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Found 18 results

  1. Hey guys. I am new to Prestashop and still exploring its full potential. I want some guidance here. What are the aspects of Prestashop which make it better than the other alternatives? I have used Woocommerce previously in one of my online stores (https://astroworldmerch.net/) and I wasn't satisfied with it, the main part being that its too slow. I am exploring other alternatives to shift to and Prestashop is a good candidate. Kindly guide me about it. Thanks for any help.
  2. grid / list / mini-list products view switcher If you want to create grid/list/mini-list products view switcher this guide is what you're looking for read how easily you can create own switcher, no core modifications, only theme .tpl, .css and small .js read guide here: grid / list / mini-list products view switcher PrestaShop 1.7.x tutorial is available here: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/604990-tutorial-grid-list-switcher-change-products-display-method-in-prestashop-17/
  3. Hi everyone, I used to have a default theme for my e commerce and now I've decided to buy a new one. I've installed it from "design -> theme & logo -> add new theme -> import with FTP" (i've copied the new theme zip in "presta -> themes" with filezilla). When i return to "design -> theme & logo" i actually see the picture of my new theme but i can't click "use this template". If anyone knows what to do (the new theme guide only says: "Now to activate theme on your site from admin panel, Go to Design > Theme & Logo. Select our theme "Greylook" by clicking on "Use this theme".) That it's exactly what i can not do! Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone! I'm creating my first prestashop e-shop, and now, among other things like theme customization, I've learned in practice the basics of module development, including settings page, front- and backoffice hooks and so on. But I still cant understand how to create an Admin***Controller for my module. Now I know how to create admin menu item (tab) and make my controller just to exist (in other words - my controller page can be opened without errors), but now I'm just using redirect in my Admin***Controller.init() to my module settings page, because that's the only (ugly) way I found to call my module backoffice page from admin menu. So, the question is: is there some step-by-step guide, where the admin controller creation basics described like the module creation described in official PS docs? the only thing I found in PS docs about controller is short description about some fields of frontend controller (but it just helped me to understand the concept of usinc controller - create tpl, fill some magic data, call display*** methods - and happyness will come), but nothing else... Thanks in advance for your help
  5. Ciao a tutti, come dicevo su altro post, non ho molta esperienza su PrestaShop, conosco bene altri CMS e ora dovrei tirare su un sito di e-commerce con PS. Ho già "smanettato" un po', ho installato un nuovo sito e cominciato giochicchiare con i moduli e con i temi. A parte la difficoltà di trovare materiali free con cui possa fare esperienza avrei bisogno di una qualche guida, soprattutto per quanto riguarda il theming. Non so se esistono delle guide in italiano ma eventualmente mi vanno bene anche in inglese. Grazie a tutti, specialmente a chi riesca a darmi una mano ;-)
  6. Hi I have developed a PrestaShop application. I need a PrestaShop expert who can check my code and let me know if the rules and have been followed properly or not. In short I need a mentor and guide. Let me know your availability and rate. Look forward to hearing from all. Thanks
  7. Yesterday was launched the new awesome Prestashop version, and the first "bug" we found is that the Smarty Console (used to debug all the templates) was removed intentionally. /controllers/admin/AdminPerformanceController.php On the initFieldsetSmarty() function we must add to the "fields_forms" variable the next code: array( 'type' => 'radio', 'label' => $this->l('Smarty Console'), 'name' => 'smarty_console', 'values' => array( array( 'id' => 'smarty_console_2', 'value' => 2, 'label' => $this->l('Always display'), 'hint' => $this->l('This option should be used in a production environment.') ), array( 'id' => 'smarty_console_1', 'value' => 1, 'label' => $this->l('Display through URL'), 'hint' => $this->l('It should be used in a production environment when you need debug.') ), array( 'id' => 'smarty_console_0', 'value' => 0, 'label' => $this->l('Never display'), 'hint' => $this->l('Not display.') ) ) ), array( 'type' => 'text', 'label' => $this->l('Smarty Console Key'), 'name' => 'smarty_console_key' ) On the