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  1. Hi All, Greetings of the day. This prestashop addon helps administrators to show interactive notifications regarding cookies used by stores as per EU Cookie Law compliance on bottom positions with a link to redirect the cookie policy page, management from the back-office with multiple options, and show different messages based on multiple store languages. Cookies allow a website to store and retrieve information about the browsing habits of a user or their computer and can be used to recognize patterns and tastes of the user. The user’s browser saves cookies on the hard drive only during the current session occupying a minimum memory space and without harming the performance of the user’s computer. Cookies do not contain any type of specific personal information. In Europe, every website must show a banner to say that you are using cookies. There are different laws in different countries which means actually this banner must be implemented differently. But in most cases, it is enough to have just a banner that the user can close and won't see any more after the page reload. Cookies enable websites to gather data about visitors and users. Cookies let websites remember you, your website logins, shopping carts, and more. This module helps to show different language information based on store language. For example, the German language store will have messages in German, and the French language store will have messages in French. The Cookie Law is a piece of privacy legislation that requires websites to get consent from visitors to store or retrieve any information on a computer, Smartphone, or tablet. It started as an EU Directive that was adopted by all EU countries in May 2011. If you own a website, you will need to make sure it complies with the law. This module is a light, elegant and powerful solution that allows your shop to comply with the European cookie law by informing users that your site has cookies, with a link for more information and understanding customer messages in their own language. Features - Support all browsers: Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera, etc. - Lightweight and fast loading. - Facility to manage all text and configuration from the back office. - Facility to manage positions top and bottom from back-office. - Supports multiple language stores with different messages based on the language of each store. - Addon is W3C compliant. - Easy to use and install. - Compatible with PrestaShop 1.6.x,1.7.x,8.x.x - Multiple browsers compatibility(IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, and Edge). - Mobile, Tablet, and all devices compatible. - Module works without doing any change in existing files on PrestaShop store versions. - 24*7 Support - Good Documentation Benefits to Customers - Customers trust your products & services. - Customers will be informed regarding the use of cookies on websites and information storage. - Customers will get interactive popup notifications in their language about the store followed by cookie law. - Customers will feel safe and secure using the shop. Installation : Step 1: Upload the module zip file from the back-office Module & Services menu tab. Module Manager area using the upload button. After the successful installation module menu, the link will appear in the left menu or top menu in the back-office area. Step 2: Install the module using the install button. Step 3: Visit the module management page from the back-office "More" area (section) in the left menu in the back office. Step 4: The module installation process is very easy, how module configuration works can be seen in the demo instance. Step 5: Please visit our demo instance for module configuration and usage demo. Step 6: Please watch our YouTube channel for demo videos on the module, and how to use and configure it on the website. - Module works without making any change in the existing PrestaShop file so that existing customization and theme change do not affect. - We provide free technical and feature support in installation, and configuration, as well as access to updates available for this product. - Free support on installation, configuration, and customization as per store requirements, for example, new hook addition to your store Other : Please leave your valuable feedback after using the module. This will help to increase self-confidence, improve service, and enhance the module as per requirements to make it better for different online stores. Request: Please share your website URL after using the module to help others to see how the module works on your website. Download Module and Documentation sfkcookiebanner.zip Demo URL => https://www.presta-addons-modules.com/en/ Pay any amount as per your choice to get the geolocation, multi-languages,multi-shops, multi-shop-groups and more features with lifetime support in the free addon.
