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  1. Hi, I had prestashop 1.7 installed on a outdated host with GoDaddy and upgraded to a new Host package but still with GoDaddy. Transferred the files and SQL, front-end works perfectly but every time I try to access the admin directory I get a Error. Any suggestions? Below is the error log. Can anyone shed some light on this? [lsapi:error] Backend fatal error: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Symfony\\Component\\Debug\\Exception\\FatalErrorException: Compile Error: Declaration of AdminDashboardControllerCore::setMedia() must be compatible with AdminControllerCore::setMedia($isNewTheme = false) in /public_html/prestashop/controllers/admin/AdminDashboardController.php:539\nStack trace:\n#0 {main}\n\nNext LogicException: Request stack is empty in /public_html/prestashop/app/bootstrap.php.cache:3231\nStack trace:\n#0 [internal function]: Symfony\\Component\\HttpKernel\\HttpKernel->terminateWithException(Object(Symfony\\Component\\Debug\\Exception\\FatalErrorException))\n#1 /public_html/prestashop/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/Debug/ErrorHandler.php(606): call_user_func(Array, Object(Symfony\\Component\\Debug\\Exception\\FatalErrorException))\n#2 /public_html/prestashop/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/Debug/ErrorHandler.php(668): Symfony\\Component\\Debug\\ErrorHandler->handleException(Object(Symfony\\Component\\Debug\\Exce in /public_html/prestashop/app/bootstrap.php.cache on line 3231\n Many Thanks
  2. Buen dia, Tengo una tienda configurada en el hosting 1and1.com y un dominio en godaddy.com, el problema que tengo es que aunque ya apliqué el dominio externo y me lo reconoce, me trae la tienda en el hosting, pero tambien el link original. Lo que necesito es que siga conservandose el dominio externo sin mostrar el link original. Dominio godaddy: condolencias.pe Hosting 1and1.com: http://s741171999.onlinehome.us/index.php?
  3. Hello, I have a problem I recently moved from my small domain to a Goddady VPS, before I changed everything worked perfectly with the emails. But since I moved I've had complaints that the emails with the sold accounts take a long time to arrive, I've checked them and some arrive immediately, others take 10 minutes and others take hours. I've hired this one: https://gyazo.com/17b0c2f419c1a1c96ad66c757488aa0d.png Has anyone had the same problem or does anyone know how to fix it? the prestashop version is: 1.6.19 I don't know if I should see it but the module that handles code delivery is Key Manager Thank you very much. PS:If I can't find a solution that is recommended by VPS that is good and that doesn't cause any problems with the sending of mail, since my site sends a lot of sales.
  4. Hola a todos. Hace poco Instale el módulo de Redsys de La Caixa en mi Prestashop, al probarlo en Modo verdadero yo dí Cuenta Que podia Realizar los Pagos correctamente, Pero ni mi tienda ni el cliente recibimos los Correos de Confirmación de Pago Y realizados de pedido. Ahora me Redsys dados Que Tengo Que Contratar ONU certificado de Seguridad pero ya tengo uno Instalado Y Dicen Que ESE no sirve. Él Adquirido el de GoDaddy Pero No Se Como instalarlo. ¿Alguien PUEDE ayudarme por favor? Mi web it banshehogar.com Gracias de antemano y un saludo.
  5. I am using Prestashop I use Godaddy 4GH hosting with Linux and Mysql. I need to import CSV file of categories and products with both English and Chinese character. I tested at local Windows+Apache+Mysql+php and can import csv file of categories with both English and Simple Chinese. I saved all csv files in UTF-8 format. But when I try to import csv file of categories with Chinese character in Godaddy hosting. It doesn't work and displyed "name is empty for default language". I reported the issue to Godaddy and got reply. "I understand you are experiencing difficulties importing your csv file with Chinese characters. In order to successfully import this list, you will need to change the character set and collation within your database." I don't know how to change the character set and collation with my database. I asked Godaddy how to change them within my database at Godaddy, they refused to assistant. "While we can assist with many technical issues that arise, we can not assist with site development or coding. It would be advised to refer to your preferred search engine or scripting forum or website for assistance with developing or modifying the code that you are needing. If you determine that the issue is with our hosting accounts please reply with the information so that we know where to start troubleshooting the issue" How to do the change within my database at Godaddy hosting? I have few knowledge about MySQL and can create simple database and tables and able to write simple SQL language. I used SQL to check the character set of both my local database and Godaddy hosting database via Phpmyadmin. There is actually different setting. But I don't know where should I start from. Is there someone who experienced the issue? thanks
  6. I have tried countless times uploading prestashop and extracting it to a fold onto my godaddy windows hosting site. I type in my domain name/prestashop/install and nothing happens but a error that says "the requested document could not be found on the server". I checked the folder and confirmed all files are there . I have created a sql database on the server . what am i doing wrong ?