same file, search for postProcess() function and near the line 650 aprox. that start with if ($this->tabAccess['edit'] === '1'). We can see how the function update two "config" variables, SMARTY_FORCE_COMPILE y el SMARTY_CACHE, but the two for the Smarty console are missing. On the next you can find the complete code block: if ($this->tabAccess['edit'] === '1') { Configuration::updateValue('PS_SMARTY_FORCE_COMPILE', Tools::getValue('smarty_force_compile', _PS_SMARTY_NO_COMPILE_)); Configuration::updateValue('PS_SMARTY_CACHE', Tools::getValue('smarty_cache', 0)); Configuration::updateValue('PS_SMARTY_CONSOLE_KEY',Tools::getValue('smarty_console_key','SMARTY_DEBUG')); Configuration::updateValue('PS_SMARTY_CONSOLE', Tools::getValue('smarty_console', 0)); $redirectAdmin = true; } /config/smarty.config.inc.php On this file we need to paste the next code block above the comment that says /* Use this constant if you want to load smarty without all PrestaShop functions */ near the 40th line. // Production mode $smarty->debugging = false; $smarty->debugging_ctrl = 'NONE'; if (Configuration::get('PS_SMARTY_CONSOLE') == _PS_SMARTY_CONSOLE_OPEN_BY_URL_) { $smarty->debugging_ctrl = 'URL'; $smarty->smarty_debug_id = Configuration::get('PS_SMARTY_CONSOLE_KEY'); } else if (Configuration::get('PS_SMARTY_CONSOLE') == _PS_SMARTY_CONSOLE_OPEN_) $smarty->debugging = true; /tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_templatebase.php Search for the commentary // display or fetch that is near over 350 line, and change the conditional if($display), to the next code: // display or fetch if ($display || strpos($template->template_resource,'global.tpl')!==false) { If we go back to the backoffice, we can see that the options are recovered. One more thing. If we go throug "URL", once we put SMARTY_DEBUG (or what you decide), the system make a "cookie" that always open the Smarty Console. You can erase the cookie or put the next parameter on the URL: http://ourshop.com/?SMARTY_DEBUG=off
  8. Hi everyone! I'd like to ask you about adding a badge to my prestashop. I found many guides for WP or blogs, but nothing for prestashop. Which file should I edit? This is the code I would like to add: "<a href="http://www.domain.com/domaincom/hosting/eco-friendly-hosting.bml" rel="external" style="display: inline-block; width: 201px; height: 72px; text-indent: -999%; overflow: hidden; background: url(<% $ENV{IMAGE_BASE} %>/templates/domaincom/import/eco-wind-powered-site.png) 0 0 no-repeat;">This Website is offset by 150% Wind-Power powered by Domain.com®</a>"
  9. Hi everyone, I struggled to find a way to add custom order details (products tags) in invoices' PDF, so I want to share with you my achivements, in hope you'll find them useful. The key principle is that you override OrderInvoiceCore class. Here's my code, but you can easily build on it to do whatever you need: file: override/classes/OrderInvoice.php class OrderInvoice extends OrderInvoiceCore { //override parent behavior public function getProducts($products = false, $selectedProducts = false, $selectedQty = false) { $result = parent::getProducts($products, $selectedProducts, $selectedQty); foreach ($result as &$product) { $product['tags'] = $this->fetchTags($product['product_id']); } return $result; } /** * Fetch tags for product * @param int $product_id * @return string */ protected function fetchTags($product_id) { //don't know if there's a Tag class to do this $tags = Db::getInstance(_PS_USE_SQL_SLAVE_)->executeS(' SELECT tag.name FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'product_tag` ptag LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'tag` tag ON ptag.id_tag = tag.id_tag WHERE ptag.`id_product` = '.(int)$product_id); //implode theme together return implode(',', array_map(function($tag) { return $tag['name']; }, $tags)); } } Now you can access {$order_details.tags} in your invoice.tpl file
  10. Hi all I am searching for a module that can act as a product supply buying guide on the webshop. This feature should be places on a webshop that sells supplies for printers (ink, toner, paper and so on...). It should be possible to have a field, where customers can choose a printer brand (CANON, HP etc.). After that a field where they can choose the model (IP2600, PhotoSmart 5320 etc.). At last there should be a button. When pushing the button, the customer should be re-directed to a category-look-a-like page, where all products for this printer should appear. Can anyone help me with that?
  11. D'innombrables heures de travail - et tout un livre de conseils utiles sur Prestashop 1.5 est enfin prêt! Lisez, apprenez, pratiquez et améliorez le traitement de votre propre magasin ou même faites de nouveaux sites pour les autres.
