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Found 25 results

  1. Buonasera a tutti, ho quasi completato una migrazione da magento e prestashop 1.7. Mi sono bloccato sul discorso costi di spedizione per fascia di peso e per località. Ho notato subito che su prestashop la logica è diversa rispetto a magento, su magento caricavo un file csv suddiviso per nazioni, località, peso ecc... (vedete allegato). Ci sarebbe un modo per importare questa situazione su prestashop ? Ho cercato qualche estensione ma non ho trovato nulla, farlo a mano sarebbe da matti. Avete qualche idea per risolvere questo problema ? Qualcuno che magari ha fatto qualche script per importazione del genere. Grazie mille in anticipo! matrixrates.csv
  2. Hello, I am new to prestashop and currently running a magento store. I want to migrate to prestashop For information, my store's DB is synchronized with an ERP and that needs to be kept after the migration of course, and we need to keep the same URLs for everything once we migrate Where can I find a guide for making this work? Thanks in advance
  3. Szukam rozwiązania, które umożliwi w miarę bezbolesną migrację z Magento na Preste, czy jest coś co może pomóc?
  4. We have our current website on the cs-cart platform. Due to lack of lack of local developers in our region we would like to move to something more popular like Prestashop or Magento. We have our own mobile skin customization script something like the below two links and we would like to replicate the same functionality on Prestashop. https://dbrand.com/shop/nexus-6p https://www.gadgetshieldz.com/google-pixel-2-skins-decals-wraps.html Is it possible to replicate the above functionality on Prestashop or Magento? And which platform should be preferred considering the above functionality and if we need a fast loading site as we have less than 1000 products on the store? We need a platform which loads fast with our without full page cache support. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. According to my research, Magento is the better option if you have a bigger portfolio of products or if you want to scale up. I just want to listen to the opinion of Presta aficionados so that I make a better and informed decision.
  6. Hi there! Does anyone had success to import Magento clients with their password into Prestashop through the csv importation tool? I saw the other way around http://xavierriley.co.uk/migrating-customers-from-prestashop-to-magento/index.html and I was wondering if it was possible to change the code to apply the Prestashop "Cookie Key" to Magento users
  7. I have been a web store owner for several years and have used zen-cart, opencart, magento, prestashop trying to build up a web shop. I only know some basic html and php programming skill. Now I would like to share my limited experience with some beginners who want to build up an onlne shop. Hope it is helpful to someone. The very first shop I tried to set up is this Sex Toy Wholesaler Store, with zen-cart 1.38a in 2009 on a shared hosting plan from BlueHost. At that time, zen-cart was a highly recommended platform. I was generally satisfied with it as it worked fine and received orders for us, eventhough the site did not look very nice. There was one serious problem with zen-cart when I used it: my site was hacked many times (now I think this was mainly due to the unsecured enough shared hosting)! I encountered opencart by coincidence after two years and a half or so and surprisingly found that this software was just way better looking than zen-cart. So I searched through internet for the comparison of major open source e-commerce software online and read a lot about this. I then switched the Sex Toy Wholesaler Store to opencart and was happier. Meanwhile, I still looked for other better alternatives and see if I could do better (Opencart did not offer rich SEO settings by default). I have tried prestashop and magento. Prestashop was really impressive as well. It provided a nice clean default theme and the SEO settings seemed to be sufficient. It also offered rich ajax feature, streamline one page checkout, abandoned cart reminder etc. And I really like it. However, as I spent more time testing prestashop (maybe not enough time as I feel that I am still not very familiar with it), I found its shopping cost setting really disappointed. Because I had to input more than 1,000 values to complete our shipping cost settings for different countries worldwide. I think prestashop is the best for those merchants who shipping cost calculation method is simple. And I might use it to build up another shop in the future. As for magento, it is really a masterpiece of e-commerce and I love it IF I HAD ENOUGH BUDGET! This boy just requires high end server hardware and better programming skill to run it well.
  8. Ciao a tutti, ho attualmente uno Store di Arredamento e Design realizzato in Magento ma stavo pensando di rifarlo in Prestashop. Magento è sicuramente completissimo ma d'altro canto presenta una difficoltà non irrilevante e per questo volevo passare a Prestashop che mi sembra offra più o meno le stesse prestazioni, funzioni e servizi ma con una complessità ridotta (a quanto mi è parso). Non mi interessa importare nulla dallo Store attuale. Reinserirò tutto da capo. Ciò che mi interessa è poter gestire le medesime cose ed avere a disposizione le medesime funzioni. Le funzioni che cerco sono: - Gestione di più lingue e valute senza particolari difficoltà - Gestione personalizzata delle fatture (possibilità di scegliere numero, data, layout etc) - Gestione DDT, Fatture, Note Debito e Credito, Fornitori, Clienti, Rivenditori - Gestione automatica dell'ordine verso i fornitori (nel momento in cui viene acquistato un determinato prodotto dal frontend vorrei venisse inoltrata una mail al produttore) - Gestire il negozio fisico che abbiamo in modo separato (in termini di prezzi ed offerte) da quello online ma con il medesimo catalogo prodotti. - Gestione della Newsletter E' possibile gestire tutto questo in Prestashop? Grazie a chiunque possa aiutarmi.
