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  1. Hi All, Greetings of the day. The addons help to export products on Google Merchant Center to display them on Google Shopping, Google Search, Google Image, the Display network (YouTube, Gmail & more) and Google partner sites. Google Merchant Center works by allowing businesses to upload and manage their product data, which is then used to create product listings and ads across various Google platforms. Google Merchant Center offers several benefits for businesses that want to promote and sell their products online. Google Merchant Center offers several benefits for businesses that want to promote and sell their products online. Some of the key benefits of using Google Merchant Center are: Product Listing Ads: Google Merchant Center allows businesses to create product feeds, which are sets of data that describe their products. By uploading these feeds to the Merchant Center, businesses can create Product Listing Ads (PLAs) that appear on Google Search, Google Shopping, and other Google platforms. PLAs display product images, titles, prices, and other relevant information, making it easier for customers to find and compare products. Increased Visibility: By listing your products on Google, you can significantly increase their visibility to a wide audience. When people search for products related to what you offer, your products may appear in the search results or the Google Shopping tab. This increased visibility can help drive more traffic to your website or online store. Targeted Advertising: Google Merchant Center allows you to optimize your product ads and target specific audiences. You can set up product groups and customize bids based on factors like product type, brand, price, and more. This level of targeting enables you to reach the right customers with relevant ads, increasing the chances of conversion and maximizing your return on investment. Shopping Campaign Management: Google Merchant Center provides tools to manage and optimize your shopping campaigns. You can track performance metrics such as clicks, impressions, and conversion rates to gain insights into your campaign's effectiveness. With this data, you can make informed decisions to improve your campaign's performance and drive better results. Sync with E-commerce Platforms: Google Merchant Center integrates with various e-commerce platforms, making it easier to manage and update your product information. By connecting your e-commerce platform to the Merchant Center, you can automatically sync product data, inventory levels, and pricing information. This automation saves time and ensures that your product listings are always up to date. Access to Google Services: By using Google Merchant Center, you gain access to a range of Google services and tools. For example, you can take advantage of Google Analytics to track user behaviour and conversion data, Google Ads to manage your advertising campaigns, and Google Customer Reviews to collect and display customer feedback. These services work together to enhance your online presence and improve the customer experience. Multi-channel Reach: Google Merchant Center allows you to reach customers across multiple channels. In addition to appearing on Google Search and Google Shopping, your product listings can also appear on other platforms like YouTube, Google Display Network, and partner websites. This multi-channel reach expands your audience and increases the likelihood of reaching potential customers wherever they are online. Overall, Google Merchant Center provides businesses with powerful tools and a vast reach to promote and sell their products effectively online. It helps improve visibility, increase conversions, and optimize advertising campaigns, ultimately driving business growth and revenue. Drive more sales and revenue for your business across paid and unpaid channels on Google. Online product advertising is made easy. Create a Merchant Center account to get started. Advertise Across Google. Get Your Store on Google. Reach More Customers. Show your business and products across Google for free. People use Google to shop more than a billion times a day. With a Merchant Center account, you can attract more customers by listing your products and business on Google Search, Maps, YouTube, and more. Google Merchant Center is a digital platform where online retailers upload product data that fuels Google Shopping Ads (formerly Product Listing Ads). Within the Merchant Center, you also provide information about your eCommerce store, shipping, or taxes. Merchants can also have their product information organized and displayed for free across Google. You can submit your product data to the Merchant Center for inclusion in free listings. Google Ads is where your shopping campaigns live and where you set your budgets, manage your bids, gain insights, and make optimizations. Google Merchant Center is where your product feed is stored, along with details about shipping and sales tax. Create a feed. Upload your product data in the Merchant Center. Set up your store. Configure your business settings: shipping, taxes, branding, and returns. Publish your listings. Start selling your products directly on Google. Need more information? Click here. Google will send separate transactions to your selected payment service provider, once certain checks are passed. Once your Merchant Center account is linked to your payment service provider, you'll be able to check your payment service provider log for bank disbursements. Google Merchant Center is entirely free to use Merchants can get free, instant payments by accepting payments with the Google Pay for Business Android app. When you set up payments, your customers can use the Google Pay app to send money directly to your bank account with no fees. You need to be a retailer selling products through a website, in a physical store, or both. To sign up, you'll need a Google account. If you don't have one yet, you can create one for free here. Your products must be approved so that you can use them in local