  12. Heey, gibt es den Guide von PrestaShop auch in Deutsch? Oder andere Design Guides über PrestaShop?
  13. Hej, Jeg er helt ny indenfor webshop-verdenen, og har kastet mig over Prestashop, som jeg kan se får mange finde ord med på vejen. Mit spørgsmål er: - Findes der et hensigtsmæssigt opsætningsflow man bør følge? Dvs. noget i stil med - opsæt produkter - opsæt zoner - opsæt lande - opsæt fragt.... Det er for mig lidt svært at vide hvor jeg skal begynde og hvor jeg skal ende og om jeg nu har det hele med? Pft. Thomas
  14. I installed the fedex module on my prestashop and got all kinds of shiping methods but the pricing is messed up. I don't know anything about setting up this shipping i dont know how much i should charge and how much ill be charged, i don;t know how to make it charge according to weight or anything. Please someone help or direct me to a video tutorial or guide to get this done 100% and functional.
  15. Ciao a tutti sono nuovo nel mondo di prestashop, e arrivo da cms come joomla. Dopo i primi tentativi per personalizzare questo ecommerce, non riesco a capirne le logiche di funzionamento dei moduli, temi ed altre parti fondamentali per un corretto utilizzo dello stesso. Ogni tema che ho provato ad installare, nonostante la compatibilità con la mia versione di prestashop 1.5.x, mi ha dato risultati non aspettati (il tema non rispecchiava l'aspetto dello stesso visto in demo) probabilmente dovuti alla mia inesperienza. Potete indicarmi una o più guide o tutorial che possano aiutarmi a compredere le logiche di funzionamento e personalizzazione di questo ecommerce dal grande potenziale? Grazie anticipatamente
  16. Bonjour à tous, UPDATE 23/11/11 : Nous venons de mettre à jour le module autoupgrade dans ce post. Afin de faciliter le passage à la, vous trouverez ci-dessous un guide de mise à jour pour les versions allant de la 1.3.x à la Etape 1 Téléchargez le module de mise à jour automatique disponible ci-dessous. http://www.prestasho...autoupgrade.zip Etape 2 Allez dans le panneau d’administration > modules > Ajouter un nouveau module. Et sélectionnez l’archive du module de mise à jour automatique. Etape 3 Installez le module autoupgrade v0.1 Etape 4 Allez dans Outils > Upgrade, à la ligne « Shop desactivated », cliquez sur« No » et sélectionnez NON dans Activer la boutique Etape 5 Retournez dans Outils > Upgrade puis en bas de la page sélectionnez les options comme ci-dessous puis sauvegardez. Etape 6 Cliquez sur Upgrade PrestaShop now. Soyez patient, cela peut prendre plusieurs minutes (ne fermez pas la page). Etape 7 Réactivez votre boutique en allant dans Préférences. Votre boutique est maintenant à jour. autoupgrade.zip
  17. Theres a tutorial-like document on the original dev. guide on how to make modules and their tabs on the back office. On it, it is explained that one must create a "MyModule.php" document on the classes/ directory, containing a class definition for your module, like so: <?php class Test extends ObjectModel { /** @var string Name */ public $test; protected $fieldsRequired = array('test'); protected $fieldsSize = array('test' => 64); protected $fieldsValidate = array('test' => 'isGenericName'); protected $table = 'test'; protected $identifier = 'id_test'; public function getFields() { parent::validateFields(); $fields['test'] = pSQL($this->test); return $fields; } } ?> I've been pondering on this for a while, and have come to the conclusion that I don't get it (no surprise there). Can anyone tell me what this is actually for? I have been looking at every other module included by default on Prestashop, and couldn't find even one single module that had a corresponding class file in the classes folder. It seems modules can perfectly exist without this file there (and none of the other tutorials I found use this for anything), so why does the official Prestashop documentation put it there? Thanks
  18. Bonjour, Au delà du fait que je sois e-commerçant, ma société édite un certain nombre de sites dans d'autres domaines. Le référencement fait donc parti de mon quotidien pour les positionner au mieux dans les moteurs de recherche. Il y a quelques jours, nous avons sorti un tout nouvel outil pour vous aider à référencer votre boutique et vos produits : Acheter.pro Une fois inscrit, vous pourrez créer quasiment autant de liens que vous le souhaitez au travers de fiches optimisées et d'actualités (code promo, nouveautés, etc). Les professionnels du e-commerce ne sont pas en reste, puisque nous avons monté le même système, leur permettant de présenter leurs prestations sur Professionnels.acheter.pro Bon réf, N.B. : Afin de maintenir et d'apporter des améliorations en continu à notre guide, celui-ci est payant.
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