  7. Hello every one, I am new here but need a bit of help. I have been abel to load and start instaling Prestashop but i get the following error, i dont know where i can fix them. Is it on Godaddy or on my end some where. MANY THANKS FOR ANY AND ALL HELP Permissions on files and folders Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/config/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/cache/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/log/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/img/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/mails/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/modules/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/themes/default-bootstrap/lang/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/themes/default-bootstrap/pdf/lang/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/themes/default-bootstrap/cache/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/translations/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/upload/ Recursive write permissions for Apache user on ~/download
  8. Soy nuevo usuario en Prestashop 1.6 y ya he adquirido el hosting y el domino pero al instalar prestashop en el Hosting en el paso posterior al ingresar los datos se pasma el navegador y me arroja un error ("500 internal server error). He intentado reiniciar el proceso de instalación pero ahora me arroja el mismo error pero ahora ni siquiera me muestra la interfaz de instalación. Y al navegar por las carpetas del hosting encontré que en la carpeta log hay varios archivos donde se guardaron todos los procesos que anteriormente hice, Mi duda es que posiblemente al eliminar esos registros me permita reiniciar la instalación porque puede que ya no me deje empezar de nuevo la instalación porque registra que el proceso se quedo a la mitad. El hosting lo tengo contratado con Godadddy.com. Alguien podria ayudarme?
  9. Hi! Im having problems to make work my friendly url on my site. Im on godaddy hosting plan and im using prestashop version. When I activate this, the url products works fine but my account section and other have 404 page. I attach my htaccess file to see what happen when I turn on this feature. It's important because my clients would not complete their payments and configure their account. Please help. Thanks! htaccess.txt
  10. Hello everybody, I got this problem and cannot find a solution. I created a Shop on a test server (alfahosting) with presta and leo Tshirt theme. The test server had 64M memory_limit and everything was fine. Then I took everything i need and moved back to my original godaddy account. Database, FTP, everything is good, store is running in FO and BO except the modules page. I always get the "All modules could not be loading because of memory_limit..." I got 512M memory_limit at godaddy, so that shouldn't be the problem. anyone had the same issue? Cause I don't know what to do, where to start. Thanks! Update: I thought maybe one of the Modules is the problem, so I deleted all modules from the database in all the ps_modules... tables well, now i get the same error while showing me, that not one module is installed... WTF?
  11. Hello, I have a store open in December, all work fine except the mail. When I received an answer I can't reply via admin, and I have in mail objet: Mail failure - malformed recipient address or Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender Ho can I resolve it? I already contact godaddy but they told it's a script problem. Regards
  12. Hola, Tengo un problema con el hosting de godaddy, ya que no me permiten configurar el mod_security por ende no puedo traducir los módulos, ya que prestashop requiere el servicio, entonces mi única solución es hacerlo manualmente. Alguien me puede ayudar para traducir esta versión de prestashop, gracias de antemano.
  13. I have bought hosting and a template and do not wish to switch hosting is possible. I have two problems: First running a speed test I'm getting a 4-7 sec wait time on my 1st bite on the main URL. I have been reading Godaddy is horrible with prestashop so I emailed them and they say its something with my site naturally. I do not wish to switch now if I can come up with a alternate fix. Which is my second problem. I would like to create a landing page where the customer will come to a basic HTML page with my logo and a loading pic and have that viewable while the rest of the site loads for that 4-7 secs. Right now it just shows a blank white page and could make customers think the site is not live or broken. Can this be done without moving the shop to a subdirectory? Website is: www.ri5en.com
  14. Hi all, I am trying to install prestashop into my godaddy linux hosting server.While installing "Install Addon Module", I am facing an error and installation is abrupted in around 78%. Have tried several fresh install of prestashop and dropping database tables during the installation. But still no luck. Don't know what is the reason behind this. Any suggestion guys. Thanks Josh
  15. I thought I renewed my webhosting through godaddy but I didn't and they suspended the account. I paid they restored my account but now I cannot get back into my account using the link I was using to logg in http://my411data.info/prestashop/admin6588/index.php What do i need to do now? He is what I tried to do with no luck: godaddy.com log into the file manager click in to Prestashop folder click into admin6588 folder double click the file login.php and index.php they just come up with the file programming and does not open the weblink for me to enter login id and password. Can someone help me in how to find the new link so I can get back into my store or what I have to do so my sight runs again?