  2. GDPR - Rights of Individuals The feature-rich GDPR module allows the store admin to manage the rights of the customers along with some other advanced features. This module allows the store admin to automate most of the tasks without any hassle. GDPR - Rights of Individuals Module is the best way to compliant with the GDPR requirements. More Info and purchase here: GDPR - Rights of Individuals FRONT DEMO BACKOFFICE DEMO Key features of the GDPR - Rights of Individuals module: 1) Cookie Consent Bar: This module allows the store admin to display the cookie consent bar on the website, so that, the users can opt-in or discard the acceptance of the cookies. Admin can easily customize the look and feel of the cookie bar. This module allows the store admin to create the categories for the cookies and map the modules installed on the website to the different categories with ease. 2) The right to data access: By using this GDPR addon, the store owners can provide an interface to the customers so that they can request for their personal details. Admin can send the requested details via email. Admin can easily manage the data access request from the registered as well as logged in customers. 3) The right to data portability: This module allows the store admin to provide an interface to the customers so that they can download their personal data as a CSV file. Admin can also download the customer data from the module back-office. 4) The right to data rectification: The GDPR Module allows the store admin to enable the interface at the customer’s end, so that, they can easily modify their personal details. Admin can keep the track of the modifications made by the customer from the back-office. 5) The right to be forgotten: This module provides an interface to the customers so that they can request for the data deletion. Admin has the option to select - Delete Orders, Random Details fill or No Action options for the previous orders. 6) Email templates: In order to automate the process of managing the GDPR requests, this module offers the pre-defined email templates. As of now, following templates are available: a) Confirm Your GDPR Account Deletion Request Confirm Your GDPR Personal information Data Anonymous Request c) Confirm Your GDPR Personal information Portability Request d) Confirm Your GDPR Decision Making Request e) The customer has requested for GDPR f) Your GDPR Personal Data Report g) The customer has confirmed GDPR Request h) Your Account has been Deleted 7) Purge Request Day: The GDPR Module has the feature so that the store admin can set the time duration after which the data will be deleted on the data deletion request. 8) Crons: Admin can set up the crons to automate the process. Module link: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/legal/32019-knowband-gdpr-rights-of-individuals.html
  3. Hello! I was wondering if there is a method which calculates the VAT of the price including VAT. By EU Law, the prices in the whole EU must be the same for consumers, but we need to pay tax in the country of the customer. The VAT amounts are different per country. For example: I have a product which i want to sell for €40. This is the total price. For the Netherlands (21% tax), the VAT amount must be: €40 total price €6,94 VAT So the price excluding VAT is €33,06 But for Belgium (for example 19% VAT) the vat amount must be: €40 total price €6,39 VAT So the price excluding VAT is €33,61 For now, Prestashop calculates the VAT of the price excluding any VAT, but i need to have the same total prices for the whole EU, but the VAT amount are different. I saw a few topics in this forum with the same question, but no solution. I can't find an addon either. Could somebody help me with this?
  4. Hi, had an interesting little thing yesterday - a customer from the UK bought an item from my shop in Sweden. Per all rules, and all active things it should use the swedish VAT of 25% but it didn't. On the ware itself it's set as VAT 25% - Swedish. Why isn't it being applied to european normal customers? Any ideas? **Solution : Create new tax group. Add every country in the EU by hand that's supposed to pay tax. Change all wares to use this group. Have fun!
  5. GDPR PRO General Data Protection Regulation - ALL in 1 This module allows you to be fully in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation requirements, by allowing your customers to agree or disagree with privacy policies, download and delete personal data. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect on May 25th, 2018 and it's here to stay. It has impacted almost all of the companies with an online presence, especially the e-commerce stores, who rely on collecting various information that is later used in media buying and email marketing. As a store owner, you are now responsible for ethical collection and handling of personal data of your European customers. As the GDPR is a regulation, not a directive, it does not require national governments to pass any enabling legislation and is directly binding and applicable. All companies handling EU resident data will be required to follow the new regulation or risk fines of up to 20 000 000 EUR or 4% of annual worldwide turnover. By starting to adopt the regulation, you save ensure your customers that you are serious about handling and protecting their personal data. Advantages: Easy one-click installation The installation is according to PrestaShop default behavior. This easy process is also detailed in our documentation. User-friendly interface Our module is simple to install, easy to update, intuitive, efficient, pleasant - easy to navigate GUI and easy to remove. Multi-Language