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  1. Helo, I need help. I upgrade PrestaShop from 1.7.8 to 8.1.1. I had some issue so I restore backup from my server. I don't know why, but when I want login in to Back office I have this screen. Cold you help me with that?
  2. Okay first of all, here is the link to my webshop (the page where the problem is): http://prosaks.dk/tshirts/1-faded-short-sleeve-tshirts.html#/size-s/color-orange If you look at the front page it shows the prices right. If you press a product it shows zero (0), but in my cart it shows the right price. I seen people have the same problem in here at the forum, but i cant really find out how to fix it. ___________________________________________ Another thing: The "In stock" button won't be translated. Could anyone give me the path to the file where the text is, and i will do it manually in the script? I don't know how to find the path ... I hope you can help me! Regards Nicolai
  3. ¡Hola a todos! Veréis, tengo un problema al registrar un nuevo cliente desde mi Back Office de PrestaShop. Al rellenar todos los datos, me devuelve la siguiente excepción: Se ha producido un error inesperado. [PrestaShop\PrestaShop\Core\Domain\Customer\Exception\CustomerException código 0] Este error se muestra tanto rellenando los campos obligatorios y dejando vacíos los campos opcionales, como rellenando todos los campos del cliente. Hice unas modificaciones hace unos meses para cambiar el campo siret y reemplazarlo por el DNI, modificando la clase Validate.php para que el algoritmo de comprobación no pusiera problemas. También traduje las palabras desde el traductor del Back Office para que mostrara DNI. Comento esto por si tuviera algo que ver con mi problema, ya que es lo único que he modificado. Por otra parte, he hecho una instalación limpia de PS en local y este error no ocurre. Tampoco quiero actualizar la versión de PS si no es extrictamente necesario, ya que he hecho ciertos cambios en el core y al actualizar estos se perderían. Si alguien sabe como podría solucionar esto, se lo agradecería mucho. Gracias y un saludo.
  4. Bonjour, Alors voici mon problème, je souhaiterais mettre à jour ma boutique (v en passant par le module 1-click upgrade mais voilà impossible de l'installer. Lorsque je clique sur le bouton "installer" dans la rubrique "modules" de mon BO voilà ce qui est écrit à l'écran : [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file :/home/www/vap-access/prod/modules/autoupgrade/autoupgrade.php: syntax error, unexpected '[', expecting ')' Ensuite impossible d'afficher le BO et évidemment en supprimant le dossier du module via FTP ça refonctionne ^^ Merci d'avance pour vos idées :)
  5. Ciao, sto caricando i prodotti tramite l'importazione CSV di PrestaShop. I prodotti che carico hanno varie combinazioni di colore / taglia e quindi nel file "combinations_import.csv" per ogni variante aggiungo le varie immagini che mi interessano. Una volta importato il file se vado a visualizzare un prodotto all'interno del Front-end mi vengono visualizzate più volte le immagini di ogni variante quando (nel mio caso) per la stessa taglia l'immagine sarà in realtà la stessa (cambia solamente per colore). Il "problema" svanisce nel momento in cui clicco su di un colore perchè mi carica solamente le immagini associate ad esso, ma se premo su "mostra tutte le immagini" si ripresenta nuovamente. Se vado dal Back-end vedo che sono state caricate più volte le stesse immagini per variante. N.B. Sto utilizzando PrestaShop alla versione N.B2. Visualizzare gli allegati
  6. Hello Prestashop community! I am writing to you because I have been working with prestashop 1.7.3 on localhost using XAMPP and I have the following error when uploading a new photo for a new product. I only replaced the database with an existing one in the /app/config/parameters.php file. I already had a database with all the information, categories and products I needed. I'm just trying to add a new image for a new product now and I get this error.. Any suggestions for fixing my mistake? Has anyone had a similar mistake? Thank you in advance!
