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  1. By default, Prestashop uses the same description and features for different combinations of a single product. This module allows to make its own unique description and define the unique set of features for each combination. Compatibility: ver. 1.6.x - 1.7.x Multylanguages: English, Russian, German, French, Spain, Polish, Portugese, Dutch, Italian, Brazilian Version: 1.0.0 (06/21/2018) DEMO Back Office: https://addons.prestashop.com/demo/BO29882.html User: [email protected] Password: demodemo Addons link: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/combinaisons-customization/39621-product-combination-features-combifeatures.html Screenshots:
  2. I'm using prestashop i've recently noticed that when I add a new product, it's feature tab shows each feature twice. I've tested while modifying old products' features but they are shown correctly. My guess is that when I add a new product it's features are added twice in the database, but can't find a problem in AdminProduct.php (where I thought could be a problem). Has anyone else had this problem before? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Ce module présente les caractéristiques des produits d'une manière plus visible, et aussi dans la liste des produits. Vous pouvez personnaliser les couleurs de la taille des caractères et texte. Caractéristiques: Cross navigateur multilingue MultiStore Video: https://youtu.be/zxExKXrZGCg Link: https://catalogo-onlinersi.net/fr/ajouter-ons/334-caracteristiques-du-produit.html PLEASE VISIT OUR SITE FOR MORE FREE MODULES AND LATES VERSION OF THE MODULE features.zip v1.0 features.zip v2.0 features.zip v3.0
  4. Hello guys, ----- Prestashop 1.7.6 I am trying to callout a specific feature, to be more exact: - I have a feature with ID 500 and I want to show it below the Buy Button in Product List - I tried a part of code to show on product.tpl (category products) to show a specific feature below the Buy Button if the product has the required Feature. So far, I had this: {foreach from=$product.features item=feature} <tr class="{cycle values="odd,even"}"> <td>{$feature.name|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}</td> <td>{$feature.value|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}</td> {/if} </tr> {/foreach} The above code actually show the whole features below the Buy Button. I want to call a function as below {if $feature.id_feature_value == 500} but this doesn't actually do anything. I've searched on every forum with every possible answer, but every each one has nothing to do with calling a single feature.
  5. Hi guys, I am trying to fix some strange behaviour in my online website. (I say strange because this bug is not coming up ni my local dev website) I have one feature called: Categories Under this one, I have the default filter Brand Both of them FACETED SEARCH MODULE When I click in one of my Categories options check box, under this, I can see ALL brand options, even if there is no products for this brand options... So If I check, the wbesite throw 0 results. I make it with one example: Categories (faceted search feature) category1 (100 products) category2(50 products) category3(50 prodcuts) Brand (faceted search default filter) brand1(200 products) => not anyone inside category1 nor category2 brand2(20 products) => not anyone inside category2 nor category2 If I check category1, brand1 or brand2 mustn't be there! and they are. In localhost, it works like a charm... I can't get the bug, I check and everything is the some in both sites. PLEASE HELP
  6. Hello, I am trying to get the link for a certain value. The HTML version of it would be {$feature.value|escape:'htmlall'|nl2br nofilter} (with nl2br as being spaced for multiple entries). I am trying to get the actual permalink. For example, if I have: Johnny is nuts, presumably it will be formatted by Prestashop to johnny-is-nuts. I could not get the link. Tried $product->feature.value.. Any suggestions?
  7. Hi, In the PrestaShop administration panel, after entering a product and entering the "Information" tab, we can set the product name for different languages. Here there is a button "Show all languages". I would like to add the same button to show all languages in "Catalog -> Features". I know I need to add some changes to the PrestaShop files. The question is which file should I modify on FTP and what code should I add? I will be grateful for your help. Thanks! 😄 //PrestaShop 1.6.x.x
  8. I recently ran into a bizarre issue. I have a product, with no combinations, but it has three attributes and one custom feature. The product has been in the system for a while, and I've edited the price, description, and photos several times already. Each time, everything went smoothy. This time when I saved, the custom feature that I had configured duplicated itself thousands of times. Within a few moments, the page displayed everyone's favorite 500 Internal Server Error. Every time I tried to access that page, I got the 500 Internal Server Error. I tried all the usual tricks for debugging PrestaShop, and the only thing I had were memory warnings in the log file stating that the application was asking for ridiculous amounts of memory and dying out. So, knowing that my server could handle just about anything, I temporarily set ini_set('memory_limit', '-1'); and set_time_limit(0); Then, I clicked on the product in the dashsboard, sat back and waited about 5 minutes. When the page FINALLY rendered, that's when I saw the 2300 custom features. To "fix" the product, I used some simple queries to remove the custom features from the following tables; ps_feature_value, ps_feature_product and ps_feature_lang. The custom feature was repeated 2300 times in each table, and thus was a very easily identified pattern in the DB. Having no luck finding other posts in the forums about this, maybe my story would help others.