  9. Please provide with your feedback on the following: Magento store: Right now we have about 120K SKUs and about 250K customers in our database and update our price & campaigns fews time per day. We have lots of SKUs and highly rotation and we feel that Magento indexing & API create lots of problem for us. (e.g. Price rules issues where products won't discounted, Products disappear from website & integration problem with ERP or warehouse system). Prestashop: Will this be sorted with Prestashop? Do you think Prestashop will fit our need? Are there any recommendation do you have?
  10. Dear developers of Prestashop, I love the platform a lot! And is a piece of cake for the complete novice to undestand the basics, despite the fact that a lot of enemies want to hurt us. In the subject: There is lack of a lot of great features that already exist in other platforms. There are not similar for prestashop even in paid version.. Let aside the free ones... 1) Magento - Wordpress integration http://fishpig.co.uk/magento/wordpress-integration/ Benefits we could also enjoy: Integration of 2 very good platforms in their fields (if not the best) Display of ps header when browsing through articles.. So a client can check out whenever he likes.. Relation of articles and products.. Think about reading about your favorite team (eg Man City) and on the left column to appear tickets for the derby (City vs United) and the opposite this is another aspect of cross-selling 2) Prestashop - IPboard integration Just AWESOME.. Show ps header the same way as above BUT no iframe like a module that exists already the links have to change 3) single sing in-out system for all of them.. it's just a disaster having ONE DOMAIN and forcing your clients/users to create 3 accounts 4) integration with some e-class platform would be also a good idea 5) Being able to send newsletters directly from the backoffice (like in oscommerce) I appreciate the time you wasted to read my post and wait for it being a reality (i think a lot of people would like to pay a reasonable price for GOOD extensions and not waste time and money to integrate magento and wordpress on the contrary) Yours sincerely, Konstantinos Kogkalidis -- CEO of tapanda.gr ps1. If you like my suggestions pin it in order to discuss it among the community members and find a solution, if any. ps2. There are many great platforms in their fields (CMS, e-commerce, LMS, CRM, forums etc) There are many cool guys that are experts in a kind of platform (eg LMS {being a teacher} and want to expand it selling their work or building a community discussing about the lectures etc) In general build bridges for whatever platform as an experienced user is not even likely to abandon its home (eg Joomla, moodle etc) to use "just a joomla like module" in the context of Prestashop The point is to get as many people want to use some e-commerce platform for their needs.. This is the only way to defeat Magento and other competitors in no-time ps3. I REALLY LOVE PRESTA AND DON'T WANT TO MOVE.. BUT IF THERE IS NO DRAMATICE CHANGE.. I WILL MOVE TO THE OTHER GREAT PLATFORM OF THE BATTLE
  11. Witam forumowiczów, Widzę, że polskie forum PS jest aktywne, na poziomie i robicie kawał dobrej roboty, więc poradzę się Was(może nawet doraźnie się Wam odwdzięczymy;). Temat może się przydać innym. Właśnie budujemy sklep oparty na modelu dropshipping(producent wysyła bezpośrednio do klienta)dla klientów indywidualnych. Mamy zaplecze informatyczne ale wiadomo na start mamy dużo wydatków i pracy ,więc chcemy wydać jak najmniej i jak najwięcej wykorzystać gotowych rozwiązań. Po wstępnej selekcji testujemy: Magento 1.7 (MG) z aktualnymi łatkami bezpieczeństwa, Bogatsza niż w PS baza przydatnych dla nas rozszerzeń w tym bardzo dużo darmowych, oraz do tego konieczne integracje np. ifirma.pl(mamy problemy z tą integracją), sheepla.pl płatności itp. Magento wydaje się trochę toporne. Piszą i wydaję się ,że MG to baza pod wielki sklep jakim my zamierzamy być, a jak PS ma się do tego? PrestaShop 1.6 (PS) Wydaje się łatwa do wdrożenia pracownika, są też konieczne integracje. Import w PS nawet dobrze działa. Perspektywy małym koszten aktualności oprogramowania(bezpieczeństwo) główne punkty do rozpracowania. Perspektywy wsparcia w polskich realiach - gotowe wtyczki partnerów, forum. Dropshipping wysyłanie z automatu maili z zamówieniami do producentów. Import a najlepiej automatyczne odpytywanie sklepów i magazynów naszych krajowych producentów, Część produktów będzie produkowana na zmówienie. Już teraz mamy do wprowadzenia kilkaset produktów a niedalekiej przyszłości nawet do kilku tysięcy produktów. "Shop by manufacturer" w Magento można znaleźć darmowe