inventory ads and free local product listings. To get approval, products must contain all required attributes and follow Shopping ad policies In order to keep the product information displayed in Shopping ads and free listings up-to-date, all products expire after 30 days. If you want your products to remain active, you'll need to update your product data A merchant is either an individual or a company that sells goods or services. The merchant will sell products for a profit and facilitate customers during their buying journey. Merchants can operate as retailers or wholesalers, and any source could sell items to another source. A merchant can either sell products and services to another business or directly to a customer. The type of merchant is defined by the buyer and the platform used to facilitate the transaction. Retailers and wholesalers are two of the most common merchant types. People use Google to shop more than a billion times a day. With a Merchant Center account, you can attract more customers by listing your products and business on Google Search, Maps, YouTube, and more. Free listings allow customers to see product results from your store across Google, such as on the Shopping tab, YouTube, Google Search (.com), Google Images, and Google Lens. Google doesn't charge websites to be part of the Google Search index in order to organize and display relevant information, merchants are also eligible to have their product information contained and displayed for free across Google. You can submit your product data to the Merchant Center for inclusion in free listings. In addition, content on your website that’s been crawled and is related to retail may also be shown in product listings and annotations for free across Google. Since it launched as a paid channel in 2012, Shopping ads on Google have delighted both shoppers and advertisers alike. Shopping ads are some of the most clicked ads Google has to offer. For retailers, Shopping ads account for over 60% of their paid clicks. For our clients, Shopping ads consistently deliver some of the highest return on ad spend of any paid channel. Shopping ads on Google have steadily evolved and improved, too. They’re now smarter, easier to set up and deliver broader reach. In this guide, we’ll provide a detailed walkthrough of how to set up your products in Shopping ads. We’ll also explain how to take advantage of its technical advances. Shopping ads, sometimes referred to as product listing ads or PLAs, are the product ads that appear at the top of Google search results. The two platforms that control these ads are Google Ads and Google Merchant Center. Shopping ads don’t appear only in Google’s standard search results anymore. They are also visible on the Shopping tab, on search partner websites, in the price comparison Shopping service and apps (iOS and Android), and even on YouTube and the Google Display Network. Because Shopping ads are so useful for shoppers and popular with advertisers, Google has steadily expanded Shopping’s reach, and that means more opportunities to reach shoppers. Google Merchant Center is where your product feed is stored, along with details about shipping and sales tax. We’ll explain product feeds momentarily. For now, they’re simply details about your products organized in a format Google likes. Your product feed is what Google uses to build your Shopping ads. The setup and management of Shopping ads is quite a bit different from the setup of traditional text ads. With the Shopping tab, Google uses your feed, your site, and more to determine what search queries will trigger your ads. Because of this, setting up your product feed has some strong similarities to e-commerce SEO. Features - Helps in improvement in ranking in all search engines. - Helps in increase in web traffic. - Helps to get targeted traffic and related store products and services. - Provide greater information to search engines to improve their understanding of your business and of the content on your website. - It can act as an authentication for a business address if it matches the - Google Business Listing, in doing so improves local SEO. - Implementing rich snippets can have a huge impact on how your pages perform in the search engines. - It helps to increase visibility in the search results - It helps to improve click-through rates and attract more targeted traffic. - SEO friendly. - Support all browsers: Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, etc. - Lightweight. (Smaller file size, which loads faster.) - Increase sales, conversion rates, and product promotions. - Maintain existing customers and attract new customers. - Lower marketing expenses, exposure to potential customers, and reach targeted audiences. - Multiple browser compatibility (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, and Edge). - Mobile, Tablet, and all devices compatible. - Multi-language and Multi Store compatible. - Module works without making any changes in existing files on PrestaShop store versions. - 24*7 Support - Good Documentation Benefits to Customers - Drawing a customer's attention to your relevant result. - Providing instant information as related to their query. - Customers trust online stores and feel comfortable. - Helps in support and communication in the customer's native language. - Customer queries and clarifications get fast solutions. - Helps to increase customer understanding and knowledge about the store. Benefits to Merchants - Higher Chances of Ranking on SERPs - Better Click through Rates - Better Marketing Opportunity - More Qualified Leads - More Credibility - Reduce expenses - Increase sales - Improve customer service and loyalty - Customer convenience - Competitive advantages - Expand market reach - Proactive outreach - Reports and analytics - Real-Time Convenience to Customers - Cost Efficient - Stand out Amongst Competitors - Eye-catching results => drawing a search user’s attention from your competitors’ listings to your own result. - Potential CTR increase => Possibly increasing click-through rates and lowering the chance of the user ‘bouncing’ as they see more information about the page before clicking through (there is also the potential to deter users if the additional rich snippets of information show something they were not looking for). - Providing ‘quality’ results => offering results that could match the user’s intent more closely. On the downside, if the informational benefit of the rich snippet satisfies the user's search query, it might eliminate the need to click through for further engagement. - Develop Deeper Customer Relationships - Increase in Conversions and Average Order Values Installation Step 1: Upload the module zip file from the back-office Module & Services menu tab. Module Manager area using the upload button. After successful installation module menu link will appear in the left menu or top menu in the back-office more area. Step 2: Install the module using the install button. Step 3: Visit the module management page from the back-office "More" area (section) in the left menu in back-office. Step 4: The module installation process is very easy, how module configuration works can be seen in the demo instance. Step 5: Please visit our demo instance for module configuration and usage demo. - Module works without making any change in the existing PrestaShop file so that existing customization and theme change do not affect. - We provide free technical and feature support in installation, and configuration, as well as access to updates available for this product. - Free support on installation, configuration and customization as per store requirements for example new hook addition on your store. Google has a service to add website products to the Google merchant centre using API and it is a small requirement from their side to get Client ID, Client Secret, and Google Merchant ID for connectivity between the website and Google merchant centre service. Below are the steps to easily create a Client ID, Client Secret, and Google Merchant ID. The documentation PDF of the below steps with screenshots was added to the module folder for reference. Step 1: Visit the link https://merchants.google.com and in the header top right corner before the profile picture, we will find the number for example 451102497, it is known as Google Merchant ID. Copy this number and add it inside the module configuration settings area in the back office. Step 1: Visit https://console.cloud.google.com/ When visiting the above link, google asks to verify the website the first time to confirm ownership of the website and link a website with Google services. If the website is already verified then Google will not ask again. Step 2: Create a New Project from the top with the option header of the page. Step 3: Select the Newly created project and visit API & Services from the left menu or search in the header search option. Step 4: Search the keyword "Content API for Shopping" and enable the service name "Content API for Shopping" & The description of the service is " Manage your product listings and accounts for Google Shopping." Step 5: Please check the documentation PDF name "Guide-Google-APIs-Code.pdf" added inside the module with details information for each step and screenshots. Other: Please leave your valuable feedback and rating after purchasing and using the module. We provide 24*7 support in module installation and configuration. Do not hesitate to contact us. This will help to increase self-confidence, improve service, and enhance the module as per requirements to make it better for different online stores. Please visit the developer's modules listing page on the marketplace for other useful, suitable modules for online stores. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/2_community-developer?contributor=301729
  2. Hi everyone, My website is showing a lot of 'Crawled - Currently Not Indexed' pages in Search Console. Most of these are images (featured images), and old blogs. Can anyone help me to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, My Prestashop does not detect any product on search index and it will we stay on 0/0 even i click on rebuild index. Also if i add new product it will stay same 0/0. I made deactive all non-addons Prestashop modules and overrides but there was no success. I tried to delete both search_index and search_word tables but still no success. Please tell me how to fix this matter
  4. Hi, I'm trying to build the search index for a database with more than 100.000 products. The indexing procedure starts and then stops at about 30.000 products. No timeout or other errors in the apache log. I set PHP and apache timeout parameters to higher levels but nothing changed. Rebuilding the entire index always stops at the same number of products. Prestashop version Have anyone found the same problem ? thanks
  5. Hi there, Recently we moved our website to a new host. And, now I am having category no-index issue. (See snapshot). Category page is fine, no problem with sitemap. I regenerated the robot file, but issue is still same. Please help. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello, I'm having an issue where google is returning a dozen pages saying they are having an issue with the robots.txt file. When I check my google index account it has several pages, I have had a look at them and it says these are blocked on them - Disallow: /*?n= Disallow: /search Disallow: /*?search_query= These 3 all show up red on the robots.txt tester each page only shows 1 though not all 3.
  7. I am planning to migrate a 10k product Magento eshop to Prestashop. I have seen the basic settings etc, but then I saw that Prestashop has the re-indexing and cache clearing option, which immediately reminded me of Magento... In my opinion, as a Magento user, the need of reindexing and cache refreshing (in order to see the changes on your catalog) is one of the cons of this platform, and one of the reasons that I am planning to migrate from. So, I am wondering if Prestashop need also often reindexing and clearing of the cache like Magento in order to work well... Any opinion/help is very valuable to me! Thanks in advance!!!