  9. Καλησπέρα σας. Εχω έκδοση και αντιμετωπίζω το παρακάτω πρόβλημα. Κάθε φορά που κάνω save τις αλλαγές στο προϊόν ή βγαίνω και ξαναμπαίνω στο προϊόν αυτόματα μου προσθέτει Features. Κάθε φορά διπλασιάζει αυτά τα features. Υπάρχει κάποια λύση? είναι bug σε αυτή την έκδοση? Γιατί γενικά στα προϊόντα βλέπω αρκετά bugs
  10. Each product can be assigned certain features previously added to the product catalog. For example - color, material, width, etc. The number and variety of these properties is determined only by your ingenuity. They are displayed in text form on the product page. The module allows you to add an image icon to each feature to make its output more visual. Compatibility: ver. 1.5.x - 1.7.x Multylanguages: English, Russian, German, French, Spain, Polish, Portugese, Dutch, Italian, Latvian Version: 1.0.0 (12/07/2018) Addons link: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/labels-logos/41678-product-features-icons.html Screenshots:
  11. How can I import features for products from CSV? Each of my products have 3 features. I have tried creating 3 new columns, named as Feature: Year, another column named Feature: Size, another named Feature: Medium when i try to point them all to Feature (Name:Value:Position:Customized) it gives the following error: Two columns cannot have the same type of values So now I am thinking that they are not meant to have 1 column for each feature. How is this done then? each product will have the following? Feature (Name:Value:Position:Customized) (Year:Value:0:1986)(Size:Value:1:21" x 43")(Medium:Oil on Canvas:3:Customized) NB: Year and Size have Customized values and Medium had Predefined Value
  12. Hello there I don't want to add feature one by one because it takes time! How to add all features as default in "add new product" page ?
  13. Hi I am making a motor parts store that wants to have the features displayed by default on each product page instead of the description. The description section does not need to remain if it is necessary to remove it, I just need the features to be immediately available instead of tucked in behind the second tab. Any solutions welcome, thanks in advance! Prestashop 1.7
  14. Hi, I see that this has been answered a lot. But, I sell computer hardware etc. So, I see them as having both features and attributes. Question. I have been using attributes, and when i add them for "Video Cards" and other items, it sets the stock to Zero/0. So, should i be using features instead for all my computer related Items i sell???? and could you clarify which i should be using please as all my products are manufactured and are individual with differing specs many thanks
  15. Buenos días, a ver si me podéis ayudar, estoy usando el tiempo de confinamiento para la web y estoy atascado aquí, no encuentro modulo ni la manera de mostar los valores de las características deformas separadas en la pagina de producto tengo el campo name y de las características y el campo value que muestra todos los campos juntos, necesitaría separar cada campo para usarlo con su url si es posible. Me explico por ejemplo tengo las categorías por tipo de producto y por el tipo de pieza por ejemplo cafeteras -- bomba de agua, el fabricante asociado a cada producto y como característica name el fabricante y como valúes los modelos compatibles, para el filtrado por facetas, pero claro un producto vale para muchos modelos y necesitaría que desde el producto se pudiera pulsar sobre el valor y ver todos los los del mismo modelo value. Estoy en versión os suena algo parecido o como lograrlo ? Gracias de antemano. Edito me funciona de esta manera, pero seguro que hay mejores la característica padre name $feature.name la dejamos agrupada. {foreach from=$product.grouped_features item=feature} y las características hijo $feature.value} las desagrupamos {foreach from=$product.features item=feature} luego compongo el enlace de forma manual para la búsqueda generar asignado valores más altos al campo características en la búsqueda. {block name='product_features'} {if $product.grouped_features} <section class="product-features"> <p class="h6">{l s='Data sheet' d='Shop.Theme.Catalog'}</p> <dl class="data-sheet"> {foreach from=$product.grouped_features item=feature} <dt class="name">{$feature.name}</dt> {/foreach} {foreach from=$product.features item=feature} <dd class="value flex"><a href="/busqueda?controller=search&s={$feature.value}" alt="{$feature.value}" class="{$feature.value}"> {$feature.value}</a></dd> {/foreach} </dl> </section> {/if} {/block}
  16. Hi! I'm using the latest Prestashop version (1.7) and still have found no way to import URLs as features of my products. I've seen workarounds that involve changing prestashop files but still would imply going to each product configuration screen and add the feature. So, my generic question is: how can we use csv bulk import for values containing ":" in fields where ":" is a separator character, like in "features (x:y:z)? Is there any way to change the importer to look for a different char, for example? That would be an easy solution... Thanks in advance! Mário
  17. En la sección Catalog > Attributes and features > Attributes, al seleccionar un atributo (ver o editar) muestra dos errores: Lo mismo en la sección features. Me he dado cuenta de que el id del atributo que aparece en la url siempre es el 1 (que actualmente no existe). Si cambiamos el id manualmente por uno que existe la pagina se carga sin problemas. En cambio en la pagina anterior aparece el id correcto: Estoy usando la version Alguien sabe como solucionarlo? Muchas gracias!