  16. Installing in Godaddy, Do I need to install it two or more times if i am going to put 2 or more stores in my hosting account?
  17. Buenos días, tardes o Noches! Mi consulta es la siguiente: - El certificado esta instalado en el hosting correctamente (Godaddy), realice todos los pasos para activar el certificado SSL en mi sitio y me da el siguiente error cuando entro al área de pagos: https://www.rollei-america.com/shop/en/pedido-rapido - En el panel administrativo prestashop si me aparece sin problemas. Que puede estar fallando? estuve leyendo sobre forzar el archivo ".htaccess" para que se active en la carpeta donde se necesite, no se como hacerlo y tampoco se si esto lo solucionaría; Esto de "forzar el archivo .htaccess" no traeria problemas legales? A alguien le a pasado lo mismo?
  18. Agradesco de antemano a quien me desee colaborar. Mi problema es que estoy instalando prestashop en la raiz de godaddy y me presenta este error en el proceso: Permisos de escritura recursivos en ficheros y directorios ~/cache/ Lo curioso es que solo me sucede en la raiz, pues lo he istalado en un folder de prueba y funciona bien, ya le di los permisos 755 y 644 ademas de estar trabjando en modo fastCGI, la gente de godaddy no em responde nada, he intentado borrar la carpeta de cache y veo que esta siempre se crea sola de nuevo en el host de godaddy, la verdad he intentado muchas cosas y ya no se que hacer, me pueden colaborar con esto? Estoy usando la versión prestashop_1.5.6.2
  19. Hello. I did a one click install of Prestashop 1.5.4 on Freehostia. My site shows up fine on all browsers except for Firefox. When I got to my site it sends it to Godaddy.com and says the name is parked, but on my iPhone and internet explorer it's as clear as day. Is this a browser issue or is the version I have of Prestashop installed not compatible with firefox?
  20. hi installed clean prestashop and a theme on it... MODULES DO NOT WORK! tried adding the ini_set('memory_limit','60M'); and removing the paysafe module from server, still nothing.. anything PHP related? appreciate the help as it is so urgent... THANK YOU!
  21. followed most of the tutorials present on the web but yet there seems to be some problem 1. downloaded prestashop 1.5.6v 2 .extracted it. 3. uploaded using FTP (filezilla) 4 .removed the default files present in my domain folder and uploaded all the prestashopfiles 5. opened my domain in a browser it opens as www.example.com/install/ 5 .it throws a 500error message I called the godaddy customer support and they said that there seems to be no configuration file. or that the configuration file might have some other name which is not supporting. I am fairly new to this and would love to install presta shop on to my domain, I hope some body from your team would assist me in the same regards.
  22. Hola, tengo un problema con el correo, no me funciona con ninguna de las 2 opciones, agradecería si alguien me pudiese orientar, me los da como enviados pero no me llegan, también he leído que hay un modulo de alertas de correo, pero no lo localizo, gracias de antemano y saludos
  23. Hi Everyone I have just installed prestashop 1.5 using Godaddy as web host. I have problem when I try to login my backoffice via google chrome but I can login via IE. When I type in correct email and pwd on chrome, nothing happen. Is there a way that I can login via google charome? thanks! Genie
  24. hi i transferred my shop to godaddy shared web hosting, but i'm facing a problem that, i could only veiw the back office, and it works fine with all 111 items there, but the shop itself do not load and do not gives any error message. so does any one been through this before? any input will be appreciated thanks & Regards Wael
  25. Hi. I am struggling with the configuration of email after just having installed (and re-installed) hosted on Godaddy Ultimate Linux with Unlimited email plan that supports IMAP. I would really appreciate some help here. Problem 1: Contact Form confirmation 'Your message has been correctly sent' email is not being send and 'Customer message from contact form' is not being send (no matter if customer registered or not) Problem 2: IMAP not working. If I test 'Run sync', I always get the error 'imap is not installed on this server'.
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