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  1. Hi, The prestashop website changed, I can't find the page that lets us download older versions. Any help is welcome. Thanks
  2. Hello everyone, Is there a module that help me to create page where all my users can access/download PDF files? Like the Download Manager Plugin for WordPress.
  3. Hello, everyone! For some reason, the download button isn't appearing in the Prestashop Market Place. When I go to the modules catalog in the backoffice, look for the module and click on the "free" buttom, it redirects me to the Marketplace and I have the same problem. Prestashop Thanks for the help in advance!
  4. Hi, my question is about if it's possible to link the file that i want to attach to my product to another custom server so I could store this file in different server avoiding to burden the server where the site is located. I have almost 20000 product so I need to store too much data for my principal server. Sorry for my bad english I hope it can be understand.
  5. Hello, I would like my site load script from my server and doesn't from google servers. How can it possible? I found the media.php srcipt and upload jquery to my server, but it always loads from google. What have I done wrong? Thanks in advance! Bendeguz
  6. Hi I made small changes in PS 1.7 files (I was working on adding function that allows admin to define which group of users has acces to specific CMS page. It's NOT a module, just small changes. So, if you upgrade your shop you must provide changes in files again and check if function works properly. Please note, that I'm not a php programmer, so functions can be not fully optimized. If you are, you can share here with improvements. How to implement. 1.extract files from zip file (files are in directory structure as should be on the server) 2. Copy CMSGroup.php as is - this is new file. 3. In rest of files there are two possibilities: - simple: just overwrite rest of files BUT! remember about PS version and copy to proper directories. - custom: open each file find mark /* added */ and copy this one line or several lines from /* added start */ to /*added stop */ 4. Create table in database CREATE TABLE `ps_cms_group` ( `id_cms` int(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL, `id_group` int(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8; ALTER TABLE `ps_cms_group` ADD KEY `id_cms` (`id_cms`) USING BTREE; Simple but functional. Maybe PS Team add such function to official release? Would be nice...:) Please note, that you are making all changes for your onwn risk. I do not take any responsibility! No support to other versions. TomekZ. cms_group_access.zip
  7. I have been hired to proofread a Prestashop website. The owner has added me as "translator", with my email and a password. However, I don't know how to access the page - do I need to install Prestashop, or is there a direct link to login with my username and password? I've checked the forum in different languages, but could not find any topic about this. Thanks in advance!
  8. Ciao a tutti, avrei bisogno di qualche consiglio. Ci sono moduli in prestashop per far visualizzare il contenuto di una cartella? La cartella dovrebbe contenere dei pdf che verranno aggiornati da ftp e l'utente può scaricarli. Consigli e suggerimenti, calcolate che sono nuovo a queste applicazioni
  9. hello! I have a problem with the invoices Prestashop generates. The invoices when downloading them are cut, only one product comes out and no taxes or totals. I have a customization module that I think generates this error, but I don't know how to fix it. I want the invoices to be complete so the customer can download them.
  10. Hello I sell high definition digital music, entire albums with a large amount of data. I offer audio files packed in ZIP with a size of 2 to 15 GB. I use a purchased module called Virtual Downloads Management, which secures the order, sale and then allows the customer to download the purchased file. If the customer has fast internet and my server is running flawlessly, downloading the files will be fine. But if the internet speed is slow or my server has a downtime, the download will stop and start downloading again from the beginning. The download is probably secured in a way that is integrated in Prestashop and depends on the size of the php.ini setting, namely max_execution_time. The server administrator set me a value of 180 seconds and told me that he could no longer give me a longer time. I would ask for advice on how to improve this file download system to make it work more reliably. Alternatively, replace it with a system similar to ftp-based data transfer, so that files can be downloaded even on a slow Internet and can be linked and continued when the download is interrupted. Alternatively, advise me on a paid module that would provide something like this. Or would anyone be able to program something like this into my e-shop? Thank you in advance for any advice Rostislav Prestashop