  7. Hi I just tried to upgrade (from -> But a similar situation happens almost every time. (I guess the issue is due to a few rouge files that became corrupt from my FTP client - asked web host technical assistance.) Is there a way to manually place this file? After that can I instigate the database upgrade manually? (I assume this wasn't done...it may have...) Error logs show: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Symfony\Component\Filesystem\Exception\IOException' with message 'Cannot rename ".../app/cache/prod/translations/catalogue.fr-QC.8739602554c7f3241958e3cc9b57fdecb474d508.php.me5czIG4" to ".../app/cache/prod/translations/catalogue.fr-QC.8739602554c7f3241958e3cc9b57fdecb474d508.php.meta".' in .../vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/File 20180624T074854: .../index.php PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Symfony\Component\Filesystem\Exception\IOException' with message 'Cannot rename ...app/cache/prod/translations/catalogue.fr-QC.8739602554c7f3241958e3cc9b57fdecb474d508.phpMJH7iA" to ".../app/cache/prod/translations/catalogue.fr-QC.8739602554c7f3241958e3cc9b57fdecb474d508.php".' in .../vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/Filesystem/F 20180624T124346: .../admin.../autoupgrade/ajax-upgradetab.php PHP Warning: filesize(): stat failed for .../simple/20170422/tutorial/images/download/download.pngZone.Identifier in .../modules/autoupgrade/AdminSelfUpgrade.php on line 3709 20180624T133113: .../admin.../autoupgrade/ajax-upgradetab.php PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function can() on a non-object in .../src/Adapter/Module/AdminModuleDataProvider.php on line 165
  8. Hi! The problem is that 1-lick upgrade module freezes on DB update from to Yes, I've set the default theme to classic, as have done it with previous update, 1-click update module's version is latest - 3.0.5 Two questions: 1). How manually upgrade DB to 2). And why 1-click module fails? Is it so buggy?
  9. An error occurred during installation... You can use the links on the left column to go back to the previous steps, or restart the installation process by clicking here. 1: HTTP 200 - parsererror - Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in C:\Users\conno\Documents\Personal\PHP Server\htdocs\src\Core\Cldr\Update.php on line 164 {"success":true,"message":""}
  10. Hola fellow Presta Shoppers. I´m trying to install Presta Shop on my localhost using XAMPP for Windows 10. Every time I try to install Presta Shop (tried both 1.6 and 1.7) the installation fails at 23%. I think the localhost is setup correctly, since I recently installed phpBB onto it... Please help, thanks!
  11. Hello guys, i just installed Prestashop 2 days ago and i have this issue after i want to change my default themes Any help please?
  12. Any of you resolved this bug? If in the field of search I enter 801, prestashop answer is <No results found for your search "801">, but my productname contain BL801 (same problem with BL-801, same problem if the product name starts with BL-801 or contain BL-801). My prestashop is and I use a Prestashop Alt theme.
  13. Hi! I have a problem, when I try to install the module of mailchimp the modules section is inaccessible showing this message. [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file :/home/nameweb/public_html/modules/mailchimpintegration/mailchimpintegration.php: syntax error, unexpected '[' Which may be due? Thank you, greetings.
  14. Hi there, some problems here with using CSV discount fields. Two examples. Example 1 When I want a product to be on sale I fill out the following fields in my CSV. On Sale: 1 Discount amount: 10 The discount is showing up at the product. A week later the Sale is over and I change my CSV-file as follows: On Sale: 0 Discount amount: 0 I upload the Product-CSV with "Use product reference as key" set to YES. What happens is the Sale still being active at the productpage. I can only get rid of the Sale showing up when turning "Delete all products before import" to YES. But then I lose all my images. Example 2 When I want a product to be on sale for a specific period, I fill out the following fields in my CSV. On Sale: 1 Discount percentage: 5 Discount from: 2014-9-5 Discount to: 2014-9-10 What happens is that the discount is showing up at the product. But when the date is elapsed, the discount is still online. Also in the Specific Prices of the product within the admin, the period is set to unlimited. This doesn't seem to work. Is there a solution for this? Let me know!
  15. Buenos días a tod@s. Haciendo un cms muy simple de "Preguntas Frecuentes" me he dado cuenta que en los cms que tienen ancla, cuando los vuelve a abrir no las recupera, por lo que sino estas atento cuando guardas las pierdes. He probado varias cosas sin ningún resultado (he probado con varios navegadores, he activado/des librería HTMLPurfier en Preferencias/Configuracion.....) He buscado por los foros en francés y en ingles..... Y NAAAADA Uso la versión El cms donde sucede: http://www.imorshop.com/es/content/19-preguntas-frecuentes GRACIAS.
  16. Hi I had to restore an sql backup in my backend via PHP-MyAdmin. I was facing too many issues after struggling a day with all my products. So the restore went almost fine. I was getting error on ps_mail and all was imported until ps_log and there it stopt. So what I did was remove the ps_log from my backup and imported again and all went fine. I had al my customers and shopping card back. But now my shopping function has gone and I can not reinstall any module with is not working. Does anyone have an idea what this is? I need to be online of course
  17. Tried to install and failed at "populate database tables". Attached is the screenshot of installation. Any idea?
  18. Hello everyone, we've been using PrestaShop for only a few weeks, so the upgrade to the latest version is my first upgrade ever (at the moment, we are using I installed the "1-Click Upgrade" module and checked all the necessary things that are shown on the upgrade page. When I start upgrading, it only takes a few seconds and the process stops. It seems as if it is not possible to download the zip file. But why? Is there anything I can do? It would be great if someone could help! Thank you in advance!