support This module is compatible with multi-language PrestaShop. Our module allows you to change the text for each language you want to have it in your website. One step solution for compliance with the individual’s rights under GDPR The GDPR module is one step solution solution and once set-up is completed, will assure compliance with the GDPR legislation. Multi-Store support This module is compatible with multi-store PrestaShop. You can install the module in all your stores in a multi-store and use different configurations for each of them or configure once for all stores. Full Responsive With a mobile focus, you can rest assured that every pixel will respond as it should no matter if your visitors are on desktop, tablet or phone. Customisable appearance With a fully customisable design, Cookie Banner and Pop-up will fit the design of your site. If your company has presence in the EU or sells to EU residents, GDPR compliance is required. We carefully integrated in this module all features of GDPR as follows: Access to customers privacy Control your customers privacy by enabling access to the selected pages (Right to data portability, Right to data rectification, Right to be anonymous, Right to remove my data, Right to be informed, Right to restrict processing, Right to object, Right to be notified, Cookie law). These pages will be displayed in your client's account. Pending process and feedback reason You can let your customers to anonymize or delete their data with admin approval and you have the option to ask why they made this decision. Age control You can add control of a customer register account according to a minimum age. Default GDPR value for minimum age is 16. EU only You can display the GDPR cookie banners and consents only inside the European Union. Consent management Modify the message that will be added with a checkbox on all forms. Also you can setup where to ask and display the consent checkboxes (Register form, Contact form, Newsletter, Address, Order). Cookie Pop-up configuration Control if you want to display the GDPR Front-end Pop- up and the Footer Banner. Also modify the message that will appear on Pop-up and Banner. Fully customize your pop-up by adding new categories, editing them and deleting them with a single click. You also have the option to disable a category, to add a description and most importantly to select the modules attached to that category. Modules descriptions management Tab that allows you to assign custom descriptions to the modules that will be displayed in the GDPR Pop-up. Manage customer's personal data Tab that allows you to quickly search for your customers. Customer pending & activity lists See all deleted and anonymization requests in one place. As well you can see all customers consents list and their general activities. Email notification management Tab that allows you to setup if you want to notify the admin when a user request their data to be removed / anonymized, if you want to notify the user before / after request is processed. Right to data portability Upon request, a package of the personal data is available to download, giving the data subject the option of portability. Right to data rectification This ensures that individuals can update their personal information easily. Right to be anonymous Change your informations with fictive data. You will be able to acces the website using a anonymous account. Right to remove my data This covers any gathering of data by companies, and individuals must be informed before data is gathered. Right to be informed Individuals have the right to be informed about the collection and use of their personal data. This is a key transparency requirement under the GDPR. Right to restrict processing Individuals have the right to request the restriction or suppression of their personal data. Right to object The GDPR gives individuals the right to object to the processing of their personal data in certain circumstances. Right to be notified The processor shall notify the controller without undue delay after becoming aware of a personal data breach. Cookie law At the moment there is in place the EU Cookie Law. It applies to all member states of the European Union and websites outside of the EU have to comply if they target people within the member states. Customers can clearly express their consent. It is done in the easy way, checkbox is below register, contact, newsletter, address and order form. After they agree to privacy policy, they can request at any time deletion of their profile. Customers also can export their personal data, like addresses, orders, etc. Have any ideas how we can improve this module? Just contact us, and we will implement new features in the upcoming releases. The installation is according to PrestaShop default behavior. Very easy to install and setup. Also we provide free support to install and configure. For PrestaShop version 1.5.x Log-in into your Back-office Click "Modules" from top menu Click on "Add a new module" Click "Choose a file" Browse for your module .zip Click on "Upload this module" Search for the uploaded module and click "Install" For PrestaShop version 1.6.x Log-in into your Back-office Click "Modules & Services" from left menu Click on "Add a new module" Click "Choose a file" Browse for your module .zip Click on "Upload this module" Search for the uploaded module and click "Install" For PrestaShop version 1.7.x Log-in into your Back-office Click "Modules & Services" from left menu Click on "Upload a module" Browse for your module .zip Upload and install For any problems encountered in installation and configuration process we will offer you fast and quality support.
