module" Click "Choose a file" Browse for your module .zip Click on "Upload this module" Search for the uploaded module and click "Install" For PrestaShop version 1.6.x Log-in into your Back-office Click "Modules & Services" from left menu Click on "Add a new module" Click "Choose a file" Browse for your module .zip Click on "Upload this module" Search for the uploaded module and click "Install" For PrestaShop version 1.7.x Log-in into your Back-office Click "Modules & Services" from left menu Click on "Upload a module" Browse for your module .zip Upload and install For any problems encountered in installation and configuration process we will offer you fast and quality support.
  8. Hello I have presta and I don't have free review module. I saw there should be free module for review, but it doesn't exist on my prestashop. Could someone upload files for this module or maybe I can downlaod it from other site? I want upload it by FTP
  9. Hey everyone, I allow me to contact you directly in this section, as I made a topic on French section, I'm trying to post here to get help on a subject that could help more than one, i'm pretty sure ! This kind of topic has been already mentionned in several others posts, but it hasn't been solved totally, not at all or for previous PS versions. Here's what i mean : When we receive an order and we deliver it we actualize the state at "Our for delivery". An automatic mail is sent to the customer showing the informations we know. The idea could be to avail of this message to ask to the customer to post a review of the product he ordered, in motivating him with a voucher available for a new order. It could be like that : Sorry for the translation of the file, i've got it in french, i translated it to make everyone understanding what is written. So this kind of automatic message could serve in winning a good review (Good for rich snippets, for exemple) and, maybe, to win another order from this customer. If he's happy of what he received, of course. I actually saw several topics on that subject and saw that files like www/mail/fr/shipped.html or /www/controllers/admin/Adminorderscontroller or Payment, unfortunately, the message doesn't show any link of product, only this {$product_link}. And, idea of stopher on the french topic (here : https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/471622-ps-16-modifier-template-email-shippedhtml-pour-lien-du-produit-demande-de-note/ ) : If a customer order 2 or 3 three products, is there a possibility to show the links of each products ? Many thanks! Thomas
  10. Hello, First Of All I Would like to thank you for helping me out. I just wanted to know if there is a way i can add PRODUCT LINK IN ORDER HISTORY so that it will become easier for customers to leave a review. Anyhelp would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hey everyone! I just reviewed a module developed by Dh42 (moderator here in the forums). It's named Algolia Search, and I thought it would have been great to show it to everyone, since its performance is just amazing Here is the video http://nemops.com/algolia-prestashop-search-module-review/#.VwzDlvn5jmg
  12. On my website people have the option to write a review but these are not being published. How can I read the reviews and publish them? Thanks for any help.
  13. Please see attached image. This has suddenly vanished for all my pages. What can be the possible reason. Earlier all the google rich snippets were visible. ProductComments 3.5.1 Default Module. GSitemap 3.5.2 Default Module. Please advise what is missing or what mistake is there. Website - https://designinfo.in
  14. Bonjour, Probleme Ecrire un commentaire (productcomments) J'utilise un module qui s'appele "configurateur de produit par etape" et depuis je ne peux plus ecrire de commentaire. Sur les pages ou il n'y a pas le module, lors d'un clic pour ajouter un commentaire, just l'url change (ajoute #new_comment_form) et rien ne se passe www.thefreeglasses.com/accessories-for-glasses/612-leather-case-brown.html et sur les pages avec le module configurateur, par exemple http://www.thefreeglasses.com/hot-trendy-eyeglasses/128-sofia-hot-trendy-black-oval-and-women-spectacles.html on peux cliquer sur le lien ecrire un commentaire et celui ouvre une fenetre pour ecrire un commentaire mais apres on ne pas pas valider le com, le bouton submit ne marche pas. J'aimerais payer quequ'un pour reparer ce probleme. La version de prestashop est la derniere. Merci d'avance
  15. Bonjour à tous, Je suis en cours de création d'un site de référencement d'institutions spécifiques, et Prestashop me semble le CMS le plus adéquat pour commencer mon projet. Pourtant, j'ai du mal à trouver LE addon (même payant) qui regroupe l'ensemble de mes contraintes, et j'aimerais avoir votre avis quant à la meilleure solution pour y répondre. J'aimerais: Que les visiteurs puissent noter chaque produit/institution avec plusieurs critères pour définir une note globale (exemple:http://http://my-mooc.fr/project/devenir-web-conseiller/) Que les produits s'affichent dans leurs catégories par ordre décroissant de leur note globale Il y aura un très grand nombre de références, pour cela le fait que les visiteurs soient responsables de la note est très important. Je vous remercie beaucoup par avance pour vos conseils avisés! :-) Cordialement, Pierre-Jean
  16. Buongiorno a tutti, avrei bisogno di un aiuto: sto cercando un modulo per recensioni ai prodotti e al servizio in generale. La mia versione di prestashop è la Ho provato ad utilizzare 'recensioni verificate' che è un modulo molto ben strutturato ma ha un costo che ritengo eccessivo: 60€ al mese!!!! Sapreste indicarmi qualche modulo carino ed efficiente gratuito o a costo fisso? Grazie mille!! Ilaria www.domus-design.eu
  17. I installed the yotpo-module to enter reviews of the products. The reviews are in gray : see attach. I found with firebug which parameter is resp. (param. color) But I do not find the corresponding parameter in the file (I suppose form.css in modules/yotpo/css) Can anyone tell me how I accomplish this step : finding the corresponding param and in which file? Simply : What is the relation between what you see in firebug and the changes to make in the file (where,which paramter, ...
  18. Hi I have had a customer review sent to me by email for a product. I have had their permission to add it to the site and would like to add it as a product review on the product page. How can I do this via the admin area? Thanks for any help!
  19. Hallo, wenn bei meinem Shop ein Produkt bewertet wird, erscheinen auf der Produktansicht Sterne mit Review(s) statt Bewertung(en). Bei Lokalisierung/Übersetzungen/Modul productcomments/ unter productcomments_reviews ist der Ausdruck "%s Review(s)" übersetzt mit "%s Bewertung(en)". Kann mir jemand sagen wo ich es sonst noch ändern kann/muss? Danke Josi Prestashop
  20. Hi all I've been online 6 months and I receive maybe 5 visitors a day. Few sales. Where am I going wrong? Bit confused regarding SEO and using .....com/fr or .....com/gb Any advice much appreciated. Really. Anything. My site: www.laboulang eriepou rchiens.com/gb/ (without the spaces!) Thanks!
  21. Hi I have a technical problem that cannot be solved by the forum, by the forge and by my hosting company. Thinking of taking a paid support plan. Anyone had a good/bad experience with that? Are they helpful? Is it worth? Thanks for your comments. Rene
  22. Hello. I have a problem with my homepage. On the product tab i have a tab where my customers are supposed to review an item. however it is not possible to enter any information. I have tried reinstalling the module through prestashop and by removing the folder in the FTP and replacing with the newest version. The page url is: http://www.reefstore.dk/store-lamper/1-zt6600.html Reviews are under "anmeldelser" I have enabled guestreviews When "#new_comment_form" is entered in the url nothing shows Any help is welcome. Thank you in advance Best regards
  23. Hi guys, My product review/comment module isn't working. Here's a screenshot: You can try it for yourself via this link: http://tiny.cc/sjga8w Just pick out a product and try the "Commentaar" feature. Thanks for the help! Sam
  24. I've made a test review but i can't find it in the back office for me to moderate. Where do i find it? thanks
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