  19. Hola, necesito arreglar el RESPONSIVE de mi tienda online. No se visualiza correctamente en dispositivos móviles. Tampoco me permite desactivarlo y activar el que viene por defecto no se que pasa. He probado de todo necesito ayuda. La pagina es: www.labamvino.es Espero respuesta, muchas gracias
  20. Test importing 1 single product. Import occurs with no errors and reports the ID as to what it should be. Then when I look at Product List it is not showing product with said ID. It is just assigning the next numerical #. If I import exact same product again. It does not error out. Again says everything AOK and list the forced ID # correctly. - it should not do this since I already imported said ID. (the force ID) Cant move forward as there are no errors to work off of.
  21. Hi everyone, there is an error to when updating or change an existing address. By modifying an existing address from the user account in my addresses, I try to change some address fields, like street, phone numbers etc and save it, when updating it tells me that address alias already exists, I know that exist that is why I want to modify it... if I change the address alias it creates a new address and is not what is intended to "update" the address. Any suggestions how to solve this? I've been searching various solutions and have not found anything, I tried using default template but the error remains. Regards shop url: www.redoli.es/shop1 PS version:
  22. Hi, i using Prestashop on my first web pohodakramek.cz v. I install that same Prestashop version to bongarna.cz - same hosting provider. If I want upload product image, image was upload but dont show. No error message. Only picture with " ? " and thumbnail in backoffice, not front. In frontoffice is still white image with grey " ? ". So I can try update to v. but still not working. I try copy images due ftp, still nothing. CHMOD is correctly. Anyone knows where is problem? Sorry for my english
  23. Hello. I have a prestashop proyect and i see a problem with the smtp option on mail configuration. I try to use it because when i use php mail function the destination mail is putting in spawn folder because the from data is null, and gmail say sending by ... It only append when a customer put a message in the contact form. Lot of hours of test i see that the prestashop system try to send to me a mail notify the message but with the form field with the customer mail. This is a big problem because all servers have the relay rules in mode to do not relay if the account mail is not in their mail list, normaly all mails are dropped. I change a line in prestashop Mail.php class to solve it, now all work fine. in /classes/Mail.php at line 93 i coment it like this. //if (!isset($from) || !Validate::isEmail($from)) This maner all messages have from of the shop mail, then the server let the message to pass. This is a little repair becuse alwais the from message is the same, and can't be a employed mail. Please see it and make a patch for this problem. Thanks. Fco. Torregrosa.
  24. I have an existing Prestshop store I launched on January 7. (I'd had one previously, but rebuilt it with a custom theme when moving to my base domain.) The store is functioning fine. I am using Prestashop I have a Google Analytics account. I used the free module to set up analytics, input my UA tracking number, and Prestashop seemed to think everything was fine. When I searched the code, my UA tracking number was visible, but Google Analytics showed tracking was not installed. I went through a Google Analytics forum. They posted the following response. Your GA code is a weird mix between the way classic analytics is called and the way universal analytics code is called. Unfortunately this causes your code to fail. Here you can see how the code should look like: https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/analyticsjs You should contact the support for the GA module that you have installed or, if that is a free module, maybe try a different module (if there is any). I thought the module would install it correctly so it would start working, but that hasn't happened. I tried pasting in the code myself into the custom template I'm using header.tpl file, but that caused my site to not even load, so I undid that change. Currently my site works, but Google Analytics still will not. I'm wondering if maybe I need to uninstall the Analytics module and if there is specific code in specific files I need to delete and replace with the snippet Analytics provides. Not surprisingly, I know very little about this stuff, but have been working my way through. Now I'm stuck. I appreciate any help. Prestashop Custom Responsive Theme Working in Chrome and Explorer
  25. Hooola a todos Hace unas semanitas os preguntaba como instalar la tienda. Por ahora sólo me he dedicado a comprender en profundidad la tienda y cuando me siento preparado para empezar...surgen los problemas de verdad. El problema que tengo es que no soy capaz de ver la navegación por facetas en el front office. Sé que está ahí, pero no se muestra por algún motivo que se me escapa. Básicamente lo he instalado, he configurado unas cuantas cosas por ver como era y nada. Asique lo he desinstalado y vuelto a instralar y lo he dejado prácticamente por defecto y sigue sin verse. He preparado una imagen con todas las configuraciones para ver si me podeis echar un cable. Estoy seguro que es alguna bobadita de algo que todavía no termino a comprender de prestashop o que algo que he configurado hace interferencia. Un saludo
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