  6. Hi, i may have an odd but yet important question. I have just started a shop in witch the products have different tax rates. Prestashop can handle the tax rate on the products correctly. The problem i have is that my invoice specifies to much tax. If a product is rated 12% the shipping shall be rated 12%, i need this to be automatic, right now if the product is rated 12% the shipping is 25%, pre defined. Taxrate product 1 - 100:- 12% product 2 - 100 :- 25% Delivery (100) 50 12% 50 25% The tax on shipping allways has to be in proportion of the totals that are rated 25% or 12% Is it only in sweden we have those tax rules? Has anyone managed to fix this, is there any fix? any module? any rules to set in presta? Please if you are sitting on the answer please let me know, ive searched for weeks. I´m even prepared to pay a reasonable amount, i really need this to work out.
  7. Hello all. A client from Sweden bought products from the online store without a tax !!! Is that right? I use Prestashop Online shop send orders from Bulgaria. Can someone tell me how to fix this problem? Because both Bulgaria and Sweden are in the European Union and it is right when a individual person is sold a tax. Thanks for your time and attention. And I will wait for someone to write, how to solve this problem
  8. Braucht man das Modul noch in der Aktuellen Prestashop Version 1.7 ?
  9. GDPR PRO - Complete EU compliant integration The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes solve the issue of data protection for customers. GDPR PRO is the complete EU compliant integration module for this. Download it from here. Features: Option to easily enable/disable GPDR PRO on the shop; Option to add HTML information block on top of the main GPDR page; Option to add HTML information block on the bottom of the main GPDR page; Option to add a GDPR Badge; Option to set the location of the GDPR Badge; Option to set custom HTML for the GDPR badge data; Option to customize the Right to data portability page; Option to aprove/reject the customer requests(export data, delete account, etc) before going live; Option to set the informations that are being exported for the customers; Responsive design; Informations included; Documentation included; Free support; Icons included. Benefits for customers: Right to data portability – ability to download personal data from the shop; Right to be forgotten – customer has the ability to delete his account and informations; Right to be anonymous – customer has the ability to anonimize his datas; Right to be informed – customer is informed when his data is gathered; Right to have informations corrected – customer can request/apply and update for his informations; Right to restrict processing – customer can restrict his informations on the shop; Right to object – customer have the ability to stop processing of their infos for direct marketing; Right to be notified – customers have the right to be informed if there is any security flaw on the shop; Download it from here.
  10. Du har sikkert hørt om GDPR, men hvad betyder det for din Prestashop webshop? Der er ikke lang tid til d. 25 maj, hvor den nye persondataforordning træder i kraft i Europa. Det betyder at dansk persondatalov erstattes med EU-persondatafordningen, også kaldt General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) eller Databeskyttelsesordningen på Dansk. Vi har på vores blog lavet en guide om GDPR der specifikt henvender sig til Prestashop webshops. Kom gerne med input, hvis der er noget i mener som mangler. https://bulldesign.dk/blog/gdpr-regler-implementering-prestashop/
  11. Bonjour, fin d'année, nouveau module. à la base développé pour moi, mais autant le faire bien pour une belle intégration et une configuration simple et rapide pour m'éviter de me rappeler comment j'avais mis en place ce bandeau d'avertissement sur les Cookie. Démonstration FrontOffice Accès BackOffice ([email protected] / demodemo) Téléchargement
  12. Hello everyone, we have PayPal account setup in Asia but we want to sell to any customers from EU + UK. What plugin can you recommend? And is there any restrictions for EU + UK customers if PayPal was setup in non-EU? Or should we have two separated stores? One for EU+UK customers with PayPal setup in EU and another store for Asian customers with Asia-setup PayPal account? Your thought and experience sharing? Thank you in advance, A.
  13. When a valid is EU VAT id is added at to either the checkout or in an address. then the customer should not have to pay VAT at this time. So if I have a cart with products adding to 100 euro, the VAT at 20% makes that 120. I want it do remove the [email protected] if the customer adds a valid EU id. How?