moduły. Najlepiej do każdego producenta była możliwość coś jakby indywidualnego koszyka i z kosztami dostawy przypisanymi do danego producenta. Obsługa efaktur(fajna wtyczka ifirma.pl) w zgodnie z prawem tym musi być dobrowolny wybór efaktury, więc np. jakieś pole do odhaczenia. Wyeliminować wysyłanie razem stworzonego przez klienta hasła i loginu! W ogóle nie eleganckie jest jakiekolwiek eksponowanie hasła w formie tekstowej. Czy kiedykolwiek ktoś dostał kartę kredytową z razem z pinem(który mógłby otwierać dostęp do innych kont? Magento i PS robią to samo - tak się nie robi. Duży nacisk na CMS - prezentowaną treść- porady, artykuły wywiady itp. dopisywanie autorskich rozwiązań/modułów duży nacisk na estetykę Jak waszym zdaniem w naszym przypadku ma się PS 1.6 do MG 1.7 i może jakieś wskazówki jak możliwie łatwo/tanio rozwiązać nasze punkty bo w sumie bardziej przekonuje nas PS
  12. Si tienes tu tienda en cualquier carrito, y quieres dar el salto a Prestashop, nos encargamos de crear tu nueva tienda y recuperar todos los datos de tu antigua tienda a tu nueva tienda Prestashop. Trabajamos con mas de 40 carritos diferentes: Oscommerce, Opencart, Magento, Shopify, Virtuemart, Woocommerce, etc... Infórmate sin compromiso: http://www.serviciostconline.es/es/content/14-migraciones Y recuerda que te damos soporte las 24 horas del dia, los 365 dias del año. Saludos. Ana
  13. So, I have a shop running zencart, but we need to add an invoice program to it, and it has to be a specific one, we can't find a module for zencart, but it exists for magento and prestashop. I personally prefer prestashop because I've used it for a while, I have never touched magento. This is what we need: > Run two sites, but get stock and users from the same place, so they don't have to register twice to use the two sites, and the stock has to be the same, if someone buys something from shop A, we need the stock in shop B to also change, and vice-versa, some products will be available only on shop A, and others only in shop B, so there has to be a third database/table that handles this. I believe prestashop's multi site and advanced stock management can acomplish this with the warehouses. This is what we have: ~6000 products ~30000 users ~60000 orders ~4000000 views It's all running on a VPS, I haven't got specs but it sets us back 700€/year, would prestashop be ok for these requirements, or should I venture off into the world of magento? I'd rather use prestashop, but if magento is more fitting then I'll use it instead. Thanks for the help.
  14. A tutti i lettori un buon 2014! Da quest'anno i nostri moduli di pagamento per Prestashop si acquistano direttamente su shop.studioitc.com Potete scegliere il modulo che vi serve e scaricarlo subito. Naturalmente garantiamo sempre l'assistenza fino al corretto funzionamento del modulo per un mese dall'acquisto che vi da' diritto anche a un successivo aggiornamento. Non dimenticate di chiederci un preventivo per lo sviluppo di qualsiasi cosa non troviate sul sito ma serva a migliorare il vostro shop virtuale. A tutti un buon lavoro. Studio ITC S.r.l. Consulting & Solutions
  15. Hi, Anyone of you coming from Magento & OpenCart ? The more I played around with Prestashop, the more I got frustrated with it. I'm wondering how those people who previously used Magento & OpenCart can adapt to the Primitive front-end design & layout of Prestashop. I come to Prestashop because of its 1.) Flexible Voucher Rule (Coupon in Magento & OpenCart) per Individual Customer. Voucher will appear on the My Voucher session. 2.) Reward & Loyalty (Magento doesn't have, OpenCart included this but quite bare). I thought Prestashop could get a postion between Magento & OpenCart. However, after playing around with Prestashop, I'm totally frustrated with its front-end design & layout and some lacks of basic e-commerce elements as below. 1.) No My Account Sidebar Listing block (Customer Settings Navigation), just only the My Account Page, very unorganized and primitive. Also, the My Account block on the header is not intuitvie, should be broken down into My Account, My WishList, My Cart and Checkout. Not many users know clicking their names to access the My Account page. 2.) No Grid Display, unbelievable. 3.) No Product Counter within each Category, absolutely unacceptable. 4.) Add To Cart, Add To Compare and Add To Wishlist are NOT intuitively designed and put together, very unorganized. 5.) Right after installation, I was totally devastated by its primitive default presentation and layout. At 1st, I thought it could be further enhanced by changing its configurations. In fact, not really the case. I'd decided to leave Prestashop as it might take more time to make it presentable as Magento & OpenCart. I hardly force myself to fall in love with Prestashop at this point of time. Maybe I'll come back to have a look after the availability of Prestashop 1.6. These are the intuitive design and layout of Magento & OpenCart, Prestashop should make its front-end more user-friendly and intuitive. Grid Display My Account Sidebar Listing Block My Account Header Block