  18. Hello, I’m trying to store Product with Feature using Prestashop Webservice API. I’m using following end-points for this process. Product insert - http://localhost/prestashop_16/api/products?schema=synopsis Feature Value- http://localhost/prestashop/api/product_feature_values?schema=synopsis I tried following two ways: Try 1 Step 1- First Add feature value with following request. URL : http://localhost/prestashop/api/product_feature_values?schema=synopsis Request Body : <prestashop xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink"> <product_feature_value> <id_feature required="true" format="isUnsignedId">1</id_feature> <custom format="isBool">1</custom> <value required="true" maxSize="255" format="isGenericName"> <language id="1" xlink:href="http://localhost/prestashop_16/api/languages/1" format="isUnsignedId">My Feature from web service</language> </value> </product_feature_value> </prestashop> Result: 1. Entries are made in 'feature_value' and 'feature_value_lang' tables but not in feature_product 2. I got the returnid of id_feature_value. STEP 2- I use the return id of id_feature_value in this products API: URL : http://localhost/prestashop_16/api/products?schema=synopsis Request Body : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <prestashop xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink"> <product> <price required="true" format="isPrice">1100</price> <link_rewrite required="true" maxSize="128" format="isLinkRewrite"><language id="1" xlink:href="http://localhost/prestashop_16/api/languages/1" format="isUnsignedId" >www.ankit_100.com</language></link_rewrite> <name required="true" maxSize="128" format="isCatalogName"><language id="1" xlink:href="http://localhost/prestashop_16/api/languages/1" format="isUnsignedId" >External Hard disk</language></name> <associations> <product_features node_type="product_features"> <product_features> <id required="true">1</id> <custom>1</custom> <id_feature_value >1</id_feature_value> </product_features> </product_features> </associations> </product> </prestashop> Result- Entries are made in feature_product and feature_value, but not in feature_value_lang Try 2 Add all the param in single request : URL : http://localhost/prestashop_16/api/products?schema=synopsis Request Body : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <prestashop xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink"> <product> <price required="true" format="isPrice">1100</price> <link_rewrite required="true" maxSize="128" format="isLinkRewrite"><language id="1" xlink:href="http://localhost/prestashop_16/api/languages/1" format="isUnsignedId" >www.ankit_100.com</language></link_rewrite> <name required="true" maxSize="128" format="isCatalogName"><language id="1" xlink:href="http://localhost/prestashop_16/api/languages/1" format="isUnsignedId" >ankit_104</language></name> <associations> <product_features node_type="product_features"> <product_features> <id required="true">1</id> <custom>1</custom> <id_feature_value xlink:href="http://localhost/prestashop_16/api/product_feature_values/" required="true"> <product_feature_values> <product_feature_value> <id_feature required="true" format="isUnsignedId">1</id_feature> <custom format="isBool">1</custom> <value required="true" maxSize="255" format="isGenericName"> <language id="1" xlink:href="http://localhost/prestashop_16/api/languages/1" format="isUnsignedId">Hello My Feature from web service</language> </value> </product_feature_value> </product_feature_values> </id_feature_value> </product_features> </product_features> </associations> </product> </prestashop> Result : Not getting any feature value in feature_value_lang table. Can anyone pinpoint the mistake in any of above two approaches?