  8. Recently we upgrated Prestashop 1.6.x to In finishing the installation we regerated .htaccess and robots.txt through the backoffice. When visitors to the site continue to drop we started the search for potential cause, With Google webmaster tools, search console / crawl, using Google robots.txt tester reported All URL Blocked !! Fresh backoffice generated robots.txt contained no follow instruction for the whole site: Disallow: */ Looking further Googlebot type: Desktop (render requested) robots.txt it also blocked access to two folders for search engines to render the site properly: Disallow: */css/ and Disallow: */js/ It is adviced to check, your robots.txt when fresh regenerate from your backoffice. Could reproduce this behaviour. Bug report generated.
  9. Hi, I have moved my sex shop https://zPieprzykiem.com to presta. For a while I was trying to position my page but even when I added all metatags, orginal description pages position was not influenced. IT occured that google didn't index them. Those pages are in the sitemap. In google search control it says that 3444 pages were send 2528 indexed but when I use site:zpieprzykiem.com it's showing 500-ish pages only. What is even more strange one day its 505 and the day after 477... example of not indexed page: https://www.zpieprzykiem.com/pierscienie-erekcyjne/7959-pierscien-erekcyjny-mystim-his-ringness-earl-polerowany-48mm.html I have no idea how to fix that. I will be greatfull for any advice.
  10. Hi, I have a store running PrestaShop version Around 353 products are there total in store but 345 products are indexed. I tried to add missing products to the index also rebuilded the index using search preferences, but still the result is same. Some products are also missing in search result. Please help me to sort out this issue.
  11. Hi there, I hope someone out there has a solution to my slightly technical issue which todate I have not been able to solve. Our site. www.12volttechnology.com has two indexing issues. 1. Category List - is not in Alphabetical order. (I have tried almost everything) 2. The Manufactruers list (when you select any category Camping, Electrical Automotive) you see the list on the left side. However this is only 50% of the total manufacturers we have listed. For some strange reason I have not been able to get both of these to re-index. I have indexed all the products (Preferences - Search) - but still did not fix it. I hope someone can help us out - it will be really appreciated. Thank you TM
  12. Hello everyone, Our Prestashop (1.5) is undergoing strange problems while indexing products (Preferences > Search), the number of indexed products never grow higher than 804/967. We've tried many times "Add missing products" and "Re-build the entire index" : the counter always stops at 804. Any ideas on what could possibly cause such and odd behavior ? Any help greatly appreciated ! thanks, Marc Our website : http://marc-aurele.ru/
  13. hi, I hope someone could kindly help me. I installed fresh and successfully upgraded to using 1-Click upgrade. My Layered navigation block is v1.10.8. I am using default-bootstrap theme. However, I am unable to do indexing in Layered Navigation Module. All four indexing buttons failed. Price indexing failed Attribute indexing failed URL indexing failed The Layered Navigation block appeared on left column. When I select a price range, it keeps loading. The browser console shows error 404 shop/modules/blocklayered/blocklayered-ajax.php?id_category_layered=12&layered_price_slider=26_239&orderby=name&orderway=asc&n=12&_=1398144458238 I tried to clear cache and browser cache, uninstall and re-install the module without success. I also checked the database table ps_layered_price_index, the price_min and price_max are correctly set for all my products. My installation on local machine has no problem with layered navigation. Any help is appreciated. Thank you. regards.
  14. Hi there. I've got a multishop, with 200 products. All products are available everywhere. I don't know why, but some of them are not indexed. The backoffice said that all of them are indexed (200/200) but is not true. I already try to: - Empty both ps_search_index and ps_seach_index and ps_search_words - Rebuild entire index - Use cron link to rebuild entire index. No way Any help will be greatly appreciated
  15. Did anyone have any issues on Prestashop with indexing? What's the chance I will face the same Indexing issues that I have with Magento: Price rules issues where products won't discounted, Products disappear from website & integration problem with ERP or warehouse system Please share your experience!
  16. Hi, I recently added a extra site map 1_index based on Google Sitemap Module because it said I had to upload this site map in order to update it. Now which site map shall I stick with? My pages are not indexed properly (even though i'm only using English as a webstore language only). I attached a screenshot file showing all the info and the website url. Could you please help? Thanks in advance.
  17. Hi, I have a problem with Google indexing. I have submitted a sitemap but only about half of my pages are indexed. It's been months. Also, ones that are indexed have their descriptions like: I have set their meta descriptions. I see some pages indexed are the pages of a category or manufacturer for example /en/11-health-products?p=2 they also have bad descriptions. How can I change the descriptions for those? I would think if there was no meta description then the product info would be used? Any help very much appreciated!
  18. Indexed products: 33800 / 45072. I have 45072 items in my shop. When I click to 'Re-build entire index' it start from 1 and stop at 33800. How I can solve this problem?
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