  11. Predávam digitálnu hudbu vo vysokom rozlíšení, celé albumy s veľkým objemom dát. Ponúkam audio súbory zabalené v ZIP o veľkosti 2 až 15 GB. Používam kúpený modul s názvom Virtual Downloads Management, ktorý zabezpečuje objednávku, predaj a následne umožní zákazníkovi si stiahnuť zakúpený súbor. Pokiaľ má zákazník rýchly internet a môj server beží bezchybne, sťahovanie súborov prebehne v poriadku. Ale ak je rýchlosť internetu pomalá, alebo môj server má nejaký výpadok, sťahovanie sa preruší a začne sťahovať znovu od začiatku. Sťahovanie zrejme je zabezpečené spôsobom, ktorý je integrovaný v Prestashope a je závislý od veľkosti nastavenia php.ini a to max_execution_time. Správca servera mi nastavil hodnotu na 180 sekúnd a oznámil mi že dlhší čas mi už nemôže poskytnúť. Poprosil by som o radu ako vylepšiť tento môj systém sťahovania súborov, aby fungoval spoľahlivejšie. Prípadne ho nahradiť nejakým systémom podobným prenosu dát na báze ftp, aby sa súbory dali sťahovať aj na pomalom internete a pri prerušení sťahovania dokázali naviazať a pokračovať ďalej. Prípadne mi poradte nejaký platený modul, ktorý by takéto niečo zabezpečoval. Alebo vedel by niekto takéto niečo do môjho e-shopu doprogramovať? Vopred ďakujem za každú radu Rostislav Prestashop
  12. Buenas otra vez, estoy instalado prestashop 1.16 para poder usar mercadopago (no estoy actualizando, cree un nuevo sub dominio con una nueva tienda porque la instalación que tenia de prestashop 1.14 no reconocía actualizaciones) pero me encuentro con el error adjuntado en el mensaje probé las soluciones que v por el foro pero ninguna me dio resultado. alguien podría ya probe creando una nueva base de datos, probe darle permiso a los archivos, a la base y nada. muchas gracias
  13. Hey there, i'm assuming the prestashop addons store is using prestashop itselft (why not to believe in their own software?) and for that reason my question is this: - you can download free products directly from the addons store. No registration, no checkout process. Just direct dowload. It is possible in prestashop? I tried adding free digital products (setting price to 0), but i still have to go through the checkout process. I just want to substitute the "add to cart" with "download for free" in product page, and allow customers to directly download from there. So, again, is this possible? Fabio
  14. Hallo zusammen PrestaShop Version: Ich habe für einen Kunden einen WebShop aufgestellt bei dem man Bücher kaufen kann. Den Produkten wurden sowohl kostenlose Download Artikel zugewiesen, als auch welche bei denen man einen Benutzernamen + Passwort braucht. Wenn man einen Download-Artikel herunterladen möchte, bei dem man einen Benutzernamen + Passwort braucht, dann kommt das Formular(siehe Screenshot) wo man Benutzernamen + Passwort eingeben muss. Dies funktioniert hervorragend. Jedoch wenn man auf «Abbrechen» klickt, gelangt man auf eine Standard Seite, welche vom Plesk-Server erstellt wurde. Auf dieser Seite erscheint: Server Error 401 Authorization Required Dann hat man die Auswahl die Seite zu reloaden, zurück zur vorherigen Seite zu gelangen oder auf die Home Page. Kann man diese umgehen und eine eigene erstellen? Vielen Dank für die Antworten. Grüsse
  15. Hallo in die Runde,🤓 ich nutze Version: Ich möchte eine Datei zum Downoad anbieten, die mit einem bestimmten Gutschein-Code kostenlos wird. Den Code habe ich unter Warenkorb-Preisregel mit 100% Rabatt auf diesen bestimmten Artikel angelegt. Nun mein Problem: Wenn das Produkt im Warenkorb liegt und kein anderer Artikel gekauft wird, erscheint dennoch ein Rechnung über 0 Euro und der Kunde muss den Zahlungsprozess durchlaufen. Das ist keine sehr elegante Lösung. Weiß jemand, wie ich den kostenlosen Download mit Gutschein-Code einfacher anbieten kann? Meine 2. Frage: Seit dem Umzug zu Estugo versendet das System keine automatischen Mails mehr. Der Hoster kann mir da leider nicht weiterhelfen. Es werden weder automatische Mails an mich noch an Kunden verschickt. Woran könnte das liegen? Soweit ich sehen kann, sind alle Mailadressen korrekt hinterlegt. Besten Dank. ilona 🤗
  16. Hola! He estado revisando la configuración del servidor de medios (CDN) en la versión En la documentación se indica que en los servidores elegidos debes cargar las siguientes carpetas: /img, /themes y /modules. Mi pregunta es ¿Se puede de alguna forma hacer que otras carpetas como por ejemplo la de /download también se carguen por el CDN? Esto me aliviaría el ancho de banda del servidor principal con los productos virtuales descargables. Estos son archivos fijos, pero también entiendo que quizá pueda entrar en conflicto el hecho de la encriptación del nombre para el control del numero de descargas etc... He estado buscando mucho por el foro, por google y por el blog de @nadie pero no encuentro nada por el estilo, quizá no sea posible o a nadie se le haya ocurrido (nadie como ninguno, no como persona jajaja 🤔 Aunque quizá a Nadie sí se le haya ocurrido jejeje) Salu2!