  19. hi, i have a issue with product duplicating , as ecommerce store we have large amount of products to list on site, so we wants that the system prevent the saving of any new product entry that already had the exact same name or reference no./ SKU added before. also prestashop let us to create duplicate categories, attributes and features also. its so tedious to search and confirm every time before entering new data. in tally if we try to add product with same reference no. it promptly alert us for repeated id, and cant allow us for reentry the same number again. as this problem is not affect on us only , many more peoples facing this kind of issue. please guide or solve this issue. issue reference links. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46497861/how-can-i-prevent-saving-products-duplicated-by-name-in-prestashop
  20. Hello, I am developing a website for a client, and I have been asked to display the features using two columns instead of the usual one. There will be three columns on the product page One column contains the picture of the product and the two others are the features. The latter are features, but the first columns contains general characteristics (reference name, colour, adhesive type,...) of the item while the other columns will be about dimensions (margin, padding, pitch, height,...). I see in "product-details.tpl" that the items are looped from "$product=grouped_features" array, and as my technical references are containing 16 datafields, I'd like to interrupt the loop at the 8th feature on the first column, and resume the loop the next column. I know that in some templating languages (Jinja2, Twig, Handlebars), it is possible to do something like that, but I cannot manage to find this with Smarty. Would I have to change something in the deep code? More than words, an example with pseudocode; // Column N°1 FOREACH $product.grouped_features START=1(i) STOP=8(i) $feature.name(i) $feature.value(i) ENDFOREACH // Column N°2 FOREACH $product.grouped_features START=9(i) STOP=16(i) $feature.name(i) $feature.value(i) ENDFOREACH (i) being the iteration. I tried this solution, but it only shows me one iteration. To test, I only have 6 features, I set $smarty.foreach.featureCount.iteration == 4 but it only shows me the 4th value :I have been looking about this for some time now and I run out of ideas. Is that even possible? I am running PrestaShop 1.7.3. {foreach from=$product.grouped_features item=feature name=featureCount} {if $smarty.foreach.featureCount.iteration == 4} <dt class="name">{$feature.name}</dt> <dd class="value">{$feature.value|escape:'htmlall'|nl2br nofilter}</dd> {break} {/if} {/foreach} Thank you.
  21. Greetings, I got some problems with the products features, when I import a .csv file. Instead of erasing the previous features and set the new ones, Prestashop keeps all of the old features, and also adds the new informations. This is an issue, since I don't want these old obsolete values any more. Is there a way to replace previous features by the new ones, instead of combine them ? Thank you !
  22. PrestaShop New shop Setup - Not Live Yet Still Building, I have other sites running PS1.6 I have 264 combinations, first choice is "Select Size and Shape "I have set the base price for a 24" round to $485.00 when a customer orders a certain size lets say 46" round I have it up the price by $845.00 customers cost $1330.00 no problem I have multi-sizes to choose from and it all works fine for that group of selections prices change as should. Until they pick a second option say "optional umbrella hole" with or without - this options wont change the price because there is no extra charge. But if they choose one of the selections the price goes back to the base price instead of keeping the 46" round price of 1330.00 that they chose in the first option box. I can't see away around this with 1.7 is this a bug that they are working on or am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated Rick
  23. Nie znalazłem odpowiedzi w necie na sposób grupowania cech przypisywanych produktom. Jeśli ma się dużo produktów można się w tym pogubić. Czy da się każdej z cech przypisać kolejność/pozycję finalnie w tabeli na stronie produktu. Chodzi mi o to, żeby np. "gwarancja" była zawsze na końcu, mimo, że po niej dodawałem inne cechy...czy trzeba zawsze ręcznie przesuwać? Proszę o wyjaśnienie czego dotyczy funkcja "position" w dodawaniu cech przez csv (nazwa cechy:wartość cechy:pozycja na liście cech(??):opcja(lista,checkbox))
  24. Hi there .. I have a certain electronics category of products that need many groups of features that are somehow similar but the Pre-defined value is truncated so i cant make out which is which... How can i change truncate and show more characters for my back office... I add a screenshot Thank you in advance
  25. Hello I have a question. How add features on product list in prestashop 1.7 ? Thank you.
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