  14. Hallo zusammen, ich habe wieder ein Modul fertig gestellt. MIt dem Modul könnt ihr beim Produkt im Backoffice das vom Hersteller bereitgestellte EU Label Bild + Datenblatt hochladen so, dass es in der Nähe des Add To Cart Buttons ist. Das Modul wird demnächst im Prestashop Store verfügbar sein, aber auch per PN Anfrage für ein Betrag erworben werden. Demo: Store: http://addons.prestashop.com/de/front-office-features-prestashop-module/18331-eu-energy-label-energie-label.html Grüße
  15. Hallo, jetzt habe ich lange genug erfolglos rumprobiert und wende mich an die Community, die mir hoffentlich helfen kann Ich hatte das Modul Universal Pay (Zahlung auf Rechnung) installiert, und es hat auch gut funktioniert. Nachdem ich heute das EU-legal-Modul installiert habe, geht es aber nicht mehr. Ich erhalte nur die Meldung "Sie haben keine Zahlungsmodule" installiert, was ja nicht der Fall ist. Daraufhin habe ich Universal Pay deinstalliert und wieder neu installiert - erfolglos. Dann habe ich es mit anderen Zahlungsmodulen versucht; die waren im letzten Schritt des Bestellvorgangs auch nicht vorhanden. Nachdem ich dann im EU-legal-Modul bei den globalen Einstellungen unter "Rechtssicherer Bestellprozess für EU-Länder" "Nein" eingestellt hatte, erschien mein Universal Pay wieder, allerdings gab es dann - logisch, weil ich sie abgestellt hatte - die rechtssicheren Einstellungen nicht mehr. Z. B. wurde nicht verlangt, dass die AGB-gelesen abgehakt wurden. So! Ich hatte den Shop eigentlich per Hand schon ziemlich weit in Richtung Rechtssicherheit gebracht und das EU-legal nur sicherheitshalber installiert. Das hätte ich vermutlich besser gelassen! Oder kann mir jemand helfen? desta
  16. Hej, Er der nogen der har nogle gode erfaringer mht. en pæn minimalistisk implementering af en EU Cookie Law løsning i Prestashop, gerne et gratis produkt ? Jeg benytter PS med et tema.
  17. I wonder if there is no discussion on the consumer rights directive which is applicable law from now on in all eu countrys even if its not converted in local laws. Germany and the Czech Republic are two of the first countrys which merged this in local laws. I think some parts of prestashop doesn't met the requirements of this directive if I understand this right. Does anybody noticed this directive? Whats about prestashop. Will there be changes or are they implemented with new version already? best regards, Jan *********** Update *********** There will be a module called EU-Legal which is developed by a german collaboration of developers. Prestashop team will implement some new hooks and a option for a new payment api which allows a modified checkout as I know so far. https://github.com/EU-Legal/
  18. Hola, tengo instalado el módulo European Union Cookies Law y funciona perfectamente, pulso close y desaparece el aviso, pero cunado vuelvo a entrar otroa vez, me vuelve a aparecer el aviso y es algo molesto. ¿Cómo puedo evitar eso?. Version prestashop: Template: Default Muchas gracias Un saludo
  19. Hi Is it possible to increase the avalibility to only one country? I have several shipping methods, and one of them should only be avalible for one country - and the other methods for other countries?
  20. When a valid is EU VAT id is added at to either the checkout or in an address. then the customer should not have to pay VAT at this time. So if I have a cart with products adding to 100 euro, the VAT at 20% makes that 120. I want it do remove the [email protected] if the customer adds a valid EU id. Does anyone know how to do this?
  21. Even though I am not in the EU, this issue is important to me as a long time developer. I ran across this slashdot discussion which led me to this guidance document from ico.gov.uk. Note this is a pdf file. >>Here<< In general, it appears this law does not ban cookies for the normal and necessary operation of a website. What the intent and object of this law is to force websites who use tracking such as google analytics or other types or persistent user profiling to request the consent of the web surfer to accept and agree to be tracked. On page 10-12 or so of that document there are some examples of things that are exempted by example in this guidance: So it looks like.. in general, as long as the cookie is for the necessary functionality of the website, such as shopping carts, and not a trivial use or for tracking or advertising, you can use cookies and not ask for explicit permission. This is just my opinion from the source document. I am no lawyer and take no liability for your use of this information. Cheers.
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