  17. Hello there, I am looking for a module, which can do the following: I want to open a popup on a click on a link or button. In this popup there should be a form which contains any number of customizable fields like email, name, etc. After the customer fills out the form and clicks on a submit button, the information should be stored, the form should disappear and another page (also customizable) should show up. After that, the customer can close the popup. The reason is that I want to give the customer the possibility to download the actual product catalog, but only after a lead is generated (e.g. the customers email). Does anyone know such a module? Thank you and best regards
  18. Hi there, in search of a module that puts a 'licencing' watermark into a purchased pdf I came across this module. I am wondering if anyone has any experiences with this module and if it works for both, clean pdf and zipped folders that contain pdfs. Thanks all for your feedback, here is the link. My shop is currently on, so the module should work. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/website-security-access/2565-pdf-stamper.html
  19. Hi, I need help with conditional statements to determine if the attachment is a PDF file, Mp3 or any other as I want to display different text on the button depending on the download item. PDF will say, View Sample PDF, Mp3 will say Listen Sample Audio and 'Download Sample' for all others. Will really appreciate any help. Below is my code for downloading product attachments. <!--Download --> {if isset($attachments) && $attachments} {foreach from=$attachments item=attachment name=attachements} {if $smarty.foreach.attachements.iteration %3 == 1} <div class="row"> {/if} <a class="btn btn-default btn-block" style="font-size: 16px;" href="{$link->getPageLink('attachment', true, NULL, "id_attachment={$attachment.id_attachment}")|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}" target="_blank"> <i class="icon-download"></i> {l s="Download Sample"} ({Tools::formatBytes($attachment.file_size, 2)}) </a> {if $smarty.foreach.attachements.iteration %3 == 0 || $smarty.foreach.attachements.last} </div> {/if} {/foreach} {/if} <!--end Download --> Thank you!
  20. Hello everyone Is there any way to store the files related to virtual products on an external server other than the server where I have Prestashop? Basically it's due to server space issues, the virtual product files are too heavy and do not fit on my Prestashop server. I'm not interested in saving a copy on my current server, since the problem is one of space. Regards.
  21. Salve Ho acquistato il template Jaro da Prestashop ma non riesco ad istallarlo. O Meglio, risulta istallato ma in realtà trovo tutti moduli separati e se vado su "impostazione-Temi" esce solo quello di default. L'unico motivo che mi viene in mente è questo: quando ho scaricato il tema acquistato, prestashop mi ha avvertito che avrei potuto usarlo su un unico sito internet e mi ha chiesto quale. Nello scrivere, invece di www.miosito.com ho scritto www.miosito.it Potrebbe essere questo il motivo? e se si, come posso risolverlo? Ho la versione Grazie!
  22. I purchased a Theme for first time this morning. I made a typo in the url for downloading the Theme. 1 extra character. Someone from online chat told me it was an easy fix and to contact billing services but wasn't very clear how. Just go through Contact Us... I asked Prestashop twice now for help but no one picked up the request. I feel like I wasted £65. What should I do?
  23. Hallo, habe ein Shop der 3D Druck Dateien verkauft, da diese sehr groß sind uns meist mehrere Datei für ein Produkt ist, habe ich alle gezippt mit 7-Zip. Die Dateien sind alle auf mein PC noch in Ordnung. Erst bei Hochladen und wenn der Kunde es nach Kauf downloadet ist die ZIP fehlerhaft. Kennt jemand das Problem? Habe die Dateigröße für Up-/Download auf Server und Prestashop geändert. Sonst verwende ich den Original 1,6.18 Shop Was mach ich Falsch? MfG
  24. Hi. I've been messing with all the vars in my server to allow downloading high sized files, so now I can upload up until 120M. Well the upload works fine, but the problem comes when I try to download a big file from 56,99M If the file weights 57M or more then the resulting downloadable file is 0Kb. If its below 57M the size is normal. Proof: First one: http://www.rocalba.es/index.php?controller=attachment&id_attachment=53 Second one: http://www.rocalba.es/index.php?controller=attachment&id_attachment=55 What's happening here?? Thanks in advance Prestashop version:
  25. Hello, do someone know why a .txt product attachment is empty after download? On Server the same file is not empty. Filesize is also ok. Download other file types like .zip, .pdf etc. is also ok. Only .txt is after download emtpy and filesize zero byte. I think it is a generell php issue... Best regards, Tahsin
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