  16. I am changing shops from Magento to Prestashop; I would like to know how to adapt the .htaccess for not losing customers and Google recognition. For the time being I have set 404 back to index page.. TIA
  17. Salut ! J'ai un problème .. J'ai une boutique presta 1.5.2 qui marche bien .. J'ai un partenariat en cours de négo avec un "concurent" pour qu'il gère mes commandes... Une des conditions de la négo, c'est que les commandes passées et payées sur MA boutique (presta) soit transferées sur SA boutique ( Magento) de façon automatique... Les ref produits sont simple ( y'a que 5 produits) et on a chacun accès sans soucis au code .. Donc : existe t-il déjà un module qui sache faire ça ? A savoir, je ne connais pas Magento... mais je connais un peu presta ( même si j'ai pas toujours tout compris.. ) J'imagine un export en csv, un appel d'une page de son serveur.. qui va recup le csv, importer dans sa BDD ..
  18. Bonjour, je souhaite migrer de Magento vers Prestashop et changer d'hébergement. Pouvez-vous me conseiller sur l'ordre de procéder, faut-il que je change d'hébergeur avant de migrer la boutique ou l'inverse? Existe-t-il une procédure Prestashop pour ce type de changement? Merci pour vos réponses.
  19. Hello everyone! I am currently about to open a new eCommerce website to sell power tools online. looking for the best eCommerce platform for me, i narrow the options to: PrestaShop Magento ZenCart Virtuemart i know that here is the Prestashop forum and probably everyone here is using the prestashop and will recommend it over the others... Yet i want to ask you what do you think about PrestaShop eCommerce platform? and what do you think of the others...? Thanks
  20. Saludos de nuevo. Despues de haber configurado por completo (o eso creo) una tienda en Prestashop, me interesaría pasar todos los productos desde Magento a Prestashop, me ahorraría unos 10 dias de trabajo aburrido .... alguien sabe de alguna forma? yo lo he hecho pasando los productos a un CSV e importandolo desde Prestashop, pero los campos no son los mismos y me saltan 3000 y pico errores de todo tipo
  21. Is there a module or any other solution on how to migrate from Magento to Prestashop?
  22. I'm going to build a online shop with the following requirements: 1. Fixed amount/percentage discount within certain period 2. Global voucher (for all users) and individual voucher (for particular users only) 3. Free shipment or discounted shipment 4. Reward point ( for example, when a user purchase more than certain amount, he will get some reward points so that he can use it later) The others should be standard features. The key factors to decide which platform to choose are: Functionality (meet my requirement) Cost Performance Expandability Actually I read some articles and posts in stack overflow. Surprisingly most people recommend Prestashop. This makes me puzzled why there are so many users use Magenta already. Most people said Prestashop is lighter so that it's faster. But I build two demo sites: prestashop.jesuisla.com.hk shopdemo.jesuisla.com.hk It seems sometimes Prestashop is even slower. Do I need to optimize it? (Both sites disable the cache.) Any suggestion will be appreciate. Thanks.
  23. Ive to migrate from an old Magento 1.2 (circa 1000 products) to a new Prestashop installation, really urgently... reallly i dont know what the best and safe way.. there is some module to do that?
  24. Hey, I work with Sweet Tooth ( www.sweettoothrewards.com ), a customer loyalty module that is currently on Magento. Is there anyone interested in seeing Sweet Tooth brought to the Prestashop community?
  25. Bonjour à tous, Je viens de parcourir en long et en large le forum en quête d'un module ou d'un développement qui pourrait rendre possible les produits composés sur Prestashop à l'image de Magento (CF capture), en vain. Je ne parle pas des packs produits inclus dans Prestashop mais par exemple : un produit A auquel on peut ajouter x quantité de produit B, produit C, produit D, etc. Une fois le choix effectué, le client ajoute au panier et commande le produit composé qu'il a choisi. J'attends avec impatience vos retours et vos propositions pour un tel développement. Merci d'avance
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